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Allies Of Convenience

Well, ain't this an interesting development. The folks over at Hillbuzz -- who were die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters and are still pissed over 2008 -- are now reaching out to Rush Limbaugh to form common cause against Obama and the current DNC regime. (Hat tip: Ace)

A fascinating historical parallel presents itself, and there are quite a few lessons to be gleaned from that -- namely, the world situation as it stood in late June, 1941.

For two years, the Nazis and the Soviet Union were friendly -- they had a non-aggression pact that divvied up Eastern Europe between them and bought them both a bit of breathing room for other concerns. But then the Nazis repudiated all that with a massive invasion, and suddenly the Soviets were looking for new allies against their former buddy. The allied powers -- mainly the US and Great Britain -- decided that bolstering the Soviets against the Nazis was the wisest course, and invited them into the alliance.

(No, I'm not calling anyone here Nazis or Commies. It's the dynamics here that are important, not the labels.)

Now let's look at the origins of the Hillbuzz/PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) folks who are so disenchanted with Obama, they're reaching out to Limbaugh and offering their assistance.

These folks were the hardest of the hardcore Hillary! supporters. They were with her to the grave (and, in some cases, especially Chicago, even beyond that). Anyone and everyone who didn't back Hillary! was evil.

During the primary season, the DNC (who runs the Democratic primaries) laid out their schedule for the elections. Two states -- Florida and Michigan -- chose to reject that schedule and hold their primaries earlier. The DNC said fine, but any delegates chosen at those unsanctioned primaries will not be seated at the national convention, and asked all candidates to abide by the rules.

The Obama campaign chose to honor (well, mostly) that decision. The Hillary! campaign did not. So they won those two primaries, pretty much by default, and then started demanding that the DNC forget all about that whole scheduling thing and seat their delegates anyway. After all, if they didn't, then the DNC would be disenfranchising Democrats in those two states!

No, they wouldn't. They were disenfranchised by their state parties, who chose to defy the DNC and figured they'd get forgiveness after the fact -- but they didn't.

In the end, it didn't matter. Those delegates wouldn't have been enough to swing the tide, but the feelings of betrayal continued -- and festered.

Now, the Obama regime hasn't pulled an "Operation Barbarossa" - level move to "betray" the PUMA folks, but they've finally had their fill of perceived lesser slights and abuses, and think they can improve their lot if they throw themselves wholeheartedly behind the "established" anti-Obama folks.

So, what lessons can we learn from this historic precedent?

For one, helping out the Soviet Union was the right move at the time. The Nazis were the more immediate threat, and keeping the Soviets in the fight cost the Nazis hugely -- it's even questionable if the Allies could have won the war without the Soviets on their side. So yeah, accepting the PUMA folks as allies is a sound move.

But bosom buddies? Absolutely not. In the long run, the Soviets proved to be a greater existential threat to the US and the world than the Nazis were -- largely aided and abetted by their allies. Some people even took up their cause and gave them highly sensitive military secrets -- especially the keys to developing nuclear weapons. And even during the war, the Soviet espionage efforts in the West were tremendous -- but downplayed, as they were "on our side" anyway.

What we need to do with these PUMA folks is not embrace them, but use them. Give them kind words and gestures of support, but under no circumstances accept them fully into the fold. Common cause does NOT mean common values, and shared enemies are NOT shared ideals.

The PUMA people are not so different from the Obama folks. Both of them are largely built around the same things -- a cult of personality around a heroic figure based entirely on symbolism and not individual accomplishments. And ideologically, Obama and Hillary! aren't that far apart. Separate them from their heroes, and they're pretty much interchangeable.

That must never be forgotten or buried.

So, the PUMA folks want to be our buddies? Let them show their good intentions and let them demonstrate that they actually have something to bring to the party. (For example, as long-time insiders of the Democratic party, they probably know where a lot of bodies are buried. Give us a few maps.)

And who knows? their "conversion" might be sincere, and not just the latest expression of their (utterly unwarranted) sense of betrayal and entitlement. (Had the DNC ruled differently on those two states' delegations and Obama lost, then we'd have hardcore Obamoids trying to make common cause with us against Hillary!.) So give them a chance to show that they've not only felt the heat, but seen the light.

But don't for an instant assume they have really come to "our side" without serious evidence. Forget Reagan's principle of "trust, but verify" -- verify, verify again, and then maybe a modicum of trust. Remember their whole existence is based on an attempt to circumvent the established rules and then win through a fait accompli.

So, HillBuzz people -- welcome to the party. Have some tea. But you understand if we don't give you the keys to the shop and the security codes just yet.


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I read that article this mo... (Below threshold)

I read that article this morning.

That is one seriously pissed off gay dude that is a flaming Hillary supporter.

He is gunning for the people that screwed him over and if only half of what he wrote about happened then you ALREADY have the Chicago machine playbook. You can quite literally bet the farm its going to happen again because it worked so well for them the first time.

Maybe in 2012 not so much though because the people they've pissed off are madder than hell and in joining forces with the TEA party and Republicans to defeat a common enemy there is victory.

My husband always said that... (Below threshold)

My husband always said that Hillary got a royal screwing from the Obama camp and how the black vote totally deserted her. I would really like to know what she says about Obama when no one is listening.

But right now I would partner with just about anyone to get rid of Obama and his leftist buddies. I know, I know a lot of people thought the same of Hillary....but I can not imagine anyone worst than Obama, other than Karl Marx etc.

I saw that article before y... (Below threshold)

I saw that article before you put it up... and Gmac's right - they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it... and they ALSO see it as an existential struggle.

You've got Country - and you've got Party. They believe the current Democratic leadership sees Party as much more important than Country. You can almost see Obama going "L'etat, C'est moi."

If he spoke French.

Which he probably skipped on at Harvard.

We do not need an Imperial Presidency, nor do we need a hereditary ruling class. We're quite capable of governing ourselves without Washington micromanaging our lives. We know what we need to do - Washington's job is to provide a framework of laws that we can run our country under - not that runs US for Washington's benefit.

The guy writing that article is pissed, and rightfully so IMHO. Next Tuesday is going to be interesting.

BTW, there's also this...

White House Insider: "President Obama is lost. Absolutely lost." | Newsflavor
There's speculation in the comments that the 'Insider' is Rham Emanuel. If so - it's understandable why he's bailing at this point. The other interviews of the Insider give details that are ... well, I won't say 'horrifying', but it's pretty clear Obama was the wrong man in the wrong job at the wrong time - and we may be in for an EPIC meltdown very shortly, one we might wish were as mild as Watergate.

Don't be too hard on the bo... (Below threshold)
Larry Krause:

Don't be too hard on the boyz, Jay. I've been reading their blog for a few months, and they seem to keep having epiphanies.

Some posts (a recent one linked below) discusses how badly mistaken they were about GW Bush, and the respect they now have for him...


"but I can not imagine a... (Below threshold)

"but I can not imagine anyone worst than Obama, other than Karl Marx etc."

The only thing worse then Barry is a double helping of Barry in 2012.

Also saw that article today... (Below threshold)

Also saw that article today.
Interesting in that it confirms many things; voting fraud, calling anyone who disagrees with Nobama as racist, and the MSM complicity.

Can't help but think that if they're that pissed off, Hillary must have been nuclear when all that transpired. I imagine she's planning some sweet revenge some time in the future.

"...voting fraud, calling a... (Below threshold)

"...voting fraud, calling anyone who disagrees with Nobama as racist, and the MSM complicity."

So everything we've said in the past is true.

How enlightening.

Sorry, don't trust any of them. Fuck 'em both. Let 'em tear each other apart. The Hillary! people would turn on us just as quick, given half the chance.

The folks over at Hillbu... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The folks over at Hillbuzz, so Hilbuzz people
seems like Hilbuzz is pretty much a one man gay pride shop in boystown, founded by whack job Kevin Dujan. "I can't get any more dates" Doesn't he know or care what Rush Limbaugh or the teaparty thinks of homosexuality?

The people who gained contr... (Below threshold)

The people who gained control of the Democrat Party after the Clinton Presidency enjoyed the profits that came with that power and weren't about to relinquish Party control, least of all in a return to Clinton rule through a Hillary! Presidency because then the profits would flow back to the Clintons again.

Thus the backing of Obama over Hillary! by Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, etc, and the Nomination through Acclimation instead of the democratic process of the Convention.

Take a close look at the so-called, "Obama Agenda," and you'll see that it is actually the agenda of those who took control of the Democrat Party after the Clinton Presidency.

Obama is just the front-man for the looters.

You gotta remember - these ... (Below threshold)

You gotta remember - these are Lee's friends. Never forget that.

From the hillbuz letter:</p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

From the hillbuz letter:

"The DNC reveled in being fully Leftist-controlled. Crazy people unapologetic in their Communist admiration took over positions of great influence not just in the DNC, but in our state and federal governments as well.

Hillary supporters are horrified by that."

Um, what? And Hillary ISN'T a Leftist? She's the one who tried to impose socialized medicine under Bill's administration.

We're getting all the Leftist, big-government rule that she wanted. So what are they bitching about? They're bitching because they wanted Hillary to be in charge of a Lefty big gov't, not Obama.

Hate to throw cold water on any support that will unseat the Obamaites, but sheesh.

Those of you who are dispar... (Below threshold)

Those of you who are disparaging Kevin Dujean and the HillBuzz Boyz are making a mistake.

They have been big Palin backers even before McCain picked her. Kevin is a regular contributor at C4P.

I don't think Lee actually ... (Below threshold)

I don't think Lee actually has any friends, Oyster.

Steve - Want to know what I think of homosexuality? If you're good with it, more power to ya. Know what I think about gay marriage? It's the start of a completely untapped legal market - gay divorce. Know what I'd say to someone of the same sex who approached me for a date? "Thank you - but I'm married." If I were single? "Thank you, but no, my plumbing points in a different direction."

Bluntly, when you're looking at national survival (and we'll survive, even if Dems DO keep the House and Senate, though we'll definitely be hurting even worse in another couple of years) or economic survival, all of a sudden who does what to whom is MUCH less important - and you realize that what you might have thought was important gets tossed out the window as irrelevant crap.

As the folks on HillBuzz have found out.

Nice try with the "Oooo - nasty! Look over there, isn't it horrible!" though.

"They have been big Palin b... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"They have been big Palin backers even before McCain picked her. Kevin is a regular contributor at C4P."

How in the world can they be Palin backers and Hillary backers at the same time? Palin and Hillary are pretty much diametrically opposed in their outlook on the role of gov't.

Unless Hillbuzz only supports Palin because she's a woman.

Supporting someone based on their sex (like Hillbuzz) is just as dumb and divisive as supporting someone based on their race (like many Obamaites).

I've been reading both Hill... (Below threshold)

I've been reading both Hillbuzz and Wizbang for quite some time. Kevin Dujan over there is genuine and means what he says. He is also not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of us former Hillary supporters who left the Dem party in 2008 and have rallied around Sarah Palin ever since. I know because I am one of them.

Somebody above wondered how a person could go from supporting Hillary to supporting Sarah Palin. It's a hard question to answer, but trust me, it's true. I think it has a lot to do with caring more about a candidate's character and integrity, than about the campaign rhetoric or party platforms. I have never doubted Hillary Clinton's or Sarah Palin's love of country and their desire to serve to the best of their ability. I can't say that about President Obama and when you get right down to it, that's what truly matters.

Skorzeny´s Law:In po... (Below threshold)

Skorzeny´s Law:
In politics as in war there are 3 types of people:
3. Neither, who can be divided into:
A. Those who are useful to you
B. Those who are not.

JLawson, I've read both of ... (Below threshold)

JLawson, I've read both of the "Newsflavor" pieces and I am very skeptical of them. Who's ever heard of Ulsterman? Who's ever heard of Newsflavor? The story quotes an unnamed insider. How do we know he's an insider? How do we know he even exists? These articles seem so fishy to me that my gut instinct is that they are fake.

I've read Hillbuzz for exac... (Below threshold)

I've read Hillbuzz for exactly a year. I was directed there, when HB published a very reverential article about W. http://hillbuzz.org/2009/11/10/thank-you-former-president-george-w-bush-and-former-first-lady-laura-bush/

They got a lot of grief from hardcore Kossaks & DUmmies, Kevin was outed for not toeing liberal party line. Their idol, Hillary is marginally better on economics than 0, but in matters of foreign policy she was a sage assessing Obumler's abilities.

Romans & Goths fought against each other but they faced Huns as one army. Germans & Poles squabbled for centuries, but always fought Mongols & Turks together. Who knows? Maybe we're seeing a reversal of alliances?

Hillary was certainly a sag... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hillary was certainly a sage on foreign policy - her early unawavering support for the war on Iraq for many years, are you kidding? How is that going now that freedom is on the march? a miilion casualties, rape chambers/ widespread prisoner torture by Malaki`s government with a parliament that hasn't met for 8 months, and the US taxpayer footing the bill for a three trillion war that Iran and their Shiite power centers are the only apparent winners

The only emotional libido reason that these boystowners liked Hillary so much is obvious. I`m not exactly sure how appointing rival Hillary to Secretary of State and so many Clintonites to the cabinet and the Economic team shows they were shunned?

Steve and others: dont dis ... (Below threshold)

Steve and others: dont dis Hillbuzz and Kevin; he is the real deal. I doubt if it's temporary, they are talking at HB of the demise of the Democrat party. No longer do they call it Democratic, just Democrat.

The thing with the boys at ... (Below threshold)

The thing with the boys at Hillbuzz is that we can't understand how their hero could be Hillary Clinton. They truly seem blind when it comes to Hillary. But, aside from that blindness, they strike me as sincere in their praise of Palin and gratitude for Bush. Their anger at Obama is real, and I believe they see the Democrat Party as sullied beyond cleansing anytime soon. Of course, one wonders how quickly they could be convinced that Hillary could clean it all up if only she could be president in 2012. Just the same, 2010 is a perfect time to see how sincere these folks are. It's not like we're counting on their votes in 2012. Heck, if we can't win without them, we're in big trouble.

So, I believe the boys at Hillbuzz. I'm leary of their infatuation with Hillary, but for now it's not something that need concern us, so I welcome them.

Jay, Ah, the webs ... (Below threshold)


Ah, the webs we weave during political season in America. While your metaphor fits conceptually, it is historically inaccurate.

On the 22nd of June 1941. Hitler's armies were at their peek strength. Never again would they be as strong. By early December 41, the National Socialist of Germany and the Communist of Russia, the two most malignant regimes on the planet, had been locked in a death grip for 6 months. Only one would survive the embrace.

The battle of Moscow had already started in November 1941. By the time this battle was over, Germany would suffer 1 million casualties (1% of her pre-war native population of 100 million). But even that was not enough for Hitler. On 9 December 1941, he decided to declare war on America too.

Now I understand the enemy of your enemy is your friend; but it was a mistake to materially support the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics so that one despotic and brutal regime would supplant the other in Eastern Europe. Tens of millions paid the price, and suffered for this mistake during the half century which followed.

Sure, we should of given the Communist moral, diplomatic, and other support (like signal intelligence). After all we were at war. But not material support like tanks, guns, aircraft, oil, rolling rail stock/locomotives, power generation dynamos, and so forth.

From my review of the archives (micro-fiche, newsreels and the like), this fateful decision to give material support to Russia was made by FDR (with no public participation, debate or resolution). The man sure did have some sorry-ass socialist proclivities in his politics.

Returning to our present political season: There are always unintended consequences when one makes a pact with the devil; and so It will turn out that the Clinton's machiavellian schemes will end up rendering results similar to FDR's - metaphorically speaking.

Semper Fidelis - Brucepall

These articles seem so f... (Below threshold)

These articles seem so fishy to me that my gut instinct is that they are fake.

They could well be, Eric - but time will tell. If you look back over Ulsterman's other work, he seem relatively impartial and reports on a wide variety of things.

As far as never hearing of Newsflavor before - it's a wide, wide, WIDE WWW. Archive.org shows it starting in March, 2008 and not much activity after August. (Of coure, they ARE 6 months or more behind...)

Credible or not ont he Washington Insider thing? I don't know... time will tell. You think it's fishy - I'm feeling it's a lot more right than I feel comfortable with.

Brucepall - "Now I under... (Below threshold)

Brucepall - "Now I understand the enemy of your enemy is your friend; but it was a mistake to materially support the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics so that one despotic and brutal regime would supplant the other in Eastern Europe. Tens of millions paid the price, and suffered for this mistake during the half century which followed."

Hindsight's always 20-20 - and with the misreporting of what was going on in the USSR in the '30s it's understandable that in the '40s the Allies did what they did.

It'd be nice if someone could come up with a time machine to see 50 years into the future, and maybe they've got one in Area 51 - but I don't think they had it working in the '40s.

Jay Tea: So, HillBuzz pe... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay Tea: So, HillBuzz people -- welcome to the party. Have some tea.
I don't know enough about Kevin Dujan -he seems pretty small beer-but I do, about Rush Limbaugh and am learning about ex-alcoholic Glenn Beck.

I hope Jay doesn't drink the tea himself and become like their evolution denying, John Birch sympathizer leader, Glenn Beck an unquestioning recent Mormon convert, believing in ludicrously heavy gold plates ascending to heaven in 19th century Appalachia.

The cachet and supremacy of the sovreignity of religion allows the madhatter/ teabaggers to believe anything, the greater the hoax- the greater the belief , no verification permitted-- so much for verifiable evidence. Most of the so -called leaders when you scratch the surface are seriously delusional and naive.

In 2007, Beck, then the host of "Glenn Beck," on CNN's Headline News, brought to his show a John Birch Society spokesman named Sam Antonio, who warned of a government plot to abolish U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada, "and eventually all throughout the Americas." Beck told Antonio, "When I was growing up, the John Birch Society--I thought they were a bunch of nuts." But now, he said, "you guys are starting to make more and more sense to me."

Jay, this is your tea party. It has a wide tent for extremists, nuts, perhaps even boystowners and closest or otherwise John Birchers, but moderates or anyone interested in reasonable rules of evidence or testing hypothesis' need not apply.

don't for an instant assume they have really come to "our side" without serious evidence. Forget Reagan's principle of "trust, but verify" -- verify, verify again," THERE WOULDN'T BE ANYONE LEFT IN THE TEA PARTY IF THESE RULES APPLIED

Teabaggers believe they can escape death- life everlasting -and the same fantasy of limited government but better cleaning up of oil spills, fighting more wars, having more defense toys, more soldiers, better medicare and the government doing more to reduce unemployment, reduce the defecit, all on much less taxes.

Mr. Crickmore, I have never... (Below threshold)

Mr. Crickmore, I have never understood what makes one a liberal. In your case I am baffled how you became, not only a liberal, but the angry, unhappy, and cynical person you are. Were your parents abusive or were you bullied in school? Have all your dreams been crushed?

JL, Unintended is ... (Below threshold)


Unintended is not the same as unforeseen. If one goes back to the American newsreels of the 1930's one can see millions of American National Socialist marching in our cities wearing their brownshirts, Nazi armbands, Hitler mustaches, pushing a giant float of the statue of liberty down the street. In the newsreels one can also see the counter marching communist, with their hammer and cycle flags and Stalin mustaches. There were millions of them bastards too.

Come 9 Dec 1941, the Nazi's had to cave in America. Germany had declared war on us! Folks packed away their brownshirts in their steamer trunk, or more likely burned them. The National Socialist Workers Party simply ceased to exist from that point forward.

Not so with our own home grown Communist. After all, by mid Dec 1941, they were our heroic comrades in the struggle against the evil Fascist. These SOB's never got repudiated by our body politic, and their brand of socialism was never discredited as it so justly deserved to be. Hell, one of our nation's leading newspapers received a Pulitzer for a story of how benign and munificent the great Stalin was to his people (what a load).

So socialism got taken up by many in the following generations of America. Their ideals and beliefs really transferred to those of the left in our country. Think not? Look at all those Che T-shirts proudly worn on our college campuses today. Its sad really.

So no JL, one doesn't need a time machine or crystal ball to see the future. Morals, ethics, and common sense is good enough to put 2 and 2 together and predict the consequences of crappy and bad behavior.

Semper Fidelis- Brucepall

re: 26Lots of frie... (Below threshold)

re: 26

Lots of friends in high school and the right (I mean left) gene does it.

Maddox, I`m not angry. I l... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Maddox, I`m not angry. I like the teabaggers for providing comic relief. If they stuck to fiscal management that would be fine, we could use more of it, but it is all the other baggage of the social issues/the cultural wars.

I hope some of them get elected (it is a pity that Christine O'Donnell won't in a way) so they will have a larger forum such as the senate, that will give them for example, Sharron Angle " a little rope in which..." In any event nothing will get done in the next two years since the GOP, never mind the teabaggers have said their main goal is to wreck the Obama presidency. No kidding! We may as well have good seats for this upcoming comedy or tragedy, of a stalemate, depending on your mood. I suppose I am cynical. I won't mind seeing Reid and Pelosi gone.

JLawson,My friend,... (Below threshold)


My friend, I'm recommending a book to you called, "Out of the Ice," by Victor Herman (hopefully its not out of print). When Mr. Herman was very young, his American family was sent to the USSR by Henry Ford in the 1930's to help the communist set up their automotive industry.

While in Russia, his family was killed in the Stalin purges and he (an American citizen) was shipped to the gulag as a Zeek. Amazingly he survived (and wrote his story). A story of the unconquerable and enduring human spirit which ultimately defeated the communist state, and which earned him his freedom and repatriation to to the country of his birth. It should be required reading in every high school in the USA.

SF - Brucepall

Brucepall -Shrug. ... (Below threshold)

Brucepall -

Shrug. Hindsight, like I said, was 20-20. AT THE TIME, the American Nazi Party was legal - and as you pointed out a lot of them woke up when Germany declared war on Britain and then started grabbing a lot of Western Europe. What was a fun bit of pageant took on darker overtones - and the last straw was them declaring war on the US. The rest of them shucked it as fast as they could.

The Communists (thanks to Duranty and other reporters enamored of the USSR, as you said) seemed much less threatening... at the time. And I'm aware of the influence of Communism on the left - but I think the age of PC Think will be coming to a close soon, with rationality overcoming antique rhetoric. Eventually, 'reality-based' thinking (or what passed for it in the USSR) runs up against cold reality... and Reality ALWAYS wins.

Would-of, should-of, unforseen, unintended, - it doesn't matter at this point. What matters is that we LEARN from the mistakes of the past, and the mistakes of the present, and not let them happen again. I think the last couple of years have disposed of a lot of the glamour of the old USSR, Communism and socialism in general.

Aim High, Brucepall! (23 years in the AF and AFR - about equivalent to what, a week in the Marines? LOL...)

Steve, could you repeat tha... (Below threshold)

Steve, could you repeat that last bit? I couldn't quite make it out -- you're a bit muffled with that scrotum in your mouth.


Brucepall - Amity Shlaes' "... (Below threshold)

Brucepall - Amity Shlaes' "The Forgotten Man" has a chapter where some pundits were touring the USSR. They were quite willing to take things at face value - which was never smart to do with the Soviets. I've read "The Gulag Archiplago' - it's astonsihing how many people just... well, you know. They always said "If only Stalin knew!" about the actions of the secret police and the excesses of the Party - never realizing that the rot started at the top and Stalin knew about it all. The Russian psyche is peculiar indeed...

Let's take full advantage o... (Below threshold)

Let's take full advantage of the Dems civil war by welcoming those whose eyes have fully opened.

That story meshes well with this one...

Clinton on the stump: Does he really want Obama and Dems to win?


JLawson,Sounds lik... (Below threshold)


Sounds like you got a good historical perspective. Yes, I served 30 years in the Marines. Retired MGySgt. But I'm not one of those that thinks the Corps won the 2d World War despite our Army and Navy.

Semper Fidelis- Brucepall

"...they probably know wher... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"...they probably know where a lot of bodies are buried. Give us a few maps."

Now that would be awesomely fun to watch, although I don't think it's going to happen. The Democratic party is similar to the mob, in that everyone has to get their hands dirty so that nobody will be tempted to rat somebody else out.

Since Hillary and Palin are... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Since Hillary and Palin are the 2012 antagonists I take it Hillbuzz will be conflicted.

Ogabe will find the bottom of Hoffa's dumpster by then.

I'm a huge Hillbuzz fan. A... (Below threshold)

I'm a huge Hillbuzz fan. A fan of Jay Tea, not so much. Your smug, condescending attitude is one of the main reasons republicans have problems expanding the big tent.

Hillbuzz has always been upfront about their objectives and who they are. They did more to elect McCain/Palin than a bunch of whining RINO's who wanted to teach McCain a lesson.

Not only is Hillbuzz hysterically funny, but they have loads of practical advice on how people can take action. Every time I ask a republican a question, I get tedious lectures about how they are Reagan conservatives, or suggestions for a class on the constitution, or invites to luncheons where 10 people sit around whining about democrats. Ask Hillbuzz a question and they have a half-dozen, valuable suggestions, plans for a letter writing campaign with a list of the execs, the advertisers, and sample letters, and fun tips on how to make Palin Christmas ornaments.

The main reason why I adore the Hillbuzz gang-- THEY FIGHT!!! And that's why they'll never be a part of the do-nothing GOP.

"...one of the main reas... (Below threshold)

"...one of the main reasons republicans have problems expanding the big tent."

Ah yes, "expanding the big tent" in the hopes that maybe, maybe, they'll vote in favor of the people. Instead what we get with those like McCain and Graham, et al is McCain/Feingold and immigration reform so watered down it's a joke. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for McCain and I think Graham is sincere, but for them, as other RINOs, it seems to be more important to appease the left than to pass any meaningful legislation.

BR: "...one of the main rea... (Below threshold)

BR: "...one of the main reasons republicans have problems expanding the big tent."

Oyster: "Ah yes, "expanding the big tent" in the hopes that maybe, maybe, they'll vote in favor of the people. Instead what we get with those like McCain..."

Hey Oyster, you're comment is valid and you're right, that's not how the tent should be expanded. McCain is a RINO and a pain. I reluctantly voted for McCain because I knew what a disaster Imam-Obama would be and I loved Sarah Palin. But, the republican party got into the Grahamnesty position because the wizards-of-smart wanted to preserve their power so they are interested in the R not the candidate. Rush rails against this all the time because they're still doing it. The RINOs quickly became sore loser republicans like Castle and Merkowski and promptly backstabbed the GOP and conservatives.

When I say big tent, I mean Reagan's definition of a big tent. "A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers."

Hillbuzz meets this definition because they know what the republicans are supposed to be about and are willing to support conservative candidates who adhere to conservative values. They support, through words and actions, Palin, Scott Brown, Allen West, the Tea Partiers, and a whole host of others. If they don't like a republican candidate, they say so but they don't undermine that candidate like the sore loser RINOs who have acted against O'Donnell and Joe Miller.

Hillbuzz and the PUMAs are not trying to appease the left, they are trying to DESTROY the left. So, they are valuable allies that should be treated as such.

Brucepall -"Sou... (Below threshold)

Brucepall -

"Sounds like you got a good historical perspective."

Took some digging back in the '80s, but it's surprising what you can learn when you realize you didn't get the whole picture, and that the WHOLE picture's pretty darn convoluted. Takes a while to sort out what's what sometimes...

It's a lot easier now - but you still have to have some idea of what you're looking for, and the ability to tell shit from shinola... which I believe a lot of leftists never quite learn.

If you had been reading Hil... (Below threshold)

If you had been reading Hillbuzz, you would know that they are sincere in their hatred of the Democrats now. They are a great group of people and I learn a lot from them. They are passionate about doing what's right for our country and I would much rather stand with them than some of the hyprocrites here who hate someone because they are gay or Mormon.

JLawson,The Fascis... (Below threshold)


The Fascist (as in the National SOCIALIST Workers Party) and Communist (as in the Union of Soviet of SOCIALIST Republics) has forever and for all time tainted the well of Socialism. Kind of like how the Confederate flag still sets off a segment of America society today.

Ideas and their associated symbols mean things. While I have some beliefs that might be construed as liberal (as in the classic sense). Liberalism (as well as socialism) means different things to different folks. This is why I'm careful not to say, "Providing for the common defense is socialist (even though it is). Or wade too deep into the historic enactment of SOCIAL Security, which has safety net aspects which I approve of, but an intergenerational financing scheme, which I do not.

I'm a registered Independent Voter, so my ideals and values are complex. Sometimes I'm Liberal, and other times Moderate, and even other times Conservative. I make my own mind up, and vote for whom I please.

Since I just moved here to Georgia from Guam (where I got in the habit of voting a straight anti-incumbent ticket), I've pretty much settled on doing the same here on Tuesday. The 12th Congressional District Republican is getting my vote, but the rest of the ticket is going to be straight Libertarian. My lovely wife will be doing the same (you know how that goes). Will they win....perhaps. But at night I'll still be able to rest, knowing my vote counted.

You wouldn't believe how many times I was disenfranchised while deployed over the previous 30 years. But that's another story.

Semper Fidelis

Joyce:"If you had be... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"If you had been reading Hillbuzz, you would know that they are sincere in their hatred of the Democrats now. "


That's what I don't understand. Why do they hate the Dems now? Just because their gal didn't win, they are against the entire Democrat party?
You mean to tell me the Buzzers didn't know that the Dem party was leftish, big-government, big-affirmative action, big-welfare, communist-liking, socialist-liking...etc.? Yeah, right.

I know a lot of Tea Partiers who hate the Repub party now, because they think the Repub leadership and top candidates have gone too far to the left in order to hang on to power. But they don't hate them just because 'their gal' didn't win and stomp off in a huff.

Sounds like the buzzers are just a bunch of people with hurt feelings. Kind of childish.
If any of them want to explain further, please do.

PUMA, San Fran Nan lost her... (Below threshold)

PUMA, San Fran Nan lost her speaker role tonight and in 2012 Obama will become OTP one term president! Hillary we got your back!






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