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Fun Question Of The Day

Will Congressmen-Elect Tim Scott (R-SC) and Allen West (R-FL) be invited to join the Congressional Black Caucus?

Col. West strikes me as a J. C. Watts kind of guy, so I suspect he'd refuse to even apply for membership. I don't know anything about Mr. Scott, but an application from him could be most entertaining...


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Comments (9)

I think they should both ap... (Below threshold)

I think they should both apply. When they are turned down, they should sue the CBC as a racist organization. Imagine the fun of videoing the CBC members as people ask them if Scott and West aren't black enough for them?

Are you kidding? They will... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Are you kidding? They will be first called uncle Toms and race traitors. Then they will be ridiculed as stupid. Then they will be ignored.

The dems will never allow it to be acknowledged that there are minorities who can think for themselves. They fear that if people see that there is an alternative to the dem party those voters will realize that they have been kept on a virtual plantation for the last 40+ years since the civil rights era..

I think they'll apply. And... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I think they'll apply. And if rejected, or sent to "sit in the back," they'll leave, and perhaps form the Conservative Congressional Caucus.

Will Tim Scott and Allen We... (Below threshold)

Will Tim Scott and Allen West be invited to join the CBC?

Based on news stories this year....

Only if they're corrupt.

LOLOL Hank.Quick, ... (Below threshold)


Quick, someone check their freezers for cash.

Invited? Skin ton... (Below threshold)


Skin tone is acceptable but they lack the sorrowful stuck on the plantation gene.

Shhhhh, the public is not s... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Shhhhh, the public is not supposed to know even that conservative black Republicans exist, much less that they hold elected offices.

If you can believe it, here... (Below threshold)

If you can believe it, here in very blue Connecticut we elected Gary A. Franks to be our first black Republican Representative back in 1991 through 1997.

He was accepted into the CBC upon arriving in Congress and to his credit, he stuck to his conservative beliefs and disagreed with them all of the time. He voted against the 1990 Civil Rights Bill, which tried to install a quota system and supported the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. He drove the CBC crazy at the time.

However, after Bill Ciinton became President and the CBC became a larger voting bloc, he was accused of being a mole for the Republicans and was barred from the the first half-hour of the meetings. To make a long story short, he eventually stopped attending the CBC.


Considering the current situation, I think they might need to change the name to the Dumbocrats Only Congressional Black Caucus!

I don't know Col. West, but... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I don't know Col. West, but he impresses me as the sort of man who got where he is on merit and probably has little patience for the sort of whining and entitlement mentality exhibited by the CBC, let alone the pervasive corruption.

I've followed Tim Scott's career from the start, although I've never been able to vote for him. He's the real deal, a true conservative voice who put up with the catcalls any black Republican must endure, and ended up earning a measure of respect for his character and steadfastness.

Personally, I think it more likely that Virginia's Jim Moran will form a Congressional Jerk Caucus than either West or Scott will apply to join CBC.






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