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For The First Time In My Adult Life, I'm Ashamed Of My Country

Oh, America. How the mighty have fallen.

We, America, invented the motion picture. We invented special effects. We invented the action flick.

And now we have been surpassed in this area. We, as a nation, have been defeated. We've had our lunch money stolen, had our heads shoved in the toilet, and suffered an Atomic Wedgie from -- of all countries -- India.

Because never in a million years could we ever hope to top the sheer awesomeness that is displayed here.

Enjoy your victory, Bollywood. Hope you choke on it.


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Comments (13)

I was a little ashamed whe... (Below threshold)

I was a little ashamed when Barry trashed Hillary a while back. So thats my first.

George Lucas wept.... (Below threshold)

George Lucas wept.

In this day and age we can ... (Below threshold)

In this day and age we can send a man to the moon, vaccinate against polio, and spend a million dollars so Cher can look 3 years younger, but we can no longer compete when it comes to the most sacred of cinematic genres - the action movie. We suck.

The helicopter clip was tru... (Below threshold)

The helicopter clip was truly transcendent filmmaking. Almost as good as Homer's version of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington":


Barry Hussein Obamadinejad ... (Below threshold)

Barry Hussein Obamadinejad will be doing cameos during his visit to Bollywood.

"Obamadinejad"... (Below threshold)


That would be a great title for a Ballywood movie spectacle of this presidency. Like "Ghandi" or "Silkwood". Only without the human interest angle.

George Lucas took notes.</p... (Below threshold)

George Lucas took notes.

Hey! You just wait. All t... (Below threshold)

Hey! You just wait. All those 'creative' people in Hollyweed, USA are working on sequels of sequels. Just you wait until "Rocky & Obiwon, Gone with the Breeze" comes to a screen near you!

For my money, no Bollywood ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

For my money, no Bollywood film ever comes any worse than JAMES BOND 777. Who knew that James Bond was Indian fellow with a Pompadour and a mustache?

This film was such bad film-making that it makes American director Ed Wood look like Hitchcock by comparison. It's far and away the very worst film ever represented as a James Bond film ever. Bollywood superstar Krishna is no Sean Connery, Roger Moore or even Timothy Dalton for that matter.

Speaking of India, just hea... (Below threshold)

Speaking of India, just heard that Clyindra (Fresno, Ca) is closing. They build solar panels. Last year The Governator and Joey Biden where there for a BIG groundbreaking for the new Clyindra plant - and spending several hundred million in "stimulus funds". Gonna create all those "green jobs". Well there goes Arnie's 1,000 green jobs..........to India. Seems California business regulations are too much to handle.

#10There's the gre... (Below threshold)


There's the greenie recipe for success. Show everyone how caring you are for the environment as they ship your livelihood to "greener pastures".

When are the people going to say enoughs enough?

Speaking of Bond and Bollyw... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Bond and Bollywood, the famous James Bond theme music was first written for an Indian film.

Can not open the clip.... (Below threshold)

Can not open the clip.

But as a side bar, I read that India has per family 3 or more cell phones, tons of cell phones for everyone....however in some area there is only 1 (that's one) toilet per 13,000 people. People just go where they stand..and then the little children play in it.






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