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Keith Olberman: In Memoriam

The Keith Olberman story keeps on giving and giving. This time with video!

Also, Althouse writes: "Think Progress's eagerness to blame a conservative resulted in an elaborate post that is now so studded with backtracking updates as to be unreadable." Indeed. You need to map to make sense of this thing.



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I read on the Think Progres... (Below threshold)

I read on the Think Progress piece that Olby was a highly rated star over at PSMNBC. Sure would like to sample what they are smoking over there.

According to Nielson, he was in sewer -- even by that network standards. So maybe it was a good thing that they let him go. Of course they would back him, because he believed the same way that they believed.

Evil thought here, following up on Jay Tea's earlier post. That Fox News hires him and he turns into a conservative more rabid than Sean Hannity. Oh would the Olby supporters, in the state controlled media, have a hissy fit over that one.

Couldn't happen to a nicer ... (Below threshold)

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Still waiting to see if he'll get a job offer from the same people who hired Dan Rather. Some obscure radio station no one listens to.

"Still waiting to see if... (Below threshold)

"Still waiting to see if he'll get a job offer from the same people who hired Dan Rather. Some obscure radio station no one listens to."

Air America?

I can't stand the sight or ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I can't stand the sight or sound of the jerk and never watch him, but this is just garbage. He's being screwed.

While he describes himself as a "newscaster," no serious-minded person could possibly believe he represents himself and his broadcasting as "news." It's "commentary" - of the wild-eyed anti-American radical left variety, but nonetheless.

Is there anyone that thinks Olby would be biased toward those he donates money to? Well, crapola, amigas, he's biased in EVERYTHING he says. Why would they be any different.

Notice the NBC News restrictions don't apply to executives. 'cause that wouldn't matter, would it? Like if GE (which owns NBC, etc.) gave out a bunch of political donations to get Congress to force America to stop buying regular light bulbs and start buy special, mercury-tainted, expensive new bulbs made by . . . GE and its licensees, NBC News would be all over that story, right?


In fact, such bogus "ethical guidelines" actually serve to fool the public, not enlighten us. The news readers are no less biased if they are not allowed to donate to whoever they wish, but the public is less likely to stumble upon solid proof of that bias if donations are banned.

Leave Olby alone! (Where's that YouTube dude when you really need him)? I don't agree with what he says, but if he can find enough people stupid and/or malicious enough to listen to him so he can make a buck, more power to him. That's freedom, that's America, even if Olby and his ilk hate it, they deserve the same chance to make it as every other citizen - and to be able to exercise their 1st Amendment right to further political speech with their own money.






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