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Former presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch in game 4 of the World Series

And the crowd went wild! Here's the video in case you missed it:

I have a feeling a lot of Americans watching at home tonight were feeling wistful as they watched the two former presidents, men of great character, enter the field.

Video via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.


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Maybe Pelosi can throw out ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Maybe Pelosi can throw out the first pitch when the series goes back to SF. Snicker

I hope Obama took note that... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

I hope Obama took note that you wear the jersey of the team giving you the honor of throwing out the first pitch. What an insult he inflicted toward the Nationals when he donned a ChiSox cap on Opening Day. And of course, unlike Bush, Obama threw a 55-footer.

If it whips up the crowd to... (Below threshold)

If it whips up the crowd to help the Rangers beat the Giants, and helps draw father and son together, I'm all for it.

Barry plays to a half empty... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Barry plays to a half empty arena. Bush 41 & 43 get rousing ovations.

Yep. That blame Bush thing is working like a charm isn't it?

Yes, we miss you now.... (Below threshold)

Yes, we miss you now.

How fitting. On tu... (Below threshold)

How fitting.

On tuesday we get to throw out the dems.

Barry would kill for a crowd to cheer like that. Maybe he should dub this in wherever he goes and play it inbetween prompter paragraphs to make him feel the love.

Whether you liked 'um or no... (Below threshold)

Whether you liked 'um or not, there's no doubting their class and grace.

What do these three powerfu... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

What do these three powerful 'courageous' politicians "of great character" have in common? When speaking truth to the power of the baseball superstars who loses, truth naturally.

Pelosi wildly supported Bobby Bonds Jr. even after it was revealed he was on steroids and committed grandjury perjury! Ditto for the Bushs! Bush (43) praised Palmerio, whom, he 'believed' didn't lie to Congress -President Bush said that even though Rafael Palmeiro apparently lied to Congress about taking steroids he's a friend and he is standing by him. After hearing this Karl Rove started wolfing down steroids." --Jay Leno
And Bush 41 telephoned Clemens, pledging his support for his good friend, Roger Clemens after the release of the Mitchell Report, before Clemens purjured himself in front of the Congress.

Poor Crickmore, If he could... (Below threshold)

Poor Crickmore, If he couldn't whine he'd roll up in a ball and cry. Then his hero couldn't get a ball to home plate, should have called Moochelle out of the bullpen, she could throw the wimppy O'Dumbo over the stadium wall without effort.

I always liked Bush 41.... (Below threshold)
James H:

I always liked Bush 41.

Hey Stevie, why is your Oba... (Below threshold)

Hey Stevie, why is your Obamassiah playing to a 1/2 full house?

Couldn't bus in enough SEIU members in time?

How 'bout it Stevie?

I give credit to Bush 41. ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I give credit to Bush 41. He certainly got around, scroll down; he even rubbed shoulders with the Babe, and he was probably a better baseball player than most politicians.

Steve, I'd tell you you hit... (Below threshold)

Steve, I'd tell you you hit an all time low, but you'd take that as a compliment.

The only way barry could fi... (Below threshold)

The only way barry could fill a small venue is to offer "stimulus" incentives to show up. Even then they'd show, grab the cash and scram. Dont blame them for barry is such a bore.

little stevie really doesn'... (Below threshold)

little stevie really doesn't make any sense. Have a great Nov. 2nd little stevie!

Barry Soetoro could not eve... (Below threshold)

Barry Soetoro could not even hope to get it over the plate. His pathetic effort mirrors his first two years as Americas first Affirmative Action Precedent.

Unfortunately, the Rangers ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, the Rangers lost. Everything GWB touches becomes a fiasco.

Right Galoob. Well they fi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Right Galoob. Well they finished a good bit better than Barry's White Sox.

We could use a president whose downside outcome is equivalent to reaching the World Series. With obama we'll be in bankruptcy in the minors.

Actually, the Rangers are a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Actually, the Rangers are an apt metaphor. After Bush left they were taken over by an arrogant ass who drove them into bankruptcy.

In fact the new owners sank gobs of money into Alex Rodriguez, who promptly left. SO just like Barry they poured loads of money into activity that rendered nothing useful but left the organization in debt for years to come.

galoob: "Unfortunately, the... (Below threshold)

galoob: "Unfortunately, the Rangers lost. Everything GWB touches becomes a fiasco."

We'll just include Ann Richards, Gary Mauro, Al Gore & John Kerry in that list of fiascos!

Hey galoob, how is it you even have time to post here?? Seriously, now that we are well beyond the "SUMMER OF RECOVERY" (!!!!!!) I would think that you would be so busy working and raking in the big bucks that you wouldn't have time to post.

"Summer of Recovery!!"

"The stimulus worked better than anyone dreamed!!!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I can see November 2 from my house!!!

How about you galoob?

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

It doesn't matter if you do or not, or course, because it's hurtling toward you like a locomotive as we speak.............

How much ADDITIONAL therapy will you require after Tuesday?

One can only imagine.

It was nice for a moment to... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It was nice for a moment to recall what it was like to have a President instead of prancing, preening, posturing, pissy, petty peacock who throws like a girl.

For me the defining moment of Obama's presidency so far was when he had the rally for Democratic activists and exhorted them to get out and work hard, that the election was critical for his agenda, and that they needed to waste no time in getting out their message and their voters. Then he left to play golf.

No wonder the left is stuck on bashing Bush - how on earth could they defend their own man?

"galoob: "Unfortunately,... (Below threshold)

"galoob: "Unfortunately, the Rangers lost. Everything GWB touches becomes a fiasco."

Fortunately for us, this tuesday piglosi gets to ride her broomstick out of town and the lame duck fool will have no more cover for his embarrassing debasement of the presidency galoob.

Yes, I miss those 5% unemployment fiascos too. Is Barry ever going to pass economy 101?

Two real gentlemen and two ... (Below threshold)

Two real gentlemen and two real life ladies. Find that anywhere in the democrat party in the past 50 years.

Looks like MLB copyright...... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Looks like MLB copyright... video pulled. :(

You knew it was Halloween w... (Below threshold)

You knew it was Halloween when the camera caught the Bushes. Scariest costumes ever. Barbara especially. She looks like the Kraken.






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