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Pre-Election Campaign Website Truism?

Going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure the readers of Wizbang are politically savvy enough to already know how to tell the party affiliation of any candidate is by using their website. I just wonder if you would agree with me on these two points:

  1. If the site has "Republican" plastered all over everywhere (or even has the bonus "Tea Party endorsement"), the guy/gal is a Republican.
  2. If the site has absolutely no mention of the candidate's political party, then the gal/guy/guygal is Democratic.

Am I makin' any sense here?


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Comments (9)

This applies to MSM "news" ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

This applies to MSM "news" stories also...

Stealth: It's not just for ... (Below threshold)

Stealth: It's not just for the military anymore!

I have noticed that precise... (Below threshold)

I have noticed that precise phenomena on a good deal of the campaign literature that shows up in my snail mailbox every day.

Its the funniest damn thing... (Below threshold)

Its the funniest damn thing I've ever seen.
It's almost like they were ashamed of being one or something.

For what it's worth, Lorett... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, Loretta Sanchez's signs in Santa Ana identify her as a Democrat.

Thats because they know if ... (Below threshold)

Thats because they know if you see its from a democrat it will go straight to the trash. Leaving it unidentified allows at least an extra minute or so in the hand before you toss it.

Well, I received an interes... (Below threshold)

Well, I received an interesting flyer in the mail titled The Oregon Democrat (or something like that). It was written by AFP-like folks and very carefully documented all the votes for increased spending and taxes, early release of criminals, etc., foisted by elected Democrats in the fine State of Oregon.

Also, if the ad or site use... (Below threshold)

Also, if the ad or site uses the words "conservative independent" you can be sure the candidate is a Democrat seeking re-election. Bobby Bright in Alabama is one of pond sucking scum that has supported Nancy Pelosi but has come home to conservatism just in time for the election.

That is something that I ha... (Below threshold)

That is something that I have noticed, too. Which makes me wonder- with all these "conservatives" running for reelection, how did ObamaCare get passed in the first place?






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