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Countering the White House lies on employment

Keith Hennessey does a masterful job here (though the sound quality could've been better) of showing us how the Obama Administration is using smoke and mirrors (this time in the shape of a white board) to tell a story that simply isn't true.  It's longer than the usual fare but well worth your time:


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Comments (7)

long but excellent...and SP... (Below threshold)

long but excellent...and SPOT ON!

Unemployment will be back above 10% soon...making it hard to sell folks that Happy Days are here again!

Get the government OUT of the way and happy days WILL be here again!

Trick or treat, hide and se... (Below threshold)

Trick or treat, hide and seek, Barrys got about 1 week.

It's pretty much a given th... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

It's pretty much a given this guy is Obamalala's butt boy. What more do you need to know?

Liars figure. Figures lie.... (Below threshold)

Liars figure. Figures lie.

Barry's getting good at lying.

Hard to see how he could ge... (Below threshold)

Hard to see how he could get any better at lying.

Practice makes perfect.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Practice makes perfect.

He's had a whole lot of practice.

The hockey stick shading e... (Below threshold)

The hockey stick shading effect is useless in this economy. Barry just lie's and pretends it aint happening. Now I see why he needed afirmative action to get thru school.






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