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Obama's Daily Show appearance with Jon Stewart declared "a success"

So says that purveyor of all things true and factual, Robert Gibbs:

The White House on Thursday declared President Obama's interview with Jon Stewart "a success," though others have questioned whether the appearance may have backfired.

At his daily briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs faced more questions about the president's "Daily Show" interview than any other topic. He defended the White House's decision to schedule it, repeating that it was a way of speaking directly to voters who may not watch traditional news outlets.

Gibbs also said they expected the tough line of questioning.

 "I think Jon Stewart is about as good an interviewer as there is in the public domain," Gibbs said. "We didn't walk into that interview thinking we were going to be asked a list of softball questions."

Stewart peppered Obama with questions about "timid" legislation he had passed, and whether he had failed to live up to the promise of change that was at the heart of his 2008 campaign.

Reviews of Obama's appearance have been tough. A Washington Post columnist declared that "the joke was on President Obama," an assessment eagerly circulated by Republican officials.

I'd like to change the Washington Post's assessment slightly to make it more accurate.

The joke is President Obama.


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Comments (34)

Related a bit.I hi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Related a bit.

I highly encourage everyone to go to "The View's" comment page and leave messages (especially for Joy Behar) starting out with things like

Hey my bitches.

I mean after all it is a term of endearment for the ones we love isnt it.

Barry as presidential mater... (Below threshold)

Barry as presidential material is a joke after all. But after two years of this clown its none too funny.

It was a success. But, then... (Below threshold)

It was a success. But, then so was TARP, and Cash for Clunkers, and those millions of jobs saved... Thanks for the memories Gibbsy, I'd forgotten all about Baghdad Bob.

Obama cheapens the office o... (Below threshold)

Obama cheapens the office of President more and more with each appearance on shows like the View, Letterman and the Daily Show. He has taken on the role of tv pitchman rather than leader of the free world. He is no more a Chief Executive than the Sham Wow guy.

"He is no more a Chief E... (Below threshold)

"He is no more a Chief Executive than the Sham Wow guy."

At least the Sham Wow guy understands capitalism. Barry, not so much.

Obama's a buffoon, a pathet... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama's a buffoon, a pathetic little man with fine acting skills - as long as he has his teleprompters, he doesn't appear smart enough to memorize his speeches despite their lack of serious or complex content - but no experience and no particular intellect worthy of note.

He's a disaster, and will be lucky to last out his term, much less be renominated (unless the Democratic Party wishes to self-destruct forever).

"...it was a way of speakin... (Below threshold)

"...it was a way of speaking directly to voters who may not watch traditional news outlets."

Should we should trust fucking idiots to vote who get their "news" from the Jon Stewart COMEDY show?

Hey, anyone need heart surgery? My barber swings a mean razor.

It was a success just as th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It was a success just as the stimulus was a success and just as we are coming off a fantabulous "Recovery Summer" this was a resounding success.

Of course, perhaps obama considers as success debasing the office of the President to the point of having himself called "Dude" by a second rate comedian.

That would be completely believable.

Barack Obama's visit to Jon... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama's visit to Jon Stewart's Daily Show gave him the opportunity to set the record straight on his first 18 months in office, and the audience gave him a thunderous welcome. There is no question that Obama's record has been distorted to the point where a number of Democrats in Congress actually believe the ads the Republicans began inundating the public with very quickly after President Obama took office. After all, their sole agenda has been to take back power. They worked on no legislation, devoting themselves to saying no and "taking back power." To what purpose is something else since they have no definitive proposals beyond some scattered ideas of rather frightening measures. But that's also what happened last time we played this out in recent history. But back to the facts, and one fact is that this president has worked harder than any president in memory and if you bother to research, you can find the evidence of his accomplishments.

The most impressive achievement is the healthcare bill, which no Democrat and indeed no American should be ashamed of. It is historic, it is the beginning of taking back healthcare from the health insurance industry and protecting consumers' well being. To be able to say that 30 million people who were not covered will now have healthcare (not to mention the children) is historic. True, it will take a few years for the entire bill to be implemented, but a great many people are already benefitting.

Saving the auto industry was a good idea that is now beginning to show dividends as plants are slowly reopening, and the stimulus did indeed create jobs although most of the stimulus money has not yet been spent. We need to save our infrastructure at the same time people obtain jobs on such projects. Consumer protection for consumers in the area of financial regulation (credit cards for example) is very important. There are other accomplishments you can find. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he has done more for this country in less than two years than Bush did in 8 (unless you want to see two wars as accomplishment).

And yet the Republicans want to repeal everything. Have you forgotten that during the Bush years, when we didn't have these things, everything went wrong? We are now on the right road, and it is a slow trek but at least we are finally doing the right thing. To expect everything to be accomplished immediately must be an idea acquired from watching television programs where the most complicated situations are resolved within an hour. But not in life. No doubt if it didn't take 60 votes in the Senate to pass a bill and if a lone Republican were not allowed to hold up an incredible number of important nominations, things might go faster, but, hey, if you believe that giving the reins back to the Republicans (and some of these people now running are even more right wing than before) is the answer, I suggest you really think hard about the eight years before Obama.

Almost all those jobs that disappeared were lost before Obama took office and from the time, he went into the White House, it has been a slow but steady record of fewer and fewer jobs lost, more jobs created, and the economy coming back. Too bad it can't happen more quickly. But it won't happen at all if the Republicans have their way about cutting and austerity and the same kind of nonsense that Herbert Hoover so tenaciously put into practice. He thought that all you had to do was cut spending and everything would be great. Haven't you heard? Things got worse. The truth is, people, that, first and foremost, we must invest in ourselves big time and

Beth, how's the work over a... (Below threshold)

Beth, how's the work over at the DNC?

You've swallowed the hook, line, and entire fishing pole.

Keep drinking that Kool Aid... (Below threshold)

Keep drinking that Kool Aid Beth. Jobs continue to be lost. We need in excess off 100K new jobs EACH MONTH just to keep even with those entering the work force for the first time.

The TOTAL of unemployed/under-employed is about 18% of the population. Look at any decent chart and you'll see we're in flat-line as far as your "job creation" goes. Don't count those government jobs - they don't do anything but suck money OUT of the economy.

Didn't appear to bother you when Democrats held up Bush judicial nominations. What's changed Beth?

Like I said, keep drinking that Kool Aid.

"Almost all those jobs t... (Below threshold)

"Almost all those jobs that disappeared were lost before Obama took office and from the time, he went into the White House"

Those jobs? Ok, that doesn't exscuse the millions lost since he has been in office. You reap what you sow and Barry has reaped a landslide in November.

Rick and most of the commen... (Below threshold)

Rick and most of the commenters sound like a bunch of angry old farts.

You old coots weren't the target audience for Obama on The Daily Show.

Like it or not, Jon Stewart has ten times more followers among the young than Glen Beck does. So does Obama.

It's a generational thing - I've been to a Tea Party rally, and man, were they old.

The USA is demographically changing, baby boomers and white people are going to lose their grip someday.

Don't worry, you'll be dead or sedated in the nursing home when that happens, though.

Y'know galoob, there is hel... (Below threshold)

Y'know galoob, there is help out there for your mental problems. Check it out.

Jobs continue to be lost... (Below threshold)

Jobs continue to be lost.


Look at any decent chart and you'll see we're in flat-line as far as your "job creation" goes.

Yeah, that chart looks really flat.

And yes, I know those are just private sector jobs, and when you include government jobs lost the numbers are worse. But all you people do is claim that government spending is masking the real economic situation, so you should embrace stripping that away and focusing on the private sector, yeah?

Yes, Pelosi is a credible s... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Yes, Pelosi is a credible source, all right!

The actual figures are a matter of public record, and the lame attempts by the Marxist propagandists to falsify them fail to impress.

Even most Democrats are fed up with Obama now, and with Republicans gaining subpoena power in January, the odds are his corrupt regime won't complete its first term in office.

But I hope all you leftists will join us for the returns on Election Night. I'm sure Kevin will have some grief counselors on call, and the suicide hot line will be open for you.

Mr. Gibbs' song:He... (Below threshold)

Mr. Gibbs' song:

Hey Dude don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better...

You know, I read #13 and al... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

You know, I read #13 and all I see is anger, name calling and striking out against an "enemy". But then the Democrat Party is now led by a person who exhorts his minions to punish their political "enemies" and to "get in their face." It seems the commenter must be a faithful follower.

ODA315 - you're right, that does read like a press release.

Remember when they said the... (Below threshold)

Remember when they said there was nothing to make jokes about with Obama? They finally figured it out - his policies and performance:

Doing his now-routine riff of taking credit for preventing "a second Great Depression," the president claimed "we have done stuff that some folks don't even know about." Stewart countered that with: "What have you done that we don't know about? Are you planning a surprise party for us, filled with jobs and health care?"

To Beth: (and the others sh... (Below threshold)

To Beth: (and the others showing up shoveling bulls*it on their clowns behalf)

I would take you more serious if you wouldn't use so many words, and absolutely 'NOTHING'.
It is that what gives you koolaid drinkers away..for if you were so sure of your shoveling, you wouldn't need that many words. It showws how insecure you, and your thought process is!

So, did the Daily Show ask ... (Below threshold)

So, did the Daily Show ask Obama to come on the show? Or did Obama tell the Daily Show he wanted to appear? Who's working for who?

The sad part of this is tha... (Below threshold)

The sad part of this is that Gibbs is correct, especially when Stewart is compared to the WH reporters. Stewart does ask tougher questions.

As for Obama, I give him a lot of credit for appearing on the show. Giving up a few rounds of golf had to be difficult.

How many times have we seen... (Below threshold)
jim m:

How many times have we seen the graphic of how many jobs would be lost if we didn't pass the stimulus according to obama, and how many jobs were actually lost?

The numbers of jobs lost were far in excess of what he projected and that was after reducing the estimate of the labor pool twice so they could reduce the unemployment rate.

Real unemployment stands at over 17% nationally, more than triple what it was under both Clinton and Bush. Even so, imbeciles like Beth and Galoob buy the administration's line that everyone was unemployed before they took office.

I suppose these jerks agree with Pelosi that unemployment payments are the single greatest stimulus to the economy that the government can provide. By that theory the more people are unemployed the better the economy is doing. But leftists never actually take the time to think about the crap they are spewing.

You know, I read #13 and... (Below threshold)

You know, I read #13 and all I see is anger, name calling and striking out against an "enemy". But then the Democrat Party is now led by a person who exhorts his minions to punish their political "enemies" and to "get in their face." It seems the commenter must be a faithful follower.

This is "Upset Old Guy," upset because I said commenters like him were "angry old farts" and "old coots."

I understand galoob.<... (Below threshold)

I understand galoob.

I've been to an Obama rally, and man, were they stupid.

Like it or not, Jon Stew... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Like it or not, Jon Stewart has ten times more followers among the young than Glen Beck does. So does Obama.

Translated: They have more support among the non-voting.

Congrats. You have support in a demographic famed for its lack of motivation which is only surpassed by its lack of understanding of politics and the world. Obama gets support from young people because his politics are the same irrational, idealistic crap that you see in high school model UN meetings. Pretending that everyone will get along and actually getting Israelis and palestinians to get along are two different things. obama is learning this now.

The funny thing is that it was pointed out that President is not an OJT position. Unfortunately, Barry (and his ignorant lefty support) seem to think that it is.

Hey Beth, just read this mo... (Below threshold)

Hey Beth, just read this mornings economic reports. Guess what? economists are pulling BACK on their forecasts for 2011 AGAIN. Unemployment (NOT counting those who've given up looking for work) will stay at 9%.

They don't anticipate any real recovery (getting unemployment down to 5-6%) until 2018. Maybe.

Yeah the Democrats have done wonders on their focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. Haven't they?

Recovery Bummer... (Below threshold)

Recovery Bummer

Right gaboob.

"a success"Compare... (Below threshold)

"a success"

Compared to what?

I love reading comments (se... (Below threshold)

I love reading comments (see #9) that are nothing more than a cut & paste of something someone else has written. See http://barbaraspen.blogspot.com/2010/10/barack-obamas-visit-to-jon-stewart.html

Typical liberal, can't think on their own, and relegate it what others have to say on the matter.

The real tragedy, as others have said, is that many people in this country actually get their news from Stewart and Colbert.

Yes, Pelosi is a credibl... (Below threshold)

Yes, Pelosi is a credible source, all right!

Perhaps you missed the small words on the bottom, "Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics". Credible enough for you?

just read this mornings ... (Below threshold)

just read this mornings economic reports. Guess what? economists are pulling BACK on their forecasts for 2011 AGAIN.

Perhaps you stopped reading after you got your talking point:

Economy grows at slightly faster pace in Q3


Beth, learn your government... (Below threshold)

Beth, learn your government. Democrats have been in control of the economy since 2006. Bush had a hand in the wasteful spending, but the appropriations, oversight and approvals came from your side baby. You earned it. Read something besides your lefty blogs and learn. Facts are facts.

I loved watching Obama getting hit hard from the LEFT. Now the entire political spectrum thinks this guy is an inexperienced, empty suit. Can any of you lefties (enemies) state different? ww

galoob:If we get rid... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

If we get rid of all the smart, old white
people....who's gonna tie your shoelaces
every morning? Mom's calling you upstairs...
it's time for Spongebob Squarepants...






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