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This Story Has Nothing To Do With ObamaCare

In Massachusetts, a former case manager for a state welfare program has been indicted on charges that she shook down applicants for assistance. It seems that Valerie Herron told folks that their applications for aid would take a little time unless they paid an "expediting fee" (cash only, of course). Those who paid her got their applications pushed through a wee bit faster; those who declined, got to wait.

The state, of course, has no such fee in place and saw none of the money.

Herron allegedly pulled her little scam for at least five months until anonymous tips led to an investigation -- leading to her indictment almost a year and a half later.

To even think of using this story as an example of just what may happen once the federal government is in charge of everyone's health care, and not just providing food stamps to the indigent, is completely uncalled for and inappropriate and wrong, and any of you who made that utterly inappropriate connection should report yourselves to the nearest re-education camp.


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I wonder how much air time ... (Below threshold)

I wonder how much air time this is getting - if one person was doing this - why not others in other states/places?

I'm shocked. Shocked! Havin... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm shocked. Shocked! Having been given the power to decide who gets medical treatment and when, that government workers would use that power to extract bribes from helpless citizens. Nothing like power over life and death to make you open up your wallet to get these scumbags to do their jobs that you are already paying them to do.

libs complain about private insurance carriers refusing to pay out, what are they going to say when some bureaucrat demands their retirement savings or sexual favors from their children?

I would guess this is the l... (Below threshold)

I would guess this is the liberal concept of entrepreneurship.

If they can get a few bucks... (Below threshold)

If they can get a few bucks for expediting welfare, just think of how much they'll be able to get for expediting medical care for someone having chest pains.

The entire $5B of deficit s... (Below threshold)

The entire $5B of deficit spending under Nancy Pelosi's dutiful watch has been for political slush funds for generations to come. Cutting off the spigot is only the first step. Recouping the monies will be a much harder duty, as those "entitlements" are now seen as a Right under the US Constitution, and no one will give any of it up voluntarily.

I would NEVER have thought ... (Below threshold)

I would NEVER have thought of government functionaries demanding baksheesh for services they were legally supposed to provide in the first place.

No, really.

Well, this certainly never ... (Below threshold)

Well, this certainly never happens in private commerce, does it?

"Well, this certainly never... (Below threshold)

"Well, this certainly never happens in private commerce, does it?"

Uh, we're talking GOVERNMENT CONTROL of services. "Private commerce" is commerce OF YOUR OWN CHOICE.

You have no CHOICE under government control.

In a free market and employ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In a free market and employee who did such a thing would be swiftly exposed and destroyed. Customers would flee such a company and find alternatives for the services.

But a government worker, protected by the SEIU, is virtually invulnerable. There will be no repercussions. The union will fight to conceal the identity of the individual and keep his job. With nowhere else to go the public will be forced to choose between paying whatever ransom the corrupt bureaucrat demands or foregoing whatever service is needed.

Since the likelihood of them loosing their job is virtually nil, protection from the union and the bureaucracy and the public having nowhere else to turn, what incentive is there for these government thugs to NOT victimize the public?

Of course we can only gu... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Of course we can only guess her political loyalties, but guessing is not good enough.
Can we get a photogragh of Valerie Herron? That might be very helpfull just knowing her cultural loyalties.

This is nothing to worry ab... (Below threshold)

This is nothing to worry about, we have Eric Holder's Justice Department upholding truth and The American way.

"If they can get a few buck... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"If they can get a few bucks for expediting welfare, just think of how much they'll be able to get for expediting medical care for someone having chest pains."

They may end up getting a few ounces of lead buckshot in their head, if they try it with someone desperate enough.
And it would be justified.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

jim m @9,Exactly! T... (Below threshold)

jim m @9,
Exactly! The very fact that it took "at least five months until anonymous tips led to an investigation -- leading to her indictment almost a year and a half later" proves your case.

In the private sector, I believe that by the second and certainly the third anonymous tip the investigation would begin in ernest and it certainly wouldn't take a year and a half to fire someone.

Government tends to run way to slow in investigating their own.

Let none of us ever forget ... (Below threshold)

Let none of us ever forget that the "Democrats" know no other "career path" than that of lying about sharing whatever may be looted from the rest of us to people too damned stupid, mean-spirited and/or greedy to know they're being lied to and/or to care.

Envy-motivated, hatred-engined and the consequential rage-driven "Democrats" are institutionalized thieves by any other name and know no other way of "making a living."

Every "Democrat" that runs for office runs for a bigger slice, unearned and undeserved, of our pie.

Which is why "Democrats" and those others who suffer the Fascissocialist Psychosis always morbidly deny and pathologically project accordingly. And otherwise engage in politics as if their very lives are on the line.

They are.

We Republicans and the genuine libertarians (as different from those libertines who long ago stole the Libertarian Party) run for office and either win - to serve -- or lose to return to productive lives.

Food for thought.






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