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Back of The Bus

A few thoughts about Barack Obama's recent divisive and frankly un-presidential remarks.

First, Obama's reference to those who support the enforcement of current immigration laws as "enemies" of Latinos who deserve to be be "punished" should forever dispel the idea that Obama is some kind of mystical healer with a supernatural ability to bring disparate groups of people together in a spirit of unity and direct them toward achieving a common goal. The real Barack Obama is a bitter, arrogant, testy partisan who, truthfully, had no record of "reaching across the aisle" whatsoever during his tenure in the Illinois state legislature and the US Senate. Not that anyone who actually paid attention ever believed such nonsense anyway.

Second, Obama's declaration that Republicans "can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back" illustrates, really beyond any reasonable doubt, the attitude of elitist ruling class liberals and progressives -- we are the only ones fit to rule; we will only grudgingly tolerate others until were back in power.

In other words, the normal balance of power (according to liberals) should be control of all three branches of government by liberal Democrats, with only a handful Republicans around to serve primarily as whipping boys and scapegoats.

There are some old conservative jokes about "bipartisanship" among liberals and conservatives occurring only when conservatives are in 100% agreement with liberal policies. Alternately, when conservatives don't agree with liberals it's "gridlock," but when liberals oppose conservative policies they are "saving America/the children/the Constitution, etc."

Admittedly, most of the enthusiasm behind the Tea Party movement is tied to fiscal conservatism and limited government. But Tea Partiers are also generally opposed to the idea of a ruling class of over-educated and pedigreed elitists permanently lording over the great unwashed middle of the country, simply because they alone know what is best for us. In stark contrast, our nation was founded by visionaries who proposed a true republic governed by citizen-legislators who remained a part of the people they represented.

Thankfully, elections give us the opportunity to send big-government elitists and career politicians to the back of the bus. Lets make sure that we use that chance wisely next Tuesday.


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Comments (18)

Too bad the asshole drove h... (Below threshold)

Too bad the asshole drove his bus into the ditch.

Year after year I have watc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Year after year I have watched the reports of dem election fraud become more widespread and more blatant. I needs to stop. They are not just stealing elections but they are stealing democracy away from this country.

Systematically and deliberately destroying democracy like this is a form of treason. We should punish it in the same manner. We may have to in order to save this country.

Treason is Barrys middle na... (Below threshold)

Treason is Barrys middle name. Dividing America is his game.

For being a staunch member ... (Below threshold)

For being a staunch member of a party that's about to be trampled in November, he sure is talking big about who will be riding in back.

He's been shoving the whole country into the back seat and even a select few under the wheels long enough. He needs to sit down, shut up and start listening. Not spend his time planning what silly TV show to appear on next or which golf course to play in between telling us how stupid we are.


"The real Barack Obama is a... (Below threshold)

"The real Barack Obama is a bitter, arrogant, testy partisan bigot who, ..."

TFTFY, no charge.

Imagine if some conservativ... (Below threshold)

Imagine if some conservative used the term "back of the bus"...or the "punish" certain people. Getting real sick and tired of this doulbe standard.

Obama has no class at all. The nice suits and supposed high education he has does not cut it. He is an embarassment as well as being anti-American, alousy leader, can not speak without a script and frankly in my opinion not much of a man either. His wife is more of a man than he is. How the hell did this man fool so many. What a bad mark on our country he is.

Anyone else notice the pani... (Below threshold)

Anyone else notice the panic in Barrys drivel as the lame duck session draws nigh?

He uses that smart ass tone as if he has any credibility at all with anybody but gaboob.

Spot on about the Tea Party... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Spot on about the Tea Party. The big danger looming for the GOP will be if they forget what propelled them back into power. This happened after the 1994 GOP sweep, as the Republicans in the House and Senate gradually morphed into that which they had replaced.

The Tea Party movement, which had its incubus during the second half of the Bush years, should serve as a huge warning to the GOP: "Mess this up, and you're history."

"What a bad mark on our cou... (Below threshold)

"What a bad mark on our country he is."

Indonesia's not too fond of him either.

"...supposed high education... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"...supposed high education he has..."

High education? He went to Harvard where fewer than 1 in 4 classes requires a final exam to prove you actually learned something. Where the majority of professors have the viewpoint that if you are smart enough to get in then you are smart enough to deserve an A. This is where obama was the president of the law review and never wrote a single article.

He received no education there. They no longer provide it (OK that's overstating it. They provide it but you have to really work hard to get it from them. They just no longer make you get it if you pay your money). And yes, I live in Boston where people can see it for what it is.

I think these comments of h... (Below threshold)

I think these comments of his show that he really doesn't have any real political skills.

Your party is taking a beating, your approval rating is at record lows, your programs are being rejected by the people you serve, and what do you do? You insult them. You try to divide them. You denigrate them.

Not smart. Not politically astute.

Obama rode the perfect storm into the white house (first black, a fawning MSM, a boring opponent, etc). Once there it was time to perform. He can't. And his behavior is embarrassing.

"Obama rode the perfect sto... (Below threshold)

"Obama rode the perfect storm into the white house (first black, a fawning MSM, a boring opponent, etc). Once there it was time to perform. He can't. And his behavior is embarrassing."

Exactly! Those who call him a 'master strategist' are full of shit. Events got Barry to the White House. Now, for the first time, he's being honestly graded by the electorate on his "accomplishments". And all Barry has are excuses. NONE of which stand up to any scrutiny.

"You denigrate them."... (Below threshold)

"You denigrate them."


Isn't it funny that the las... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny that the last non "Ivy-League" president we had is arguably the best President of the 20th century?

14. We went from John Wayne... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

14. We went from John Wayne to a cross between Joy Behar and PeeWee Herman.

I expect we'll get a tearfu... (Below threshold)

I expect we'll get a tearful, pleading Obama on Monday night, urging that we not undo all the good he and the Democrats have done for the country.

I'll give his words due consideration - and double-check my vote on Tuesday just to make sure there weren't any unfortunate 'mistakes' made by the machine.

The sooner we send this ass... (Below threshold)
John S:

The sooner we send this asshole back to Kenya, the better... This early voting trend is a riot, though. All of the Democrats' tricks used to steal elections (rigged voting machines, suppressed absentee ballots, phony voter lists) are being discovered weeks before the election and widely publicized. When this shit happened on a single day, they got away with it--maybe not this time. It only pisses off the voters that much more.

I have been saying this for... (Below threshold)

I have been saying this for weeks - take your camera/phone with you into the voting booth and photograph your ballot before finalizing it! Make sure the people at the polling place know that you are recording what you've done so that they are on notice that there is a record. Make it clear that WE the people are watching them - not some lame poll watcher but the actual voters!






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