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Allen West says he will join the Congressional Black Caucus to challenge their world view

From The Hill we learn that Allen West says he's joining the Congressional Black Caucus, but not because he endorses the caucus's goals; rather, he wants to be a loud and clear voice that will challenge their monolithic world view. This is a man who is not afraid to take on his opponents. Take a listen:


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I'm sure they'll find a rea... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they'll find a reason to throw him out of their 'club'.

Want to bet they treat him ... (Below threshold)

Want to bet they treat him the way they did J.C. Watts of Oklahoma?

I doubt they will admit him... (Below threshold)

I doubt they will admit him. The CBC is only for liberal Democrat Democrats, who don't dare venture off the plantation of the left.

The CBC is for racist blaak... (Below threshold)

The CBC is for racist blaaks only. West need not apply.

This man is outstanding.</p... (Below threshold)

This man is outstanding.

Give 'em H3LL, Colonel!






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