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David Zucker's latest political ad takes on Barbara Boxer

A few months ago Barbara Boxer asked an Army general who was testifying in front of her senate committee to call her senator instead of ma'am because, she informed him, she worked so hard for that title. Well, David Zucker of Airplane and Naked Gun fame has made that the subject of his latest political ad:

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.


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Boxer needs the boot! As an... (Below threshold)

Boxer needs the boot! As an aside, I have not seen Senator Crawford since the corbonite maneuver on star trek. My how time flies.

How much "work" does it act... (Below threshold)

How much "work" does it actually take to become a senator, anyway? A few months of hard campaigning once every 6 years?

I guess when you're a pampered wealthy person (with deep political connections) like Boxer, that IS considered hard work.

It is hard beening senator ... (Below threshold)

It is hard beening senator Boxer. You have to remember all the lies you have told.

You forgot to post a spew a... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

You forgot to post a spew alert, that's some seriously funny stuff.

Hilarious... (Below threshold)


Maybe we can soon call her ... (Below threshold)

Maybe we can soon call her "former senator"

isn't that Alfonzo Rachel (... (Below threshold)

isn't that Alfonzo Rachel (Zo)? His videos are awesome

let's call her unemployed l... (Below threshold)

let's call her unemployed like the rest of California

She can work for NPR....</p... (Below threshold)

She can work for NPR....

Loved this so much because ... (Below threshold)
Cecilia A. Russell:

Loved this so much because it is so true.

Loved it, but do all Americ... (Below threshold)
Liz Adams:

Loved it, but do all Americans think like this about their self importance really! She should be focusing more on the job not her title. From a concerned Aussie.






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