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Slurpeepaloza Gloating

Glenn Beck, love him or not love him, spent a few minutes on his radio show to talk about the Republican gains. Or, actually, the Democrat loses.

And less talks about the loses, and more engages in good-spirited fun. Well, it's less like good-natured ribbing, and more like...not so good-natured ribbing. More like, say...


No, much worse than gloating.

Like, championship gloating.

Like, nearly 10 minutes of audio and video of a radio program doing what I've always wanted to do. This is what running up the score feels like.


Added: just wanted to add that while we in the blogosphere and on ultra-far-right-wing talk radio are having a fun time, the important people still realize they're on probation.


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Comments (12)

Think about it before you p... (Below threshold)

Think about it before you pork out on gloat.

"Democrats' continued control of the Senate, albeit with a smaller majority, and Obama's presidential veto power leave the Republicans with only a weak hand in trying to push through aggressive changes."

The only thing that changed with this election is that Republicans no longer have an excuse for doing nothing.

And since no matter what th... (Below threshold)

And since no matter what they do the left is going to be screaming like crazy - then give them something to scream about. But don't let the LEFT control the narrative.

I think popcorn futures are going to be rising considerably as it gets interesting.

OK...I listened to the whol... (Below threshold)

OK...I listened to the whole thing!

HILLARIOUS...and very cleansing!

Better than what ostensibly... (Below threshold)

Better than what ostensibly came out as alleged 'reporting' on MSNBC last night.

Hey Stan2. Can't stand the gloating? Then I'd ask very politely that you STFU and bugger off.

GarandFan,I wouldn... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


I wouldn't even ask politely...

And for the record, this kind of stuff is EXACTLY WHY I LOVE GLENN BECK!!!!!!! I was a fan of his WAY before his TV show. He's always been funny.

I laughed till tears rolled... (Below threshold)

I laughed till tears rolled down my cheeks.

Oh, and Stan, get in the fucking trunk.

Stan2 @1,"The only thing th... (Below threshold)

Stan2 @1,"The only thing that changed with this election is that Republicans no longer have an excuse for doing nothing."

Wrong. What changed is the Dems can no longer do whatever they want in opposition to the will of the people.

Oh, no - Stan2 could be rig... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Oh, no - Stan2 could be right! We might be forced to go along with Obama now!



(I'm not in such an "offer the olive branch across the aisle" mood as Beck).

No, we can't enact our agenda. No, we can't repeal Obamacare and the financial "reform" insanity. No, we can't unspend the money Obama has already frittered away and shoveled to his cronies.

But there is one thing we CAN do. We can refuse to raise the debt ceiling. Hand over the credit card, Barry-kins, we are putting your binge on a budget, be-yotch!


As to not winning the Senate, that is probably the ideal political position for us going into 2012, although there will no doubt be several radical America-hating judges hurried through in the next two years by Comrade Chairman Leahy. Had we control of both House and Senate, Obama would be set up for playing us as Clinton did Gingrich and Dole to help his reelection.

It would still have been a long shot, since Obama lacks Clinton's personality, cannot hide his arrogance or contempt for the peasantry like Clinton could, and isn't smart enough to walk back his most unpopular positions.

But now Obama has the Senate and the power of the Presidency, and the Republicans only have the House. America knows he is a weak President already, let him whine some more about the Republicans doing the people's will getting in his way.

Maybe he'll issue some press releases from his $200 million per day trip to India with 3000 of his closest friends. No, that's not a typo.

We can trim that budget, too.

I wonder how many democrat ... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many democrat senators, representatives heard the shots fired? The democrats still have the Senate but in 2012 more of them will come up for re election. I don't think Prince Harry and Obama will get the cooperation they think they will as too many of the rats have seen the handwriting on the wall. I see more democrats supporting the conservative agenda (at least for the next 2 years) in an effort to retain their seats.

Funny how the republicans a... (Below threshold)

Funny how the republicans are flogged for doing nothing,yet they have such huge wins.
The Democrats are the champions of change and progress,yet lose their asses.

Interesting interpretation of the election you have there Stan.

Rather like the President's... (Below threshold)

Rather like the President's favorite car analogy... they took the keys away from the Republicans because they were driving the car towards a ditch. And the Democrats took the wheel and proceeded to put the pedal to the medal without changing the direction of travel.
And this was the analogy they pulled out left and right at the end of the election run-up and expected to win with?!?

Heard this on his radio sho... (Below threshold)

Heard this on his radio show, it was hysterical!

All I hear now, though, coming from "establishment conservative" media (yeah, that means you National Review!), is how they were right all along and Tea Party candidates can't win. Do they REALIZE they are digging their hole deeper and deeper?






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