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American Pride

A lot of times, I find a story that I want to comment on, but don't get around to doing so. It sticks in the back of my mind, and eventually I'll hear another story that I can connect back to it with a common theme.

Last week, I saw a story on The Jawa Report that got my blood boiling. In Pakistan, they've suffered horrific flooding and are in the midst of a severe humanitarian crisis. A lot of humanitarian and aid groups are doing a great deal to help out, and naturally American groups are among the most generous.

Which is a bit of a problem. You see, America isn't exactly their favorite country, and a lot of the aid has American flags and other insignia representing its origin. This is causing a bit of backlash from Pakistanis, who don't like seeing reminders of America. So aid officials are asking American groups to remove American symbols from the aid.

Screw that.

America is the most generous nation in the world. We give more aid -- both as a nation and as individuals -- to the rest of the world than anyone. We are the world's first responders to disasters.

And yes, we are also pretty widely disliked around the world in a lot of places. Our policies and actions tend to irritate a lot of people -- usually folks who need a bit of irritating, but often times those who don't.

Those two facets of America are inseparable. The good comes with the bad. You don't get to pick and choose. And sometimes, our generosity comes with reminders of just who it is who is being generous.

Our generosity is an essential part of who we are. And to ask us to remove our names and our symbols from our gifts is an intolerable insult.

And while there are times when we should not be proud of our nation, or not demonstrate our pride, simple proclamations of pride should never be "inappropriate."

For example, also from the Jawa Report, a couple of stories about how some schools in California handled Cinco De Mayo. A few students who were not Hispanic (and not appropriately ashamed of their gringo status) thought it would be a good day to wear American flags on their shirts and fly one from their vehicle.

I hadn't thought of it before, but I don't think it's EVER an inappropriate day to display the American flag in the United States. The mere thought that there are those -- especially public employees -- who would dare to say that a minor holiday in another nation should take precedence over the displaying of our national flag got me so infuriated I took myself by surprise. As I watched the video at that second link, I wanted to go to California myself, find the punk who smacked that flag, and kick his ass. (I'd be more likely to get my own ass kicked, as the guy looked tough and I'm not that tough, but I'm willing to try.)

Here's a simple message I want to send to the aid agencies in Pakistan, to the teachers in Morgan Hill, California, to the proud Hispanic punk in Morgan Hill, and to anyone else who needs to hear it: that's MY flag. That's OUR flag. It comes with our nation, our armed forces, our diplomats, and our aid. If you don't like that flag, fine. Feel free to avoid it -- and everything that comes with it. Our gifts. Our tax dollars. Our freedoms. Our land.

Deal with it, or give up all that comes along with it.

Your choice. We're not pushy. Don't want the aid? Sure. Don't want your taxpayer-backed paychecks? Fine. Give up the free schooling and other perqs of being in the United States? Here's the border. No skin off our nose.

But don't ask us to deny our pride in our nation and national identity while benefiting from our generosity. You need it more than we need to give it.


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Comments (30)

That was my exact same reac... (Below threshold)

That was my exact same reaction when I read both of these stories. This has been going on for quite a while and I am personally tired of being "tolerant" of people who show this country such disrespect after abusing our generosity.

They don't want to see wher... (Below threshold)

They don't want to see where the aid came from?
No problem, stop the aid shipments to there, it will be welcome elsewhere.

Hispanics that have issues with the American flag being displayed, yes, they can certainly get the hell out. Especially if they are an illegal alien. Balkanizing the US has been a goal of communists for decades, divide and conquer is the goal and they don't care what useful idiot is used as a vehicle for that end.

I serve in a Boy Scout Troo... (Below threshold)

I serve in a Boy Scout Troop. We give the Pledge of Alliegence at the begining of every meeting. The older boys know that if I spot someone not saluting properly (arm drooping etc) they are going to get a speech and correction, right then, right there. Some of the older boys can even see it coming and give the speech themselves now.

As for the flag on the aid packages - that's nothign more then a return address. You don't want the aid, then send it back. And don't expect any more next time.

Remove any American symbol ... (Below threshold)

Remove any American symbol from the aid shipments? Why? So the misinformation minister can tell them it came from the Pakistani government or the UN or the Taliban? [I know, I repeat myself)

Remember, this is a part of the world where a lot of people think the UN is a country.

I'd say no. Take it or leave it. But I'm afraid that we don't have any one in this admin willing to stand up for us.

Get the heck out of Pakista... (Below threshold)

Get the heck out of Pakistan and the rest of the 'stans. Aid and troops out. They're ungrateful, as you say.

Rebuild the USA. America first.

THe troops aren't there to ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

THe troops aren't there to supply food and medicine. They are there to fulfill our mission not Pakistan's.

As for the aid I agree. If they don't want our help with food, medicine and materials to rebuild their homes and cities then screw them. They want the help without having to deal with the fact that the one country willing to help them is the one they stoke all this hatred for. Conversely, they don't want to have to think about how none of their oil rich coreligionists don't give a rat's ass about them and won't give a stinking dime to help them.

Pride's expensive. Deal with it.

faheckn aye!... (Below threshold)

faheckn aye!

I no longer give to anythin... (Below threshold)

I no longer give to anything outside this country. Nothing. Zero. I give to various charities within my own country. My favorites are St. Jude's and various military organizations.

I find that when you give in cases like this, they need it, want it, but at the same time they resent that you are in a position to give.

Thank you Jay.... (Below threshold)

Thank you Jay.

If they don't want our flag... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

If they don't want our flag on aid boxes, that's fine... as long as that's the universally applied standard for all aid providing nations. No special rules or rule enforcement just for the United States.

If they can't live with that, then I guess they'll have to figure out how to live without it.

Air drop them some pig manu... (Below threshold)

Air drop them some pig manure. Suits them better.

Or....Air drop them some em... (Below threshold)

Or....Air drop them some empty packages with a picture of Osama laughing pasted all over them.

It just goes to show how mu... (Below threshold)

It just goes to show how much "political correctness" makes our world suck!!

I'll bet the Haitians would... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the Haitians would use the extra help. Just a guess.

We should stop ALL foreign ... (Below threshold)

We should stop ALL foreign aid for one year and see what the pissers and moaners do then.

All taxpayer funded foreign aid brought to a standstill and redirected back to the taxpayers where it belongs.

2011 sounds like a good start.

The US symbols should remai... (Below threshold)

The US symbols should remain on the aid packages, but I offer a different rationale.

For folk of such strong principles that they would rather die than accept US aid, surely it must be disrespectful of the US not to let them exercise their principles. For that matter, to trick such folk into consuming US aid by stealthing the source must surely be an offense of some sort or other.

Goodness! I bet there are a dozen fatwas against it!

I wonder if CAIR or that A*... (Below threshold)

I wonder if CAIR or that A**hat Imam from GZ sent any aid. BTW I think that one of the difference between liberals and conservatives is the 1st thing we think of is FU and I believe that includes the ladies conservatives...ya know the ones that aren't really femenists. They just don't usually use that word. They use jerk which is womenese for other words, none of them flattering. The 1st thing libs think of is appeasment( read surrender )

Once again, I believe galoo... (Below threshold)

Once again, I believe galoob is bryanD on better meds or a more effective therapist.

Are you kidding me? How muc... (Below threshold)

Are you kidding me? How much do you know about these countries being blackmailed by the IMF and the World Bank, where countries are forced into austerity measures and debt must be repaid in U.S. dollars? How about the movement of the poor to population centers as a result to work under these austere conditions? And you thought you hated your bank? How about the 150 or so nations that are under the thumb of the IMF and must run their country accordingly. IMF = USA.

As far as I'm concerned, th... (Below threshold)

As far as I'm concerned, they are welcome to get their flood assistance from the taliban.

heh. You'll never be... (Below threshold)

heh. You'll never be president.

Abso-freakin'-lutely.... (Below threshold)


Why dont we just drop le... (Below threshold)

Why dont we just drop leaflets with pictures of Barry on them? He wasn't "made in America" and is full of hope and change..

That flag represents a coun... (Below threshold)

That flag represents a country that has put it's troops in harms way mostly in defense of other nations. Thousands upon thousands of our troops died for that protection and millions have been maimed. If this armpit of a country cannot stand our symbol of freedom, bring back the donations. They could be used for people that are more appreciative. ww

The way I would recommend t... (Below threshold)
Mr. Kemp:

The way I would recommend the U.S. handle this is to continue giving the aid; this way, the grateful people still in these nations get their aid, and we get to tweak the noses of the ingrates.

Let Allah care for his own.... (Below threshold)

Let Allah care for his own.

Foreign policy 101...come O... (Below threshold)

Foreign policy 101...come ON for cryin out loud!

You like US, fine we make great friends.

You don't like US, fine take a hike..door/ass.

You make US an enemy, you die.
So simple, even an Al quida can do it!!

Interesting note on Cinco d... (Below threshold)

Interesting note on Cinco de Mayo: it's really not that big of a deal in Mexico, except around Puebla (where the battle took place). I ran into a guy from Mexico while traveling (in Paris, of all places) and he said he was amazed at how big it was in America.

Great blog. I completely a... (Below threshold)

Great blog. I completely agree. And don't forget the snooty Europeans who rely on the US tax payer paid for military to protect their sorry asses. I'd get my ass kicked too but it's worth trying. Maybe we could tag team him. ;)

What a great take on a much... (Below threshold)

What a great take on a much more serious problem than around 95% of Americans ever experience and/or (given our tendency to project our love and kindness on to every individual and/or situation) would understand if they did. The whole wide world viscerally hates us. It's not usually personal and, as often as not, is not even something the haters are cognizant of - or, if they were, would own up to.

And that world hates us, not for what we do -- but for what the rest of the world does and/or cannot do.

Able to project unimaginable power to every corner of the Earth and perfectly capable if the need arose (and assuming we have sacked or have hanged or have shot all of the "rules-of-engagements" poofters) to simultaneously take on and rapidly and totally defeat the planet's fifteen or so next most powerful nations and/or states, America is also the most loving and kind and generous nation there has ever been. For more than 200 years this unique-in-Human-History nation's willing sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of gallons of our warriors' blood and of Scores of Trillions of (2010) Dollars of our treasure has permitted every other (now only) facsimile of a free nation to trade in its character, its moral and intellectual integrity -- and in the end even its ability to defend itself -- to buy the votes of its self-loathing, self-mutilating, boozed-up, bovver-booted dole-bludger layabouts.

As an example, only - and forget about NATO's "help" in Afghanistan, a look at the British "contribution" in already stuffed up by and our own State Department's and Tony Blair's six months of buggering about Iraq, discovers that that once great nation sent (most of them hitching rides in American aircraft) under-supported, under-equipped, under-trained, under-fed and poorly led men who, given only the pretend "task" of managing essentially-friendly Basra, managed only to cook up a Shi't' pie of Shiite militias before, true-to-bloody-British-form, running away (first to the airport to await American transport -- and then back to their increasingly squalidly fascissocialist Euro-peon offshore satellite state) and leave behind a Hell hole that required the sacrifice of considerable American blood and treasure to restore to the state that city and that district - and minus a few thousand innocent lives -- had been in before the Limeys were allowed to bivouac there!

Be openly and confidently American and take a month-long road trip in any of Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and even in Australasia - or visit an American university or "Democratic" party meeting -- and get an idea of what, especially when it's institutionalized, a few generations of pathological envy does to a culture.

America, then, while projecting only (pathological?) Goodness on our every enemy, foreign and domestic, is hated in a way that we neither know about nor acknowledge - but that our every enemy not only knows about but exploits to our every disadvantage.

And iIt is not by accident that the "Democrats" and, lately, especially, the minders of the self-and-own-culture-loathing sail-eared simpleton, also known as the world's most dangerous dullard, also known as the pretender to the presidency, has programmed him to run about the world rubbishing everything and everybody American. As is his ilk's wont, he is declaring himself one of "Them." "They," like the Canadian Backpacker Diaspora, being the "Not Americans."

We might believe the "Democratic" Fascist Party's willingness to incite, to encourage and to facilitate the world's hesperpohobic hatred was merely a measure of its mendaciously malignant mindlessness was not so much at stake. But during this time of a massive and sustained barbarian attack upon our nation and upon the very Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization that, whether the rest of the "free" world likes it or not, we Americans have, for more than two hundred years already, carried on our Atlas-like shoulders, there may be no mistaking that gang's willful treason for merely an example of its definitive mean spiritedness.

Couple Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Ubama's and that of the rest of the "Democrats" un-and-anti-American embrace of the world's hatreds with that gang's treasonously having also incited, encouraged and facilitated our having been invaded and hostilely colonized by a thirty-five-million-odd strong criminal-alien army and Trojan Horsed by a couple of million Islamists and even more Chinese Communists and we begin to have a glimpse at just how important it is that We, The People, recognize what we are up against externally and domestically and rid ourselves of every Socialist-International supporting and dangerously foreign-oriented "Democratic" party traitor.

And of every along-for-the-ride RINO!






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