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There can be no doubt, Ssg Sal Giunta is a bonafide hero

Giunta describes the day that led to his being awarded the Medal of Honor, and be warned, this hero uses adult language, get over it. You should be changed in some way by watching this:

Drop to your knees and thank God for men such as this.

H/T to BlackFive who has the must see continuation video at his place.


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God bless such American GIs... (Below threshold)

God bless such American GIs
God bless Iowa for giving us so many of them

Long overdue that they gave... (Below threshold)

Long overdue that they gave the Medal of Honor to a living soldier in the current wars.

AIRBORNE!Whenever ... (Below threshold)


Whenever the liberals tell you only society's downtrodden and hopeless join the military, think of SSG Guinta.

The story of his platoon of the 2/503rd PIR in the Korengal valley is very well told in Sabastian Junger's book "War" and is on the big screen via the award-winning National Geographic documentary "Restrepo".






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