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Slurpeepaloza Tingles

Chris Matthews vs. Michele Bachmann.

Gotta love technical difficulties. Her inability to hear, added to the euphoria that is Slurpeepaloza, and Chris Matthews desperate to make a Republican sound like some wacked-out crazy extremist means you must watch this clip. All that stuff I just mentioned, coupled with just the best non-ironic gloataion* sign ever completes the metaphorical middle finger to the Democrats and their buddies in the media that was the election of 2010.

She is not an unpleasant-looking woman, is she?

* Yes, I made up that word. You get to do that when you win.


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Comments (13)

One should clearly not have... (Below threshold)

One should clearly not have any liquid substance in one's mouth when that hand-made "gloatation device" is paraded behind Ms Bachmann.

This is our straight-arrow,... (Below threshold)

This is our straight-arrow, non biased media at work. But really now...the MEDIA investigate the Hussein regime??? Now THAT'S funny.

Matthews played the part of... (Below threshold)

Matthews played the part of the clip on his show last night..and made comments implying that Bachman was stupid...and HE CUT OUT THE PART WHERE SHE SPOKE ABOUT THE THRILL BEING NOT SO TINGLY ON HIS LEG!

His face wasn't red. It wa... (Below threshold)

His face wasn't red. It was purple.

Chris is an eyewatering buf... (Below threshold)

Chris is an eyewatering buffoon but Michele could have handled that better...instead of ducking the question, she should have told him he is first on the list!

Matthews claims he never sa... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Matthews claims he never said that, however the words are, in fact, synonyms.

And yes, Rep. Bachmann is quite easy on the eyes.

What a putz you are Matthew... (Below threshold)

What a putz you are Matthews. She looked right beyond your scripted talking point and gave a straight answer.

The truth, you cant handle the truth.

TweetyIf you watched... (Below threshold)

If you watched interviews of candidates in that situation before, you should know that the candidates often have a hard time hearing the reporter's questions due to the crowd noise. They often hear just pieces of it. Most reporters know this and are gracious about it. Matthews has no class.

Chris Matthews is still emp... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Chris Matthews is still employed and on the air??

Matthews seems a little arr... (Below threshold)

Matthews seems a little arrogant. Like some other yoda eared fool.

You'd think after getting spanked in the election he would lose a little piousness but I guess just like Barry, he's too stupid to notice.

I just don't know how anyon... (Below threshold)

I just don't know how anyone can listen to Chris Matthews, let alone appear as a guest on his show. Clearly, with respect to his ratings, not many do! He needs to rename his show "BlowHard Ball", because the only voice he cares to listen to, is his own.

Matthews is just a big-mout... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Matthews is just a big-mouthed buffoon. He's lucky anyone besides Democrats will even speak to him.

It's amazing he's still on the air. Surely the Kardashians are more intelligent and topical.

I really want her (there's ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I really want her (there's a great sentence in and of itself!) to go after Amy Klobuchar's Senate seat in 2012.






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