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"No Regrets" -- Nancy Pelosi

Is there separate universe that Nancy Pelosi goes to where she is loved and adored, and the stuff she does actually works? Aparently so--at least in her mind--as you'll see in this ABC News video (swear to God they really have a news program on that channel, I know), she has "no regrets":


One actual highlight in that video was seeing 41 43 introducing her for the first time. Jeez was Dubya gracious. Miss that yet? Made my first ever complete watching of a Diane Sawyer interview doable.


She also makes a prediction for the 2012 Presidential Election (in case you couldn't make it that far). She's asked if she thinks Obama has a chance. SPOILER!!! SPOILER!!! she thinks it's four more wars years END SPOILER!!! Let's hope she's still got that Lee Corso-like prognosticating ability.

UPDATE: okay, this is just piling on, but whatever:

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Comments (15)

Just goes to show that boto... (Below threshold)

Just goes to show that botox treatments do affect the mind.

No regrets accept for putti... (Below threshold)

No regrets accept for puttin off the plastic surgery on that shnozz.

I agree. I think she's nuts... (Below threshold)

I agree. I think she's nuts.

Not being Speaker is probab... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Not being Speaker is probably going to be a genuine gift to her liver. And say bye, bye to your fleet of G5s as well, Nancy.

Diane Sawyer is still emplo... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Diane Sawyer is still employed and is on the air??

Putting that aside, it's not at all surprising Nancy has "no regrets."

Nancy is a wealthy liberal whose goal was to destroy the private sector economy and to impose upon the public a socialistic federal government. Mission accomplished, at least in large part.

Things actually turned out ... (Below threshold)

Things actually turned out pretty well for progressive democrats. The democratic progressive caucus only lost 3 members out of 80 - as compared to the Blue Dogs losing 26 out of 54 members.

And what of those 34 democrats who voted against ObamaCare? Only 12 were re-elected.

Most of the Dems who went were squishy Dems, the progressives held their ground.

I realize that nuance like this is over the head of most readers here, but I figure there might be one or two liberals around who will understand the implication of this. Youze guyz think its swell that the more conservative Tea Party faction did well, but you're ignoring that the GOP gains, in large part, were in the seats held by Dems who weren't very blue to begin with.

The worst speaker evah unde... (Below threshold)

The worst speaker evah under the worst president evah! I wonder how many cracks she had to fill to finish that interview? Everytime she faked a smile the botox shifted from one crevice to the next.

Begone scaggy Witch

"And what of those 34 democ... (Below threshold)

"And what of those 34 democrats who voted against ObamaCare? Only 12 were re-elected."

Yeah, there are benefits to gerrymandered districts.

You can look for Nancy to bail before the next election cycle. Californians just rejected the politicians proposition to let them continue to design Congressional districts.

It's going to be done by an independent citizens group. NO politicians allowed.

Oh, and numbnuts, that "12" means a 35% survival rate. What to make any bets on what it will be in 2012?

Good Lord, what Bizarro wor... (Below threshold)
Frank A.:

Good Lord, what Bizarro world does she live on? Very far removed from reality.

She will eventually be the ... (Below threshold)

She will eventually be the Happy Meal toy policewoman out busting kids, and also in charge of cleaning the hobo urine off the sidewalks in the SF park district.

She will miss the military ... (Below threshold)

She will miss the military transports.


"Youze guyz think its swell that the more conservative Tea Party faction did well, but you're ignoring that the GOP gains, in large part, were in the seats held by Dems who weren't very blue to begin with"

And your point is what?

Bottom line. You and Nancy lose big!

"Reality-based" thinking at... (Below threshold)

"Reality-based" thinking at its finest. Say something is X and it magically becomes true! Presto - no deficit! Presto - lots of high paying jobs created! Presto - no unemployment!

However - actual Reality is not quite so cooperative...

Hey Nancy! Don't let the d... (Below threshold)

Hey Nancy! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Wouldn't want to jar any of those brain cells.

Palamino! Palamino! FOR THE... (Below threshold)

Palamino! Palamino! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PALAMINO!!!!!!!


She looks surprised ....</p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

She looks surprised ....






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