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Conflict Of Interest? Never Heard Of It

Out in Nevada, there's a bit of a scandal brewing. There are reports -- multiple reports -- that people trying to vote in the Senate race there (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trying to keep his seat vs. Republican challenger Sharron Angle) are finding the voting machines voting for them -- and casting their ballots for Reid. The screen comes up with Reid's box already checked; they clear it, and it comes back. It's taken a couple of tries to get the machine to grasp that the voter might not want to vote for Reid.

Sounds odd, doesn't it? Perhaps the machines need some servicing.

Servicing by workers who are members of the SEIU, which has pumped millions towards Reid's election.

Dang, that don't seem right. Someone oughta look into it. Like, say, the state official who oversees the voting machines.

That would be Rory Reid, son of Harry Reid, who's running for governor (but omits his last name from nearly all his campaign advertising).

Let's see... voting machines overseen by the son of one candidate and maintained by members of the union that's backing that same candidate heavily... nope, nothing suspicious here. Move along, folks. We can sure trust that this election will be fair and honest.

After all, it ain't like Halliburton or Diebold is involved in this one...


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Reid will win. Grijalva wi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Reid will win. Grijalva will win in AZ. They won't get the majority of the legit votes, but with having to exceed what is looking to be 5-10% illegal votes it is quickly becoming clear that the sanctity of the electoral process is hopelessly lost.

Unable to purge the rolls of fake voters, unable to secure a legitimate voting process, unable to pass laws to resolve the situation, what are we supposed to do? My gut feeling is that this does not end well.

Well played Mr. Re... (Below threshold)

Well played Mr. Reid, Well played....

"Patently false."<... (Below threshold)
Ooh, John found a public of... (Below threshold)

Ooh, John found a public official who's denied it, so the entire story is bunk. Dang, and here I was thinking that it might be significant...

Curses, foiled again.


Anyone who believes anythin... (Below threshold)

Anyone who believes anything written in the lamestream press deserves to wallow in his own ignorance!

John: ""Patently false."</p... (Below threshold)

John: ""Patently false."

Hmm, lets see if I have this right.

Democrat Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said there it is "Patently false" that voting machines serviced by the rapidly democrat-partisan SEIU and overseen by democrat son of democrat senate candidate could possibly be forcing votes for democrat senate candidate against the wishes of Republican voters even though Republican voters are reporting that the screens are popping up with Checks in the boxes next to democrat candidates name and, after clearing those checkboxes and attempting to vote for candidates other than the democrat candidate, the checkboxes next to the democrats name are "checked" again.


Nothing to even think about here.

dems have never "manufactured" or "found" votes before. Nope.

Move along.......

Harry & Barry Fra... (Below threshold)

Harry & Barry

Frauds from day one!

I was explaining to my wife... (Below threshold)

I was explaining to my wife that after next Tuesday's landslide, the dem's usually try to go "recount due to fraud" but this year the republicans have wisened up and are taking the lead in divulging voter fraud BEFORE the fact. Very well done. No one will "Franken" the election this year. ww

#8They may not "fr... (Below threshold)


They may not "franken" it. But they will sure as hell "gore" it to death.

Be carful JT. You may wake... (Below threshold)

Be carful JT. You may wake up with a duck's head on the bed next to you.

Notice how the public offic... (Below threshold)

Notice how the public official had a D after his name? How dare the hairy unwashed call the Dems a bunch of cheaters, when they all know that Bush was the one that started the election stealing process in Florida. HAHA /sarc Oh yeah, according to the Dems, the Republicans have stealing the elections since Abraham Lincoln was voted in as the 16th President.

914, I am okay with Goring ... (Below threshold)

914, I am okay with Goring it. History shows we won that move. ww

"No one will "Franken" the ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"No one will "Franken" the election this year. ww"

I hope you're right, but what makes you so sure?

If anyone is going to "Fran... (Below threshold)

If anyone is going to "Franken" this election this year, it will be Patty Murray in Washington.

Dino has already lost two elections here. The first one because he only won twice, but the second recount was when they decided to stop counting, because he finally lost.

So all Patty Murray has to do is lose by enough that she can ask for a recount.

Once the recount starts, Democrats always win.

Well one things for sure. I... (Below threshold)

Well one things for sure. If Harry needs any help with tabulating the dead votes he can give Al (either one) a call and Im 100% positive they will be able to conjure up 20 to 30 thousand or whatever votes if necessary.

The Al's are also experts at discounting those nasty military ballots. So maybe Harry the mortician has a chance after all.

In an attempt at fairness, ... (Below threshold)
John A:

In an attempt at fairness, note that there have been a few complaints about machines from the same manufacturer behaving similarly elsewhere and the company-supplied software seems to be at fault.

Still a bit of an odor, though.

There is only one fool-proo... (Below threshold)

There is only one fool-proof voting machine, the one used in every other free-ish country on Earth. It is made of wood and has a graphite core.

In the Earth's every other free-ish country, ballot papers marked with it are counted under the scrutiny of volunteers of every political party, at the close of voting, at the site at which they were cast (by only the formally identified citizens, only, of every other free-ish country) -- and only the results are sent elsewhere, to the central Tally Room.

In most of the world's other free-ish countries the results are known within an hour or so of the close of voting.

America's entire electoral process is in the hands of the aggressively corrupt activists and agents the vast RICO-racketeering organized criminal enterprises that prefer we call them by their street name, the "Democratic" potty -- whose only raison d'être is to loot the government.

For them "winning" is the sole objective.

Like Harry and Barry and Michelle-Antoinette andPlugs and the lying, looting, co-serial-rapist Billy-Bubbah Blythes - for just a couple of examples - none has any skills at or or is capable of, is interested in or has ever supported himself by his own contribution or managed so much as a night-shift at a 7-Eleven or a day-shift in a country-town cab. They and their agents and activists own, operate and control every cog of the machinery of American government -- including "Justice" and, J Edgar-Hoover-like, the FBI and its files.

And then there are the Republicans.

Good luck, Republicans.

.... Baggi said that once t... (Below threshold)

.... Baggi said that once the recount starts, Democrats always win ....

'Cept one. The world's then most dangerously deranged dullard, Al-Fredo Gore-leone.

Which odious serial rapist, second-generation traitor and "climate" hoaxer, least we ever forget, after the ACTION of having conceded defeat, subsequently "reversed" his ACTION and set in process the western world's most blatant-ever attempt to reverse the clear outcome of an election.

Keep that in mind as, after next Tuesday November second's whispered warnings, We, The People, enter into the next and much more dangerous phase of The Second American War of Independence.






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