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"You Can Market Carrots"

Oh for God's sakes.

All those in favor of the Earthquake that sends California into the sea, say "Aye". If it wasn't for a cameo by TechTV's Erica Hill (swoon) and Chewbacca, I'd still be so mad I'd be on my way with both my torch and my pitchfork.

Dear Wacked-Out San Francisco Carrot Peoples: ever heard of a thing called "parents"? These "parents" have the ability (theoretically, at least) to tell children what to eat. For example, one of these "parents" could make their child a meal with food stuffs made in this thing called a "kitchen". This "kitchen" has appliances that turn food stuffs into meals to be consumed, almost exactly as they are presented in McDonalds.

Love the big-government trope of punishing some huge corporation, by an even larger, more out-of-control government.

Previously: Happy Meal outlawed in San Francisco


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Just send LA and SF into th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Just send LA and SF into the ocean. That would clear the country of about 5 million liberals and maybe save the rest of the state.

This crap will continue and... (Below threshold)

This crap will continue and each county/city will have their own list of 'demands' as we never seem to be short of "do-gooders" who want to dictate to others. In essence, "Since you won't LISTEN to me, I will TELL YOU want to do."

I'm waiting for a CEO to grow a set of balls and just say "Fine, we're closing. Your city now has X number of people going on unemployment. They paid Y dollars in taxes that you will no longer be getting. My company also paid Z dollars in taxes and fees to operate in your city. We also supported the following charities. We won't be doing that anymore. Have a nice day."

But I doubt it will happen. Just like CEO's won't tell Shake-Down Jackson to go pound sand.

Big brother are these dim w... (Below threshold)

Big brother are these dim wits parents. Free enterprise is evacuating the purple kommie states so that we really are 2 separate countries. One resembles Russia and the other America.

The russians lost the cold war but are doing great damage in college campuses across the country. Its been what 6 years since the lib pyscho pledge to leave the country if Booosh won. Well, He won, yet they are still here.


This is what happens "when ... (Below threshold)

This is what happens "when it takes a village"...

I posted this story on my F... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I posted this story on my Facebook page and received some great responses:

So dumb. My kid loves McDonalds but sometimes I say this word: NO. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do?


Our local Taco Time has put "mini meals" on their menu (kid size portions without a toy or dessert), in addition to regular kids meals. I think it's a great compromise, no civil liberties impinged on.

And this second one is from a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

Then I got one or two banging-my-head-against-the-keyboard stupid responses, such as:

Hopefully more cities follow SF's example!

Yes, so we know which cities to avoid visiting.

I can't imagine wasting the energy sticking up for the "right" to eat this $hit. Don't you have bigger McFish to fry?

To which I responded: "That question is better directed to the supporters of said ban, like yourself."

Assahatery at its finest.

GarandFan:I'm wai... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for a CEO to grow a set of balls and just say "Fine, we're closing."

It's happened many times over the last couple of decades, people just forget WHY the companies moved or closed. Usually, however, the reasons or more mundane, like "taxes on business are too high," or "too many unnecessary regulations."

For California as a whole (not just SF), start with this article:


How many people - especiall... (Below threshold)

How many people - especially young minorities - does McDonalds employ in SF?

Would be a shame if Mickey D's in the city just up and left. No jobs, no taxes paid, no revenues, no corporate charity in the area.

Time to fight back

Keep you laws off my body! ... (Below threshold)

Keep you laws off my body! My kids, however, go to town!

What if they put the toy in... (Below threshold)

What if they put the toy in a bag of weed and call it a kids medicinal marijuana meal?






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