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Shooting Near New Hampshire Polling Station; One Dead, Two Wounded

Apparently up in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (a town fairly near Canada), there was a shooting at the local polls. Initial reports say one dead, two wounded.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)

I have absolutely NO direct information, and am stuck at The Day Job until this evening, but I can tell you based on my own experiences as a lifelong New Hampshirite, with a good chunk of time living in the North Country: I do not think this was political in the least. My hunch is that this was a domestic situation that happened to unfold at the polling place.

Alternately, this could be a nutjob who just snapped -- that's happened up there before.

Again, I have absolutely no hard evidence to support my own theories and hunches here -- but I've got a good track record of predicting how these things play out.

Update: As a couple of folks pointed out, the shooting didn't happen AT the polling station, but caused it to be shut down -- and a school locked down. Sorry, folks; I read too quickly on my lunch break.


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Comments (9)

There's no mention of the s... (Below threshold)

There's no mention of the shooting taking place at a polling station in the article you linked.

Unless, in New Hampshire, e... (Below threshold)

Unless, in New Hampshire, every General Store becomes a 'polling station' on Nov 2nd.

Someone was pretty serious ... (Below threshold)

Someone was pretty serious about that "live free" stuff.

Usual JT post: hysteria, th... (Below threshold)

Usual JT post: hysteria, then "never mind."

galoob, apply more pressure... (Below threshold)

galoob, apply more pressure. Your duct tape is leaking.

Galoob, how many votes you ... (Below threshold)

Galoob, how many votes you cast today?

galoob, like you haven't ma... (Below threshold)

galoob, like you haven't made comments here that weren't exactly factual...

I WOULD advise using some of the new Gorilla Tape. Touted to be much stronger that that cheap Duct tape you're using right now. It should contain your head explosion tonight after all the returns are in.

Galoob, how man... (Below threshold)
Galoob, how many votes you cast today?
I think he lives in a state where lunatics and morons don't get to vote.
If it was my polling statio... (Below threshold)

If it was my polling station, there would have been more than one person doing the shooting.

It's New Hampshire.

I vote (and campaign) armed.






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