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A thank you message from Marco Rubio

I am seriously jealous of my relatives who live in Jacksonville, Florida. Not only do they have warm weather all year round, but now they've got Marco Rubio as their newest senator, an even better benefit as far as I'm concerned.

Today he issued a heartfelt thank you to his voters and supporters. He's a man on a mission.

Via Cubachi


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Good job!... (Below threshold)

Good job!

This guy really needs to be... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

This guy really needs to be the V.P. selection in 2012.

Christie/Rubio 2012... (Below threshold)

Christie/Rubio 2012

Proof positive tha... (Below threshold)

Proof positive that the good guys DO win.

Florida can only benefit from your efforts, sir.

Well done.

Makes me tempted to move to... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

Makes me tempted to move to Florida. . .

As a Jacksonville native, I... (Below threshold)

As a Jacksonville native, I will say there are many good reasons to envy those who live there--although I have not for a good long time.

But, kudos to you for recognizing that Rubio is an asset for Floridians. I believe he will also be an asset for the country.

Commented on another blog, which was discussing some of the "unworthy" Tea Party candidates, that the establishment tried to write Rubio off in favor of Crist in the early days. Thank goodness they failed.

Christie/Rubio 2012<... (Below threshold)

Christie/Rubio 2012

I could vote for that, if Christie is not a neocon warmonger, but Johnson/Rubio would be better.

And thanks be to you Fidel,... (Below threshold)

And thanks be to you Fidel,for driving this man's father from your country. I feel our country will gain immeasurably for your having done so. What a fresh breath of air I'm beginning to sense with Rubio, Christie, Palin, West, as well as the young lions, Ryan,Cantor,Issa, and others. Let your ideas pour forth, Lord knows we need them now. We must stop this craziest now while we still can, peacefully.






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