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Democratic pollster: Obama needs an Oklahoma City bombing moment to reconnect with the American people


Great message you got there, guy.  Sure, that's just what we need right now: an overzealous Obama worshiper creating a new Oklahoma City bombing moment because he's desperate to help his savior "reconnect" with the American people.  What's a few hundred dead Americans if it saves The One's presidency, right?  Thanks to Eyeblast TV and Big Government for alerting me to the video.


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"What's a few hundred dead ... (Below threshold)

"What's a few hundred dead Americans if it saves The One's presidency, right?"

Yep, that pretty much summarizes what this idiot is saying. Frankly, I have no curiosity in seeing Obama's character tested any further. From his performance to this point I pretty much got the idea what he's all about.

Let's see; MASSIVE OIL SPIL... (Below threshold)

Let's see; MASSIVE OIL SPILL - any 'connection' made there? Oh, how about the Ft Hood shooting - yeah, really connected there didn't he? 2 minutes of 'shout-outs' to his buds in the audience.

Yeah, Barry really needs an Oklahoma incident to "re-connect".

How does one "re-connect", when he's always BEEN ABOVE the fray?

What a load of horse shit, masquerading as intellectual thought.

Don't listen to this idiiot... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Don't listen to this idiiot! Wasn't this Mark Penn, Hillary`s top campaign strategist, who drove Hillary's campaign into the ground, resigning early in APRIL 2008, after advising her to eschew grass-roots organization, remain aloof, presidential and ignore Obama as long as possible. For this advice, as CEO of Burson-Marsteller he and his firm took 13 $million in fees- Blackwater is one of their clients- and he only worked part time for her.

What a romantic at heart. P... (Below threshold)

What a romantic at heart. Praying for an ugly disaster so Barry can as he says reconnect.

IT ISN'T ABOUT HIM YOU ASSWIPE!! Now go wipe your face.

Its people like him that go... (Below threshold)

Its people like him that got us to where we are now as a country...

Steve -Too late. ... (Below threshold)

Steve -

Too late. Once 'anointed' as a spokesbeast for the Democrats, it's hard to un-anoint them.

"Don't listen to him!" - Shoulda thought about that a long time back, man.

In all seriousness, this pr... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

In all seriousness, this president hasn't had some defining moment to establish what kind of a leader he is. FDR had WWII, Kennedy had the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nixon openned up China but then Watergate, Carter had the Iranian hostage crisis, Ronald Reagan had the Korean airliner crisis and Challenges to the Soviets to open up their society, George Bush I had the Gulf War, George Bush II had the Iraq War.

Most handled these events very well, while Carter's handling of the Iranian hostage crisis helped to bring down his presidency. Obama hasn't had that make or break crisis moment yet.

So Paul, the oil spill was ... (Below threshold)

So Paul, the oil spill was not a crisis? Everything is okay dokay in the Gulf.

"Obama hasn't had that make... (Below threshold)

"Obama hasn't had that make or break crisis moment yet."


Was that not an "EMOTIONAL MOMENT"? But your Obamassiah used the 1st two minutes for "Shout Outs". After all, had to "connect" with his buds first. And even screwed that up.

Put a dunce cap on Paul!

Never let a good crisis go ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Ever wonder why the troothers are all dems? Could it be that they would expect their side to actually aid in the creation of a terrorist catastrophe in order to gain politically from the deaths of hundreds if not thousands? Could it be that they would actually want to do such a thing?

Sadly, I wouldn't put it past them. At least not this admin. Others I would say that they would not, but this one will do almost anything to get its own way.

"In all seriousness, this p... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"In all seriousness, this president hasn't had some defining moment to establish what kind of a leader he is."

Serious? The gulf oil spill? 17%+ REAL unemployment? 48 out of 50 states LOSING jobs since the stimulus was past? (Oh, I know Barry thinks there are 57 states. Maybe the crisis is that 7 have gone missing?) How about the $1.4T deficit last year? How about the $1.2T deficit THIS year? How about the $2.6T in monetized debt since he took office?

That's $2,600,000,000,000.00 in money that the Fed has just printed to pay for Barry's spending because no country in the world will buy that much debt!

No crisis here.

Keep your head in the sand Paul. Dumb ass.

To a leftist the means are ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

To a leftist the means are always justified by the ends.

I listened to the idiot and... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Thinking:

I listened to the idiot and I'm not taking up for him, but I think he meant Obummer himself needed an Okc bombing in his pants pocket to wake him up. He has his stuck so high in the clouds he cant see whats going on at his feet. I didnt vote for him but would be glad to vote him OUT. Permanently.

"Obama hasn't had that make... (Below threshold)

"Obama hasn't had that make or break crisis moment yet."

Not according to Obongo himself...how many times has he claimed to have saved us from the worst economy since the "Great Depression"?
Everything is a "major crisis" with this fuckwit in order to keep the drama high, and his ego inflated.

Obama couldn't 'reconnect' ... (Below threshold)

Obama couldn't 'reconnect' with the voters with a friggin' emergency line crew from your local power company helping him.

Perhaps BHO could provide c... (Below threshold)

Perhaps BHO could provide curb-level parking service at the OK Federal Building. That would connect with me.






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