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The Trap Of Identity Politics

I am so confused this morning.

Commentator Juan Williams, who has actually managed to stand alongside both the angels and the devils by working simultaneously for NPR and Fox News (I'll let you decide which is which), has been fired from NPR for statements he made on Bill O'Reilly's show. Williams said that sometimes when he travels by plane and encounters other passengers in Islamic garb, he gets nervous.

This reminds me of Jesse Jackson's infamous confession back in 1993: "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.... After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating. "

Others have noted, far better than I, NPR's remarkably fluid standards of acceptability. Instead, I'm trying to properly interpret this in the context of racism.

What Williams confessed was obviously "racist" -- never mind that "Muslim" isn't a race, as Muslims loudly proclaim that Islam is open to all races. A better term would be "prejudiced," as Williams is -- purely internally -- pre-judging a fellow passenger based purely on their garb and, by extension, their religious identity.

But "prejudiced" isn't a strong enough term for the left, so he has to be a "RAAAAACIST." And as such, he needs to be fired.

On the other hand, Williams didn't admit to any actions, merely feelings. Feelings that he didn't confess to expressing in any way -- his comments make it clear that it was strictly internal. So his offense was strictly a "thought crime."

Plus, Williams (you might have heard) is black. NPR has fired a black man not for anything he did, but for his admission of having not-politically-correct thoughts. So that makes NPR RAAAAACIST.

So, here we have a RAAAAACIST commentator being fired by a RAAAAACIST organization for confessing to RAAAAACIST thoughts, but never acting in a RAAAAACIST fashion.

I wouldn't really care about this, but in this case the RAAAAACIST organization had been paying their RAAAAACIST commentator with MY money. National Public RAAAAACISTS Radio is largely supported by tax money, so I have a bit of owner's interest in what they do with it.

This would be so much easier if we didn't have to take into account political correctness. What Williams said wasn't offensive in any fashion -- last time I checked, we're still allowed to believe what we want to believe. What we should judge are actions -- what people do, rather than what they think. Setting aside PC, what Williams -- a true-blue liberal -- did was demonstrate that he's not liberal enough for NPR, but not too liberal for Fox News. And that Fox News is a far more tolerant and diverse organization (Williams consistently champions the liberal perspective on Fox, standing up against that organization's conservative bent) than NPR.

Which has shown that it is an intolerant, bigoted, prejudiced, RAAAAACIST organization that uses taxpayer money to further its intolerant, bigoted, prejudiced, RAAAAACIST agenda.


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Comments (43)

Telling a politically incor... (Below threshold)

Telling a politically incorrect truth is enough to get Juan fired from NPR. Gone are the days when "liberal" could mean "tolerant" or "open minded."

I'm no big fan of Juan Williams. He is usually spouting the liberal taking points against conservative opposition of Fox News, which supports the network's "Fair and Balanced" motto. NPR, like Whoopi and Joy on The View, would prefer to step out when the conversation gets contentious. Firing Juan Williams is an act of narrow-mindedness of the first order.

How liberals/leftist hate t... (Below threshold)

How liberals/leftist hate the truth!

NPR should NOT be getting A... (Below threshold)

NPR should NOT be getting ANY funding by taxpayers. Let them survive off $1.8 million in grants from the evil George Soros and other marxist assholes. It should be exclusively libtard funded.

I don't like him a whole lo... (Below threshold)

I don't like him a whole lot, but he didn't deserve that. What is National Peoples Radio going to replace him with? Servents of Soros reporting pool? mpw

What got Juan fired is the ... (Below threshold)

What got Juan fired is the fact that he is a FOX contributor. If he were a long time MSNBC contributor and had said the exact same thing on Olbermann's show, NPR wouldn't have fired him.

"Wait Wait... Don't tell me... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"Wait Wait... Don't tell me," Juan Williams fired? "All Things Considered," this should be the "Talk of the Nation!" I'll be keeping an eye "On the Media" looking for them to "Tell Me More."

Seriously, to me this is more like his being expelled from a religious order or the Church of Liberal Political Correctness. Juan's mind just wasn't right. He didn't truly believe all of their tenants. So, out the door with him (or under the bus). The bastards lucky they didn't ship him off to a re-education camp, but there may be time for that next week... when nobody will be watching.

If I had ever listened to i... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

If I had ever listened to it (I haven't) and could find it on my radio dial (I can't), I would seriously consider boycotting NPR.

This was just another phase... (Below threshold)

This was just another phase of the Soros war with Fox and takeover of NPR. Purge everyone that has even the slightest affiliation with Fox and replace them with his minions.

Like mpw, I'm not really fo... (Below threshold)

Like mpw, I'm not really fond of Williams, but that was just plain wrong. I'll be waiting to hear from our regular detractors that NPR's actions aren't the least bit intolerant and then offer some twisted logic to defend it.

When NPR ran the "how to speak tea bagger" cartoon I wrote in to complain. They responded promptly and said they believed in the protection of free speech but admitted they should have labeled it as opinion or satire or something and I said, "Fair enough." At least they offered some sort of reasoning/apology.

But this is ridiculous.

This probably had less to d... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This probably had less to do with anything he said than it did with the fact that he refused to stop appearing on Fox News Channel.

I called Congresswoman Lore... (Below threshold)

I called Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez's office to leave her a message. While I was telling the clerk what I wanted to say I used the term "illegal alien". She said, "That is politically incorrect" and hung up on me.

Legally correct is not what liberals want to hear. Reasonable is also something they don't seem to want to hear.

NPR said in its statement t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

NPR said in its statement that the remarks "were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR."

I take that to mean that NPR no longer is in the business of providing honest news and commentary.

Someone remind me: Why are we paying for this with our taxes?

eric said it first and best... (Below threshold)

eric said it first and best. Juan got canned because he appeared on Fox. The lesson for Black liberals is you better stay on the reservation. And if you don't you better watch what you say.

Williams shouldn't have bee... (Below threshold)

Williams shouldn't have been fired for that comment. He just went a little far in being his agreeable self and kissing the ass of that nitwit O'Reilly. Usually what Williams says is very bland pablum.

Same thing as when Octavia Nasr was fired from CNN, there's all kinds of things you can't discuss in the USA anymore.

So does this mean that even... (Below threshold)

So does this mean that even a liberal-leaning commentator can be more editorially honest in a right-leaning venue then a left-leaning one? Could NPR commment on my question please?

Be interesting to hear what... (Below threshold)

Be interesting to hear what juan says about this Sunday. Why are we paying for this NPR crap? Let them sink or swim like Air America.

Juan Williams just became a... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

Juan Williams just became another white man.

There are two solutions to ... (Below threshold)

There are two solutions to this nonsense. One is to get conservative money funneled in to NPR in larger amounts than Soros et al. The other is to strangle off external funding entirely (and let public broadcasting die). I have great distaste for the former but utter horror for the latter.

What say ye? Separation of Press and Government? Or separation of Press from single party politics?

Epador,Public broa... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Public broadcasting served a function once upon a time when the number of broadcast options was relatively narrow.

Now we have dozens of talk radio stations in any given market, hundreds of cable channels and millions of web sites providing content.

The time when we needed public broadcasting is long since past. It is an anachronism and has declined and become not the source of news and views that commercial television and radio would not provide, but rather a partisan and ideologically bound media outlet with a vary narrow appeal.

In fact its ideological appeal is so narrow that it could not survive with government funding. And that is not just because it is so narrow but because it must compete is such a diverse marketplace where there are commercial alternatives for what it provides that simply out compete it for viewership/listenership.

NPR and PBS need to be cut loose from government funding. They can make it on their own or they can founder. If they truly provided desirable programming for an audience then they should be able to secure for themselves a future.

Poor little Juan. Living as... (Below threshold)

Poor little Juan. Living as a politically correct liberal with the thought police ready to pounce at every chance. This is the kumbaya utopia You and Barry want to come.

How does it taste?

NPR = Government establish... (Below threshold)

NPR = Government established Unified Church of Multiculturalism, Socialism, and Other Intellectually Enlightened Faiths.

It's a liberal insider's th... (Below threshold)

It's a liberal insider's thing. Have a lobotomy, and then maybe you'll understand.

Welcome to the revolution, ... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the revolution, Juan.

You've now seen how straying from the Group-Think path, and/or merely associating with those who do, causes them to turn on you and attempt to destroy you. You're in good company now...now help us fight!

George Soros is paying 100 ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

George Soros is paying 100 journalists $1.8M to work for NPR.

Given that kind of funding I would suggest that NPR no longer needs a single penny of my taxes.

I'm guessing that Juan wasn't going to be one of those 100 reporters. How much influence at NPR do you think Soros just bought himself?

I lived and worked in Washi... (Below threshold)
John S:

I lived and worked in Washington, D.C., for years. I walked to and from from work. Trust me, I sized up every human being I saw as a potential threat. Anyone who is not racist there ends up dead--like Chandra Levy.

NPR - Never Point to the Ri... (Below threshold)

NPR - Never Point to the Right.

There's only one solution t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

There's only one solution to this: Immediately cease funding the 6-10% in grants NPR receives from the federal government for practicing censorship.

Better still, considering NPR recently received a $1.8 billion grant from Soros, cease all government funding and let the bastards pay for programming through sponsorships like other broadcasters.

NPR sure as shit doesn't have programs that represent or reflect my views, and believe me, I've tried.

One more example, which pro... (Below threshold)
Bobby Smith:

One more example, which proves that liberals are hypocrites and liars who openly want to shred the U.S. Constitution.

If Juan Williams said he had fear around Tea Partiers, he wouldn't get fired
If Juan Williams worked for MSNBC (and not Fox), he wouldn't get fired

But because it's FOX News
and because it's "Muslims" (where he told the TRUTH!)

They fire him. NPR should have their funding pulled ASAP!!!

Liberalism is a diesease!

Bobby Smith has a point. I... (Below threshold)

Bobby Smith has a point. If he had said that being in the middle of a Tea Party gathering made him nervous NPR wouldn't bat an eye. I could guarantee it.

A very shrewed summing-... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

A very shrewed summing-up by Jay Tea and for me very enlightening in-as much as I have always pooh-poohed anything attached to Jesse Jackson. I even felt that his focussed on tears at Barry's inauguration were tinted with a hint of jealously...not that it could be proved but that personal feeling was based on my rather negative estimation of him as a social leader of black America. Too, his just being associated with, and being therefor tarred with, the same brush as a not small battery of similar black leaders whose joint aim seems, always, to be to perpetuate the 'hind-teatedness' of the black American experience.
Now Jay teaches me a wholly unexpected side of Rev Jackson....and that is his very considerable estimation of the 'common character' of white America...a character in which he indeed' 'invests trust'. And if this enlightens me regarding that man it also informs me of just how skewed and unjust the the underpinnings of political correctness really are. The lie of that very dangerous mind-set seems in fact to be concealed by a very thin veneer that might be in peril of one day being wiped away. 'You fool some people some of the time', etc.,

Afew days after 9-11 i was ... (Below threshold)
dunce Author Profile Page:

Afew days after 9-11 i was driving by an airport and i heard an airliner coming in for a landing a few hundred feet overhead.For the first time in my life,i shuddered.Anyone with sense feels some fear when they consider the facts.Prior to 9-11 the odds of any plane diliberately crashing to kill as many people as possible was unthinkable.Nom we know what evil muslims are capable of and that they will kill any nonmuslim if they get the chance and the more the better as their religion demands.

Maybe mister Williams shoul... (Below threshold)

Maybe mister Williams should file a huge lawsuit? I think he could win.

Poor Jay can't go a ... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Poor Jay can't go a day without pulling a lie out of his ass.

Williams said that sometimes when he travels by plane and encounters other passengers in Islamic garb, he gets nervous.

Now why would Jay not include a direct quote of what Williams said? Because he's pathological liar, that's why. And by not including what Williams actually said Jay can lie about it.

Here's what Williams said.

"I mean look, Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country, but when I get on an airplane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they're identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

Show us the word "sometimes," Jay. And you notice that Juan the bigot claims he's not bigoted.

Williams is clearly bigoted against muslims. This gives Jay another excuse to lie.

So, here we have a RAAAAACIST commentator being fired by a RAAAAACIST organization for confessing to RAAAAACIST thoughts, but never acting in a RAAAAACIST fashion.

Nobody said he was racist you ignorant ass. But clearly he's bigoted (whihc is why he claimed up front he wasn't), and you're too fucking stupid to understand the difference, as usual, so you blather on about RAAACISM like some 12 year old moron... blah, blah blah.

With Shawn the Clown making his return appearance you're now relegated to second string idiot, but you're doing a fine job of holding your ground, Jay. You'll always be my favorite lying jackass!

Jay Tea adds: once again Lee Ward demonstrates why he is the very Queen of Propriety. Yet another IP is added to the ban list, as Lee Ward continues to evade his well-deserved banning. Note that he has not the decency to protest or appeal his banning, or even argue that it is unjust; he prefers to flout it, demonstrating that -- like all good liberals -- rules are for other people. Next up, a Cabinet nomination.

Maybe Juan will get his fil... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Maybe Juan will get his fill of how his brethren liberals are treating hinm and open his eyes some.

Should I tell Lee no one ca... (Below threshold)

Should I tell Lee no one cares what he thinks?

I am not a fan of Juan Williams and I disagree with most things he says. Now he knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of baseless charges. His real sin to NPR was being on Fox News. NPR caved into the Huff Post.

Good things always comes out of it. Now the funding of this corrupt taxpayer rip off partnership is being looked at in a very unfriendly way. This country does not need to fund any media anymore. We have cable, broadcast channels, internet and radio. NO One is out of touch. ww

Ah and Lee "Ass clown" Ward... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Ah and Lee "Ass clown" Ward is back.

Here Lee let me save you the trouble.

REpublicans were for Juan WIlilams being a racist before a black man became President.

BTW Shaun. If you Check Lee's posting IP address and check it against Galoob's I have a feeling that you will find some similarities.

Hope Jay Tea hasnt lifted the ban against assclown ward again. He hasnt changed a bit.

And Lee speaking of racits and Pathological liars. How about your bud Obama?

After all werent you the one that said

So renounce those delegates as well, Barack, now that you agree that it's time to quit trying to steal the nomination by pandering to racists like Wright and his supporters.
If Democrats in all of those past primaries could re-vote today would Obama still receive as many delegates as he gathered in the last four months? Obviously not...
Barack Obama has done an amazing job of mishandling the entire Wright affair.
It demonstrates extremely poor crisis management skills -- but I suppose we could hope for four years of no crisies while Obama is in the White House...
or we could make a better choice.
2. Posted by Lee Ward | April 29, 2008 11:22 P
I didn't say 90% -- but initially Obama 'wasn't black enough' for the African-American voting bloc, and they were split between Clinton and Obama.
Obama proceeded to pander to the AA voters, beginning in South Carolina. Suddenly Obama was criticizing the bamboozling of the black voters, and oh my -- remember the outrage over MLK? It was all pandering, racist bullshit.
Bill Clinton was right, and Obama kept on pandering, going so far as to tsk tsk his nutty uncle "Reverend Wright the Racist" six weeks ago as he threw his white granny under the bus, and then threw Geraldine Ferraro under the bus for having the audacity to tell the truth, etc.
It got him lots of votes, and lots of delegates. But if backfired, and started raising more doubts among white voters, fueled further by Obama's Bittergate.
Obama was dancing pretty fast, and it caught up to him - so now he backtracks and throws Wright under the bus -- instead of doing it six weeks ago -- now that he's scored more delegates as the result of his pandering.
Delegates gained by pandering to his racist crazy uncle and the hallelujah chorus of voters behind Wright, and the thousands of like-minded black voters nationwide. You don't see black church leaders criticizing Wright, and now that they've delivered the votes to the pandering Obama, Barack's decided its now ok to throw away his nutty uncle.
4. Posted by Lee Ward | April 30, 2008
The Audacity of Insanity
Posted by Lee Ward
Published: Apr 30, 08 11:49 AM

and how about

"And Clinton is a much better liar than Obama. With Obama you can see it in his face when he's lying - Clinton is more difficult to spot."

I have to wonder if Lee War... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I have to wonder if Lee Ward would consider someone in the tea party racist if they said the same about about a muslim. Obviousy they would be racist then. Of course anyone to the right of Lee Ward is racist. Which means just about everyone.

Lee,As I read your c... (Below threshold)

As I read your comments here and fondly remember similar ruminations at Wizbang Blue, I remain curious as to what you do for a living? Also, you are one of the angriest (actually the angriest) people that post here. Personal insults and profanity are consistently the focus of all of your posts. I hope for your personal health and well being you are getting professional counseling and some anger management.

#33 Lee Ward........based o... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

#33 Lee Ward........based on the absence of the word 'sometimes' you relegate Jay to the status of liar and asshole....and Juan Williams to the status of bigot. In my OED, 'bigoted' prefaces, 'prejudiced and intolerant' with 'unreasonably'. Now, although I fail to connect with your assessment of 'sometimes' as an important omission in Jay's posting, I grasp instantly that your rage at NPR's exposure makes your criticism not only hollow but bigoted....in-as-much as it embraces 'unreasonableness'. And you, Lee, can take that to the bank......from one bigot to another. But in this case my bigotry is aimed at a wanker....(for Lee you are a wanker).
To be fair to you , however, I readily admit that my mind-set, although I try modestly to purge it's natural inclination toward angry thoughts concerning Muslims... (I would wish to see them all go rather than come... too dangerous you see), doesn't allow me to embrace in brotherly love such unsavoury turds. I just dont have the inclination to turn the other cheek. And Muslims have earned my very ripe contempt based on their well recorded conduct. And dear Juan Williams, a very fair liberal minded bloke, clearly shares my prejudices. And also in the interest of fairness I shall admit to you that my soldiers over many years used to call me, 'Gaius the Rodent', although before I received Her Majesty's commission they called me a rat. Oh, how I loved them. So you, Lee, learn you are a, bigoted wanker, and I, a bigoted rat. We'll both be lucky if Jay doesn't scupper us both.

Lee Ward=sociopath.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Lee Ward=sociopath.

Juan Williams is one of the... (Below threshold)

Juan Williams is one of the few liberals I will listen to (I didn't say agree) because he is sincere and really presents himself with dignity. He also considers both sides of a situation, conceding on some points and adamant on others.
O'Reilly nailed two points 1-Juan is now national hero, and the results of his firing will quite probably bring down NPR. 2-Political Correctness is BULL. Using pretty words and avoiding reality to soften the impact on "delicate negotiations"
and "sensitive world issues", is cowardice, avoidance, and an indication of weakness.

What has playing nice accomplished with Iran? Instead of negotiating with them and refusing to ship them soft drinks and cigarettes,the scenario should go something like:
Mr Dinnerjacket, you have refused to comply with UN/US calls to scrap your nuclear program. You now have 72 hours to begin dismantling your nuclear facilities. Failure to comply will result in the destruction of one of your military/industrial complexes each day until you do so. Any escalation on your part will result in an escalation on ours, and secondary targets will be political offices and mosques.

Draining the swamp becomes a lot smaller issue when the alligators are chomping on your ass.

Ignored here is the obvious... (Below threshold)
John S:

Ignored here is the obvious question? Why are not all Muslim-garbed individuals simply banned from all U.S.-flagged aircraft? Let them fly on fucking Air France.

Mr Williams seems never to ... (Below threshold)

Mr Williams seems never to have had an original thought and is but a loudspeaker in the Left's talking points promulgation's public address network, so, except that it has shown the light of day to a taxpayer-subsidized, fascistic, "management," so inept as to beggar belief, I could care less that NPR fired him.

But I do care a lot that Mr Ailes has expanded the quota-hired Mr Williams' FoxNews gig, that Mr O'Reilly and others of Fox's television-watcher pleasers are pandering to him and that as the consequence there will be even more hours of FoxNews for the most part already Left-leaning broadcasts I'll have to mute.






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