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Election Day Results and Open Comment Thread

It's getting to be about that time. I'd thought I'd make a place for people to post results and reactions as polls close.

I will issue my usual warning to never, ever trust exit polls. If exit polling data is leaked it is almost always done so in an attempt to influence elections that haven't closed.

Update: Two interactive maps at the NYT that are pretty well done for both the House and the Senate.

Drudge and others posting exit polls results but I refuse to pay attention to those.

Update by Kim (7:17pm): Fox has already called the Kentucky senate race for Republican and Tea Party supported candidate Rand Paul and the Indiana senate race for Dan Coats. ABC News declared Jim DeMint the winner of his race, too.

Fox has just called Ohio's open senate seat for conservative Republican Rob Portman, who will take RINO George Voinovich's place. But get this: the governor's race is too close to call. Goodness, have Ohio's voters become schizophrenic in the three years since I left? How could a clear majority of voters have no problem choosing very conservative Rob Portman but have a hard time choosing between Obama Democrat Strickland and Ronald Reagan conservative Kasich?

Update by Kim (8:00pm): Fox has issued new senate projections: Marco Rubio in Florida (yay!), Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut (boo!), Chris Coons in Delaware (boo!), Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire (yay!), Roy Blunt in Missouri (yay!), Barbara Mikulski in Maryland (boo!) and Richard Shelby in Alabama (yay!).

Update by Dan (8:25pm): Nothing officially official, but it looks like Grayson lost in FL. Yes! (Kim adds: I'm doing the happy dance!)

Update by Kim (8:37pm) In a real disappointment, Fox News calls WV Senate for Joe Manchin. This makes the GOP's chances of taking the Senate even more difficult.

And what will probably be the best news of the night, Alan Grayson goes down!!! Fox just called Florida's 8th CD for Republican Daniel Webster, and with 67% of the vote counted, Webster defeated Grayson by almost 20 points. YES! That win is particularly satisfying.

Update by Kim (8:46pm): Baron Hill, five term Democrat in Indiana's 9th CD, has officially lost, according to Fox. Todd Young flipped that seat, considered to be a bell weather, to the GOP.

Update by Dan (8:58pm): Lincoln loses. Not a shock of course but one more time: Lincoln loses!

Update by Kim (9:05pm): Michigan will soon be open for business once again! Rick Snyder is our new governor-elect!

New Hampshire Democrat (CD1) Carol Shea-Porter loses to Republican Frank Guinta!

Update by Dan (9:28pm): House news from Ohio at the Corner.

The GOP is leading against all five targets: Dreihaus (OH-1), Kilroy (OH-15), Renacci (OH-16), Wilson (OH-6), and Space (OH-18). If this holds, it's a signal for +60 or more.

Update by Kim (10:33pm): A big race for me, Dr. Dan Benishek wins in MI01 after Democrat Gary McDowell conceded.

But what's completely unexpected is that Sestak is beating Pat Toomey for Pennsylvania Senate. I can't think of one poll in the past few weeks where Sestak was shown to be leading Toomey.

Update by Kim (10:43pm): Congratulations, Nikki Haley, South Carolina's new governor-elect!

Update by Kim (10:51pm): Republican Mick Mulvaney defeats 28 year incumbent Democrat John Spratt. He is, or should I say was, the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Update by Kim (10:55pm): Toomey is back up by 15,000-20,000 with over 90% reporting.

Update by Kim (11:00pm): California is lost. Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown have been projected the winners of their races. California's voters deserve all the misery they will get when their state's economy collapses on top of them. They had the chance to save it by voting for two very talented business women, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, who would have helped them dig out. Instead, they've voted for economic catastrophe. Bye, bye, California. It was nice knowing ya.

Update by Dan (11:18pm): Benisheck wins the seat of Stupack, he who compromised on Obamacare.

Update by Kim (11:30pm): Allen West wins Florida CD 22!! I can't wait to hear Congressman-elect West's speeches on the floor of the House. He's going to give the Democrats and the American people an amazing education.

Update by Kim (11:39pm): Republican Renee Ellmers defeats Democrat Bob "Who are you?!" Etheridge.

Update by Kim (11:42pm): Hold the phone on the Boxer/Fiorina race.

Update by Kim (11:57pm): Finally, Ohio's governor's race is called for Republican John Kasich! This was a very important race for Barack Obama, which is why he spent more time in Ohio than he did in any other state. Ohio, a very important bell weather, represents the mood of the rest of America. That GOP virtually swept the state is not a good sign for Obama's hopes for 2012.

Update by Kim (12:11am): In MI07, Republican Tim Walberg defeats freshman Obama Democrat Mark Schauer, who lost every county, except his own.

Update by Kim (12:38am): Regarding the Boxer and Brown projected wins. Tammy Bruce tweeted:

Actual voting is not matching exit poll projections against Fiorina and Whitman 6 minutes ago via Swift

Hope springs eternal!!

Update by Kim (1:04am): Tim Scott wins SC-01. He was one of my favorite candidates along with Allen West. Congratulations, SC-01 voters!!

Update by Kim (1:17am): Stacy McCain has some clips from Allen West's victory speech. I said that I can't wait to hear Congressman-elect's speeches on the floor of the House because he's going to give the American people and the Democrats an education. If you weren't sure what I meant by that, watch and learn.


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Comments (62)

Just voted this morning.</p... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

Just voted this morning.

I canvassed the precinct the weekend before the election and personally noticed 2 people in line that I had spoken to the weekend before. Seems to be a pretty good omen to me.

Can someone overdose on Sch... (Below threshold)

Can someone overdose on Schadenfreud?

Question: Is anyone not pl... (Below threshold)

Question: Is anyone not planning to vote?

Brother called me ...said h... (Below threshold)

Brother called me ...said he was a poll worker in VA today. Polls opened at 0600. Usually have about 63 voters who come in between 0600 and 0800. This morning they had only 17. This is area that usually votes Democratic.

Voted on the way home (MA).... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

Voted on the way home (MA). I was number 731, usually in the 300's when I vote on the way home after work, and it was quite busy.

Voted in my distric... (Below threshold)

Voted in my district at 2:30 pm (NY-20), there was a line out to the door, and the lady told us it's been that way since the polls opened.

We're traditionally R leaning, except for '08. Looks like the voters realize what they voted for.

BE the Wave.

As a dem there is not much ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

As a dem there is not much to look forward to tonight. The one brightspot could be Alaska. That one is so unpredictable.

Voted @9AM polls open @ 7AM... (Below threshold)

Voted @9AM polls open @ 7AM I was # 233. I can see the polling place from my driveway across my neighbors lawn. By 11AM the parking lot full and people standing outside...nice size line. As of now parking lot full. there are only 3 voting booths in the polling station...small line

According to the media, hea... (Below threshold)

According to the media, heavy turnout favors democrats. Somehow, I dont think so.

Voted just before noon in C... (Below threshold)

Voted just before noon in Coweta County, GA. Fairly busy for the time of day but no line out the door like when I voted in 2008 (that was later in the day though).

Although I've been showing picture ID all along to vote, this was the first time the poll workers took down info, which I guess means our picture ID law finally went into full effect.

I took my sons to vote. I ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I took my sons to vote. I was talking to the poll worker since I had early voted. He stated they usually had about 150 people in the 4 midterm elections he had worked.

Today they had 500 with more than 2 hours to go to vote and the line was out the door.

He stated that early voting had been very very heavy as well.

My wife and I voted in our ... (Below threshold)

My wife and I voted in our district this morning. No lines. Did not vote straight party ticket. I took the time to vote for every Repubican that ran, then every Libertarian when the choice was L or D. Many Dhimms ran unopposed, but they did not get my vote in any event.

Interesting note, we showed our drivers license for ID and they scanned the barcode on the back. Hmmmm.

Off to a Tea Party Election Night Party!!!

We voted this morning, ther... (Below threshold)

We voted this morning, there was no line. We're having democrat weather, rain!
There was a first time voter just ahead of us.
We congratulated him.
Also, surprise, surprise...we were given the choice of a touch screen or a paper ballot. We
chose the paper ballot. A little harder to hack one of those.

Crush the Dems, see them dr... (Below threshold)

Crush the Dems, see them driven before you, and listen to the lamentations of the girlie men.

Venture forth into the worl... (Below threshold)

Venture forth into the world and VOTE, because you care about the fate of others.

And remember in deciding who to vote for, that voting is similar to driving in this regard:

If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

'The Second of November'</p... (Below threshold)

'The Second of November'

Passive and still as change swept the land
Silent we stood, not raising a hand

Our contempt increased and our anger grew
With each liberty taken, with each right removed

The flags came out and a party was born
To reverse a tide; To mend a Charter torn

The time is upon you; your voice will be heard
Today you scream out loud; without saying a word

To all those whom govern, I advise you remember
What happens this day, the second of November

- Lionel E Rainey III November 2, 2010


Voted absentee last week. S... (Below threshold)

Voted absentee last week. Straight ticket. Of course here, in Wyoming the only race that had any kind of competitive value to it was the Governor. The House was a lock as the Republican candidate was a shoo-in. Most of the county races were mostly an unopposed Republican. The only things that were on the ballot that were of any real concern were the tax issues. I voted no on all of those.

> If you choose to go backw... (Below threshold)

> If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
> If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

But remember, right now...we are headed towards a huge cliff. And this car has no wings. Choose wisely.

And remember in de... (Below threshold)
And remember in deciding who to vote for, that voting is similar to driving in this regard:

If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

Brilliant analysis, and so original.

How do you come up with them?

If you choose to ... (Below threshold)

If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

That was Mao's Great Leap Forward idea too. Lib/Dem/Communist minds think alike.

If you choose to go back... (Below threshold)

If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

Thanks for those Democrat talking points, Highlander. It shows the depth of your thought.


And CNN jumps out to an ear... (Below threshold)

And CNN jumps out to an early stupidity lead!!!

In FL that have Diaz and Waite-Brown as retiring and leaving open seats. Well, then they have Diaz winning because he is runnng unopposed and since Waite-Brown is my rep, I know she is not retiring, she is actually on the ballot and a shoe in to win.

We (Upset Old Gal and I) li... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

We (Upset Old Gal and I) live in a small, quiet town in rural CT. We voted around 10:00 AM. Normally you'd breeze in and get a ballot. Instead we waited in line, and struggled out the same door the rest of the line was entering by when we were done.

PTA had their usual bake sale going outside the polling place. Frosted brownie cupcakes was the reward for being patient and struggling through that narrow door.

"If you choose to go backwa... (Below threshold)

"If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
If you choose to go forward, you select (D)"

I prefer to go back (R) to 4% unemployment and a president who brought dignity to the office.

D is for DepressionR... (Below threshold)

D is for Depression
R is for Recovery

Re: Ohio, Portman is simply... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Re: Ohio, Portman is simply an excellent candidate; Kasich, eh, not so much. Plus Strickland is an elected incumbent, whereas Portman's contest was open.

Oh where, oh where is SAUD,... (Below threshold)

Oh where, oh where is SAUD, Stevie, et all? We've already heard from the brain-dead Highlander (aka DNC Echo Chamber).

West Virginia results are s... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

West Virginia results are starting to come in; that's a critical contest, especially given the inevitable, rampant Democrat voter fraud in Ill., NV and WA.

Re: Ohio, Portman ... (Below threshold)
Re: Ohio, Portman is simply an excellent candidate;

You're right, he is an excellent candidate, but that Ohio voters went for him quickly but couldn't choose as easily between Strickland and Kasich illustrates that voters don't vote principles but, instead, vote personality, which is a real problem. That is exactly how we ended up with a President Barack Obama.

Grayson is history. Good r... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Grayson is history. Good riddance. Now he'll have more time to take his meds.

O'Donnell is going down to ... (Below threshold)

O'Donnell is going down to defeat. Too bad. The Voodoo practiced in the white house could use some witchcraft as an antidote.

Highlander"If you ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
If you choose to go forward, you select (D)


Oh you mean back to 4% unemployment?
Back to tax rates that we had under Bush?
Back to when the deficits were in billions instead of trillions?
Back to when we had more choices and lower premiums for our healthcare?
Back to where we didnt have a president who decided if a CEO of a privately owned company stayed or went?

Hell if that is the case I will go backwards all day long.

Crap, Manchin hung on to We... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Crap, Manchin hung on to West Virginia for the Dems. You have to give him credit; he ran a smart campaign: directly in opposition to the Obama agenda.

Blumenthal (D) won the Sena... (Below threshold)

Blumenthal (D) won the Senate seat in Connecticut. Looks pretty clear we won't take the Senate.

Looks like Kirk is getting ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Looks like Kirk is getting Chicagoed in Chicago.

Yeah I dont think we will t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Yeah I dont think we will take the Senate. But I had to smile when Lincoln lost.

The quitta from W... (Below threshold)

The quitta from Wasilla picks one for the loser from Delaware.

Barney Frank wins his fifte... (Below threshold)

Barney Frank wins his fifteenth term.

Will Republicans congratulate him on his win?

"Barney Frank wins his f... (Below threshold)

"Barney Frank wins his fifteenth term.

Will Republicans congratulate him on his win?"

I dont think so. Im a conservative but I dont think repubs are in the habit of rewarding molesters. Thats a dem thing.

He's 70. Time for him to r... (Below threshold)

He's 70. Time for him to retire. For damned sure he doesn't need to have his fingers anywhere near the banking system - he's done way too much damage already.

So congratulations on your winning, and on your retirement, here's a cheap gold watch I got on EBay for $.01 ($7.99 shipping from Hong Kong), and we'll even get some folks from U-Haul to pack up your office.

And don't come back - we're changing the locks this afternoon.

Rubio sounded pretty good t... (Below threshold)

Rubio sounded pretty good to me. If he lives up to that speech, he can be a national leader.

I am sorry to see that Barn... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I am sorry to see that Barney fuddpacker won again. I guess I shouldnt expect any better from people who repeatedly elected John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry and Ted "Got another drink" Kennedy.

"Rubio sounded pretty go... (Below threshold)

"Rubio sounded pretty good to me. If he lives up to that speech, he can be a national leader."

That's what I said after listening to Obama's speech during the 2004 democratic convention. "That guy could go places" and look at how that turned out.

indie: "The quitta from Was... (Below threshold)

indie: "The quitta from Wasilla picks one for the loser from Delaware."

Gee, you're right. Palin should simply have stayed in her role as Governor while going millions of dollars into debt fighting off frivolous lawsuits.


I guess that had absolutely nothing to do with it.


Highlander:> If yo... (Below threshold)


> If you choose to go backward, you select (R)
> If you choose to go forward, you select (D)

Honestly, is that the best you've got. Really? As other commentators have pointed out, that's a really stupid idea. If you're heading for disaster, moving forward is a very bad idea.

Beyond that, what exactly do Democrats have? The overwhelming majority of Americans told the Democrats that they wanted them to put health care aside and work on the economy. They refused to listen. Many Democratic leaders insisted that the health care bill was their economic program. After that, health care passed in March, but the Democrats did nothing about the economy. In the months after the bill was passed, President Obama has focused like a laser beam on his golf game. Democrats can't push for a second stimulus because they can't face the failure of their first stimulus and because they can't propose anything under House rules because they've punted on writing a budget. You can't talk about passing the CBO estimates if you don't have a proposed budget. The Democrats threw away too much money on pork to pay off their friends in the first stimulus, and they banked on the economy curing itself. When it didn't, they're stuck.

The Democrats are (were) the majority party, but in the worst economy in recent memory, they have no coherent message for dealing with the economy. Nothing.

On top of that, they voted for unpopular legislation without even reading the bills. That's indefensible.

The Democrats may get pretty thoroughly stomped because they made terrible decisions. At a time that they needed to come forward with ideas, they offered nothing. Good. It's time for Democrats to grow up and take responsibility for the bad decisions they made.

Gee, you're right. Palin... (Below threshold)

Gee, you're right. Palin should simply have stayed in her role as Governor while going millions of dollars into debt fighting off frivolous lawsuits.

Frivolous lawsuits don't take millions of dollars to fight off.

I can definitively live with Rand Paul winning. Conway was a POS for bringing up Paul's fraternity days and wrapping himself around Jesus.

That twit O'Donnell losing is pretty good, too.

I'll miss Grayson, he took on the banks, and Feingold, he stood up for liberty, but if Reid loses, I'll shed no tears. That man was a tool and a weakling.

And as I said, I was impressed by Rubio.

I hate MN. It looks like Ma... (Below threshold)

I hate MN. It looks like Mark Dayton will pull it off here. Good grief!!!

The guy who was court-marti... (Below threshold)

The guy who was court-martialed for murder, Pantano, lost, the guy who only got an Article 15 for threatening, West, wins and gets a chance.

You have to respect the judgment of the American people.

The problem with California... (Below threshold)

The problem with California predictably going Tits-up is that many of those losers will move to AZ when things get worse and spread their disease here. I truly would prefer a fence to keep Californios out.

Don't worry too much about ... (Below threshold)

Don't worry too much about Barny F, he will be carted off to jail or at least removed from his seat after the investigations start. :)

California is lost. Bot... (Below threshold)

California is lost. Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown have been projected the winners of their races.

This could be a win for the mountain states as businesses continue to flee. Keep up the good work.

Jan Brewer is kicking ass i... (Below threshold)

Jan Brewer is kicking ass in AZ. Good for her!

California has been lost fo... (Below threshold)
Ken D.:

California has been lost for decades.

Kahn just yelled "KIIIIIIII... (Below threshold)


"That GOP virtually swep... (Below threshold)

"That GOP virtually swept the state is not a good sign for Obama's hopes for 2012."

Actually, no.

There have been four previous instances where a Democratic President saw his party lose control of Congress in a mid-term election.

In each of those four instances the Democratic President was re-elected 2 years later.

"I can definitively live wi... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

"I can definitively live with Rand Paul winning."

Heh. I'm guessing you don't live anywhere near KY.

"...Conway was a POS for bringing up Paul's fraternity days and wrapping himself around Jesus."

The choice between Paul and Conway was a classic no-win situation. No matter what box we checked here in KY, we lost. I was definitely not impressed with EITHER of them. Conway's BS in the last week or so was absolutely ridiculous. Stupid, actually.

And then there's the irony of Rand Paul. Telling people that the government is the problem and that "we" are the solution. Except for the fact that YOU, Mr Paul, ARE the government. Pure rhetorical drivel. Ironic nonsense abounds. Sometimes it seems that most people vote based upon catch phrases, and that's about it.

I think we need something to break apart the two party system. This pattern is just lame.

I think we need somethin... (Below threshold)

I think we need something to break apart the two party system. This pattern is just lame.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Well in 2012 only 10 Republ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Well in 2012 only 10 Republican Senators are up for reelection. 21 Dems and 2 independents are up for reelection. That is a chance to make some real gains in the Senate.

3 Races
3.1 Democratic incumbent elections
3.1.1 Dianne Feinstein of California
3.1.2 Tom Carper of Delaware
3.1.3 Bill Nelson of Florida
3.1.4 Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
3.1.5 Ben Cardin of Maryland
3.1.6 Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
3.1.7 Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota
3.1.8 Claire McCaskill of Missouri
3.1.9 Jon Tester of Montana
3.1.10 Ben Nelson of Nebraska
3.1.11 Bob Menendez of New Jersey
3.1.12 Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico
3.1.13 Kent Conrad of North Dakota
3.1.14 Sherrod Brown of Ohio
3.1.15 Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania
3.1.16 Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island
3.1.17 Jim Webb of Virginia
3.1.18 Maria Cantwell of Washington
3.1.19 Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
3.2 Independent incumbent elections
3.2.1 Joe Lieberman of Connecticut
3.2.2 Bernie Sanders of Vermont
3.3 Republican incumbent elections
3.3.1 Jon Kyl of Arizona
3.3.2 Richard Lugar of Indiana
3.3.3 Olympia Snowe of Maine
3.3.4 Scott Brown of Massachusetts
3.3.5 Roger Wicker of Mississippi
3.3.6 John Ensign of Nevada
3.3.7 Bob Corker of Tennessee
3.3.8 Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas
3.3.9 Orrin Hatch of Utah
3.3.10 John Barrasso of Wyoming
3.4 Unknown incumbent elections
3.4.1 New York (Currently Gillibrand)
3.4.2 West Virginia (Byrd's old seat)

Of the dem names listed I can see that probably at least 6 we have a good chance of picking up. I dont see folks like Feinstein, Nelson, Akaka, Cardin, Lieberman or Sanders losing. That would be too much to hope for.

That leaves a good 10 or so that we have a slight chance IMO of winning.

Minnesota, emulating Califo... (Below threshold)

Minnesota, emulating California, elects its own Governor Moonbeam.

Otto,"Yeah, good l... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


"Yeah, good luck with that."


Just got an update from Flo... (Below threshold)

Just got an update from Florida. There will be no recount. The Democrat candidate, Alex Sink conceded the election to the Republican Scott

Hmmmm. How convenient a po... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm. How convenient a power shortage hit parts of Nevada, home of slot machines. Could it be SEIU PROGRAMMED voting machines to reset during a power outage to favor a particular candidate?






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