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Happy Schadenfreude Day, everybody. I hope it's the change everyone was looking for.

Saw this on the Twitter, and figured I'd share:

The racist teabaggers have elected Marco Rubio, and Susana Martinez, and Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley, and Bill Flores, and Allen West, and...less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So how's everyone enjoying our new old white racist overlords?

Update for the sarcasm impaired: Ruffini was just trying to show how the Republicans gave more jobs to non-Caucasians in one night than MSNBC has...ever.


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Comments (10)

Taste those sweet, sweet te... (Below threshold)

Taste those sweet, sweet tears of the Democrats.

dems are already claiming t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

dems are already claiming that their losses are because they weren't sufficiently leftist.

They didn't learn a thing.

Yeah, and we missed getting... (Below threshold)
eric idle:

Yeah, and we missed getting control of the Senate because the dumbass Tea Party gave us O'Donnell, Angle ... and now I see that "write-in" is ahead by 14 points in the safe, red state of Alaska.

Sweet moves. You managed to knock off more Republican Senators than Democratic ones.

Forget all that. California... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Forget all that. California's initiative to repeal the law of gravity is well ahead, along with Prop 25 (requiring only simple majority rather than 2/3 majority to set a budget - the only thing that has saved us from catastrophe thus far) and Jerry Brown 1.001 (Jerry Brown 1.000 being the version that empowered the public sector unions).

I may move to Mexico just to score some fiscal sanity. Besides which, it must be emptied out by now.

The racist teabagg... (Below threshold)
The racist teabaggers have elected Marco Rubio, and Susana Martinez, and Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley, and Bill Flores, and Allen West, and...

Not exactly color blind, are you...?

Nice logic Eric. O'Donnell... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Nice logic Eric. O'Donnell was running for a blue seat. Reid's was Democrat, so we didn't lose anything there, other than getting that crook out of office. It's not over yet in Washington, but history says that the Dem's will steal another one, but again a Blue seat. We could still lose Alaska, but Murkowski is a "Republican" so we gained 6-7 seats in the Senate. Granted, I would have liked to seen all of them gone, but realistically, our best chance is in '12.

Get ready for 2 years of ju... (Below threshold)

Get ready for 2 years of just what you see in that twitter feed. With the Media piling on at every opportunity.

O'Donnell had so much help ... (Below threshold)

O'Donnell had so much help from the republicans. Once she won the primary she should have had the backing to win,instead she was derided by people in her own party across the nation. Rove those others that spoke against her have talked about listening to the voice of the people,but only as it applies to the democrats.
As for Reid,I can't believe he won fairly. Probably never be proved that he somehow screwed the election. I just personally think there was no way he could really win it.

Um, not a lot of people are... (Below threshold)

Um, not a lot of people are seeing the irony in that tweet, I gather.

...and by that I mean, almo... (Below threshold)

...and by that I mean, almost certainly intentional irony.






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