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A Simple Reminder ...


In 2008, Democrats were given the greatest opportunity of a generation to make a positive difference in the lives of ordinary Americans. No president in my lifetime has been sworn in under such an overwhelming aura of goodwill and hope as the one that surrounded Barack Hussein Obama. No political party promised such a wide range of reforms: fiscal accountability (Pay As You Go), earmark reform, an end to corruption, openness, transparency, accountability, the highest ethics of any Congress, and so on.

And no political party faced such a daunting task: restore the flagging spirits of a nation weary of war and concerned over perceived injustices here at home, and turn around the deepest economic recession since the end of World War II.

Let's face it -- the Democrats blew it. Big time.

Instead of a focus on economic recovery, we got 14 years of pork barrel spending, political payoffs, and big government power grabs crammed into a two year legislative session. Instead of fiscal responsibility we got $3 trillion in deficit spending. Instead of bipartisanship, we got "I won." Instead of openness and transparency we got "we have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it." Instead of reasonable reforms we got pork-laden, convoluted 2,000+ page bills that no Congressmen read and few of their staffers understood. Instead of an end to corruption we got tax cheats, boodle for family members, a virtual sea of campaign money from labor unions and other liberal special interests, crony capitalism, and bribes for Senate votes.

And when ordinary Americans, most of whom had never attended a protest rally in their entire lives, dared to speak up against the deficits, corruption, cronyism, bailouts, sweetheart deals, and power grabs that defined the 111th Congress, those Americans were mocked, insulted, derided, and dismissed by the ruling and chattering classes.

November 2 was our turn as citizens to remind the rich over-educated elites who run the Washington DC political machines and the mainstream news and entertainment media that Americans control the destiny of America, not a self-appointed ruling class. And when they insult is, ignore us, or patronize us in town hall meetings, and ram legislation through Congress using obscure parliamentary procedures and party-line votes -- especially when a majority of Americans oppose that legislation -- it's time to send the bastards packing.

Which is exactly what we did on Tuesday.

And the biggest lesson for Republicans? They had better listen to the American people. The people chose once again to put their faith in the Republican party, but if Republicans fail to do what they were elected to do -- get the size and cost of government back under control -- they probably won't get another chance.

Nor would they deserve one.


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Comments (22)

We did it with ballots this... (Below threshold)

We did it with ballots this time. In 2012, we still have those torches and pitchforks lying around.

There are still stalwarts f... (Below threshold)

There are still stalwarts for Obama out there. As I was coming down the elevator in my hotel in Portland yesterday morning, the woman next to me was sobbing, complaining that she meant to get an early start, but she just had to listen to the entire speech by Mr Obama.

We must still be afraid.

I think you're sort of miss... (Below threshold)

I think you're sort of missing the forest for the trees.

While there were plenty of voters who were angered primarily by the examples you cite (such as 99% of the readers of this blog), the reason the Democrats got thumped was because the mushy middle wasn't happy with the economy and took their frustration on the people they held responsible. The specifics of what the Democrats did mattered less to these voters than the fact that someone had to be punished for the economy doing so poorly. Put into everyday terms, they hired a contractor to do a job, he wasn't getting the job done and so they fired him.

Again, unlike the readers here, these voters aren't wedded to a particular philosophy and they don't pay as much attention to inside-Washington. They don't know - or care about - such things as whether bills are posted online or whether one side uses parliamentary tricks to advance legislation. All they care about is whether they feel their job is secure, whether they have enough money to pay for the things they want and whether they feel safe from attack. How a party goes about making that happen is less important than whether the party gets it done.

You are right about the GOP getting another chance. But the way to impress these voters is not by focusing on procedure per se... but restoring business and consumer confidence that will get the economy going again. Keep taxes from going up. Stop the job-killing assault on business. Go back to step one on health care reform. Stop bailing out people who screwed up. Stop adding to the national debt. Do those things and the economy will recover and the GOP will be rewarded at the polls. Fail to do that and it won't matter if the GOP cuts out earmarks or posts bills online or any of the other 'fixes' for Washington... the mushy middle will turn right back to the Democrats... the same way George Steinbrenner turned back to Billy Martin time and time again.

Repeat after me until you h... (Below threshold)

Repeat after me until you have committed this to memory: Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest fraud ever foisted upon a gullible American public.

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit with no qualifications, no real soul, no ability, no intelligence, no empathy or awareness of anything outside of his own self!

Barack Hussein Obama needs to be RETIRED on 1/20/13!

"Let's face it -- the Democ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Let's face it -- the Democrats blew it. Big time."

But did they really? So far they got Socialized Medicine, govt takeover of the auto industry, more people dependent on the govt dole, the EPA regulating CO2 which is just as bad as cap n tax, a racist DoJ that would make a Bizzaro Bull Connor proud, etc etc. They've made huge strides making America more socialist, so the fact that some of them got kicked out of office is a cold comfort.

So far, all we've got from this election is the promise, from SOME repubs (after almost direct threats on their well-being), to 'repeal and replace' Obamacare. First of all, they only did it after having the figurative gun to their head; I don't know how sincere and heartfelt some of them are. Secondly, what the fuck is this 'replace' bullshit? I don't want socialized Obamacare replaced, I want it killed.

There's a LOT of hard work ahead for this Congress. It will probably end up in gridlock and a government shutdown (fine by me) that the MSM and Dems will successfully blame on the Repubs. Do our Repub Pols have the balls to withstand the heat? I don't know. Don't count the chickens til they've actually come home to roost.

This election was only the first step. We have to keep the pressure up and replace more RINOs and Dems in Congress in 2012.
I'd say we must kick Obama out, but who are we going to run... Mitt, Huckleberry, McCain? Puh-leeze. Rubio, Jindal, Pawlenty....maybe, but we are now less than two years from the election; they better get their ass in gear.

That sign may explain why t... (Below threshold)

That sign may explain why the Dems changed their logo, but all they did was trade in the jackass metaphor for an overly generous grade.

Steve,As far as your... (Below threshold)

As far as your contractor analogy goes I would not be so kind. In this case it is more akin to a contractor whose bid is accepted to do a job based on the budget/promises he made with a premeditated intent to defraud his customer from the word go. That is there was clearly no intention to keep said promises. It was also an attempt out of the gate to bring the job in over cost with "amenities" you did not ask for or wanted even when offered.

It is amusing to me how when Obama was elected we needed to give him "time" because he inherited a terrible situation. Of course the Obama, Pelosi, Reid cabal intentionally made a bad situation even worse and I guess we must be prepared for the opposition and their MSM lapdogs not to be so patient.

I do agree with you, based on my experience locally, that the average American is not as closely engaged in politics as folks on blogs and is just looking to be able to pay the bills, put food on the table, get the kids a decent education and feel secure in some level about the future. I wouldn't call them mushy but independents are indeed very fluid in their loyalties and it is clear the Republicans have their work cut out for them to keep the support of this group of voters in their camp.

As far as America as a whol... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

As far as America as a whole goes, the Dems [sexual penetration] us. As far as their insane power-grab liberal pie-in-the-sky utopia for themselves goes, they succeeded.

It would appear that the Am... (Below threshold)

It would appear that the American voter has realized after 2 years, that they were lied to by Barry, Nancy and Harry.

Every election cycle is ultimately dominated by self-interest. (Go figure.) Truth be told, the confidence level in the current arbiters of our fate has been found wanting. "The best, brightest administration evah!" isn't. Instead of admitting mistakes, they've excelled at nothing but excuses and making 'enemies lists'.

Instead of admitting mis... (Below threshold)

Instead of admitting mistakes...

Again, using real world analogies, when the boss sees something not working, the absolutely last thing the worker wants to do is argue that the boss is wrong and not thinking clearly, that things aren't broken, that, at worst, things just aren't working out as fast as the boss wants. Neither does the boss want to hear the worker keep blaming his predecessor for the fact that the problem hasn't been fixed.

Perhaps if Obama had admitted having made mistakes and pledged to take a different path to fixing the economy, the mushy middle would have given him a second chance... or, at the least, not thumped him as hard as they did.

But he didn't, perhaps in part due to his thinking so highly of himself (and so low of his 'enemies'), perhaps to his not realizing that we're his boss and not his subjects. Either way, he broke Rule #1 of the workplace... keep the boss happy.

Popcorn time.<a hr... (Below threshold)
GarandFan,Yes. The... (Below threshold)


Yes. They will eat their young. Obama's days and nights will not be so comfortable. I mean, as soon as he steps out of the White House he will get peppered, but staying in with Michelle can't be much fun either. I suspect he'll do what anyone of his character in that situation would do.


One can imagine the bitch ... (Below threshold)

One can imagine the bitch slappin Barrys going to get from Moooochelle when shes told there is no second term in the White House and turn in your free lunch card.

ha ha ha

Hey steve...The mushy mi... (Below threshold)

Hey steve...The mushy middle of this country happens to be its backbone, as well as its heart and soul. The mistake that the leftist elite continues to make (and I suspect the trend will not be abated) is the condescending attitude towards us. You think we're stupid and don't know what we need, so you tell us what we need and you cram it down our throat. We told you Tuesday what we want. It's up to you to listen. You will go down in flames in 2012 if you don't read the memo.

Since you're big on analogies, I got one for you: Let's say my wife is the only one working in our household, putting in 12 hours a day while my sorry ass is at the golf course everyday. In fact, I'm a bit fond of cigars and I like to give my friends cigars too. Sheez, I especially like martinis with Grey Goose. It has to be Grey Goose. Hell, I even foot the bill for the greens fees because, well, they're not working either. Not only that, but I take them out to dinner and then return home after our soirees, make big messes and expect her to clean up, no, I compel her by force to pick up after me and my buddies. Question: How long will it take for the swelling to go down enough for me to see out of one of my eyes? I mean, to see enough that I can get a good look at this new dude she's run off with?

BTW, the Republicans are on notice too. If they screw this up, it will be time for a 3rd party. We spoke on Tuesday. We're not footing the bill on a healthcare scheme that costs us more than we were told. Especially when were particularly vocal about not wanting it. We're not bailing out anymore companies that should have gone out of business a long time ago. We're not going to stand idly by as union thugs pick our pockets right under the noses of those we elected. No, no, no. Not even that. They assist the low lifes in lifting our wallets.

Shut up, steve. Shut the fuck up. We've listened long enough. We're talking now.

One of the best assessments... (Below threshold)

One of the best assessments I have read on the past two years of democrat chicanery. Nice job!

I hate the meme that Obama ... (Below threshold)

I hate the meme that Obama inherited the economy. That's a load of bullshit. The Legislative Branch has a much larger impact on the economy than the Executive Branch. The Democrats took control of the House and Senate before the recession started.

President Obama was a sitting Senator when the recession started. He didn't inherit it, he is part of the problem.

Oh and by the way, guess wh... (Below threshold)

Oh and by the way, guess who as a young lawyer was part of the class action lawsuit against Citibank that got the whole CRA thing rolling?

Barack Obama

Yeah, that theme from the D... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that theme from the Democrats that "EVERYTHING is the fault of the Republicans!" is really worn thin. I'm surprised they also didn't add "Hey! We were no where near Washington when things went south! Barney Frank and his "roll the dice one more time!", don't know him. Maxine Waters and her "Franklin Raines is doing an OUTSTANDING job at Fannie Mae!", don't know her either.

You think we're stupid a... (Below threshold)

You think we're stupid and don't know what we need, so you tell us what we need and you cram it down our throat. We told you Tuesday what we want. It's up to you to listen.

There's no better example of stupidity than the author of that comment if he thinks I am trying to cram anything down someone's throat. Gee, a guy makes a comment that doesn't profanely criticize Obama and call him names and you think he's a liberal?

I didn't say the mushy middle isn't the heart and soul of the country, they very much are. They're simply the people who aren't wedded to a particular political philosophy, follow the back and forth a whole lot less than the partisans here and thus are more apt to go back and forth between the two parties. They also care less about the process than the end result (example: they don't disapprove of Obamacare because of the way it was passed, or because it wasn't passed with bipartisan support, they don't like it because they think it is going to hurt them). And because they don't care about process, the GOP is making a mistake if they focus on process instead of just putting forward proposals that the mushy middle thinks will revitalize the economy.

And I applaud your holding off the profanity until the fourth paragraph... a sign of maturity of your part.

the electorate punished the... (Below threshold)

the electorate punished the dems for being the party of yes to each of obama's socialist schemes.

I am a bit late to the part... (Below threshold)

I am a bit late to the party, but Steve, if you are still around, you still don't really get it.

Most of my friends know I am a bit of a political junkie. They generally tease me about it until very near election time. Then they start quizzing me about what's going on and asking my opinion about issues and candidates. I try to oblige them with the most unbiased info I can give them. Then once the election is over, they quickly go back to the teasing. However this year was different. For the last several months my friends have been bending my ear about Obamacare, the bailouts and the looming tax increases.

The mushy middle is awake, aware and angry. It showed in this election and if the reactions and comments from my friends are any indication, the "mushy" middle isn't quite as mushy right now.

Could they go back to sleep and get "mushy" again? Sure, but I bet it won't happen until the government beast is put back on its leash. This time the beast is threatening their families' futures and they know it.

One can imagine the bitc... (Below threshold)

One can imagine the bitch slappin Barrys going to get from Moooochelle when shes told there is no second term in the White House and turn in your free lunch card.

I'm buying Lobster futures in October 2012.

Chewbacca will go through them like Bwarney Frank in a corn dog eating contest when she finds out they'll (the taxpayer funded ones) be cut off when Hussein is booted from the white house






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