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Barney Frank's Victory Speech

After a couple of days of elation, victory, and a Slurpee or two (it's a fine drink!), time to get back to being angry and disenfranchised, people. What better way to do that than with liberal punching-bag Barney Frank? Dealio? Rock on.

In a move that can only prove I must really hate you people, here's another reason to move to Barney Frank's district, get registered to vote, and then help thousands of like-minded people do the same. In this clip from his victory speech--yes he won, though you can't tell it by how mad he sounds--he explains the reason his re-election campaign didn't win more handily was because of...the liberal media.

And FOX News, of course. And other, anonymous right-wing groups. Anonymous right-wing groups that are, of course, anonymous and right-wing, cause you can't have a vast, right-wing conspiracy without a anonymous right-wingers who are anonymous you know. But don't forget the Boston Herald, either. Don't forget them, because they were all completely irrelevant, or something.

At the end (you did watch it all, right?), he takes pot-shots at the Tea Party people, then co-opts their anger as his own. Truly amazing. Totally devoid of scruples.

The Tea Party people aren't a bunch of fringe people who are just trying to throw out the Democrats. They're people who want every economic policy you stand for, Barney, sent packing, getting in the back seat of Prius'--who am I kidding--Hummers all those Democrats as they drive back home to the unemployment office (hah! the irony). The angry people are angry because of what you do, not because you aren't doing the stuff and not communicating how awesome you are enough.

This guy is the smuggest man I have ever seen. How anybody--anybody--can take this clowns arrogance voluntarily for more than 5 minutes (and I had to watch 10 of them) is beyond me. That, and how anybody can believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

UPDATE: Stay classy, bomb squad.

There's a zillion things to hate Bawney for (including that lip smacking--GAWD), but it's best to just stick with the relevant.


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Comments (10)

It equally hard to fathom w... (Below threshold)

It equally hard to fathom what comes out of his mouth, as what goes into his mouth.

"he takes pot-shots at the ... (Below threshold)

"he takes pot-shots at the Tea Party people"

He also takes pot hits from his boy friend as they blow one hits to each other.

and now I need to go take a shower... ugh

Well, there's always 2012.

Can you imagine what he wou... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine what he would have said if he lost?

Truth is, Barney has no class whatsoever.

He's made a career out of insulting pretty much everyone. His debate style is to mock.

The only solace I find is that this lousy example of a human being is obviously a miserable little man, unhappy about pretty much every thing in his life. With any luck, this will be his last term in the House.

Barney's is just pissed bec... (Below threshold)

Barney's is just pissed because he had to sink $200K of his own money into his re-election campaign. Guess Fannie and Freddie didn't ante up this time around.

No watch video. Ugly kisser... (Below threshold)

No watch video. Ugly kisser is enough.

Would someone PLEASE putt t... (Below threshold)

Would someone PLEASE putt the buttplug out of his rear and stick it in his piehole.

The man is a complete assha... (Below threshold)

The man is a complete asshat and should be retired in 2012! For real. Let's make that a priority, folks!

One bitter lesbian that the... (Below threshold)
John S:

One bitter lesbian that the AIDS epidemic missed. Shame that...

Gerbils everywhere are dist... (Below threshold)

Gerbils everywhere are distraught!

Stay classy, heterosexuals.... (Below threshold)

Stay classy, heterosexuals.

ALWAYS do stay JUST as classy as you are!







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