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Wizbang Pop! Just Got A Facelift

Since it's a pretty quiet weekend I wanted to direct you to have a look at the new Wizbang Pop!.


We've totally revamped the layout and the backend, and added a new editor who will keep you current with all things celebrity and entertainment. Commenting is easier, there's a great automatic mobile layout and there's lots of photo galleries.

Have a look, we think you'll like it.


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Comments (6)

Wow, itz snazzy!... (Below threshold)

Wow, itz snazzy!

That's good, because I'm no... (Below threshold)

That's good, because I'm not going in Gawker again, or its associated sites.

Which makes me sad, 'cause I'll miss Lifehacker and Gizmodo. At least I have Stepcase Lifehack and Engadget.

Niiice!... (Below threshold)


Nice Job. Much better than ... (Below threshold)

Nice Job. Much better than the previous site.

New editor??? Thank God, o... (Below threshold)

New editor??? Thank God, or, errrr, Kevin!

Suggestion: How about a lin... (Below threshold)

Suggestion: How about a link up top on the main page to "POP"? And vice versa?

And the Tech Blog, too.

Or am I missing something?






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