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Oh, What Delicious Crow...

I shoulda known. This morning, I made a point of saying that I acknowledge my errors, that I don't just anonymously revise old articles to hide mistakes -- and reality comes up and dope-slaps me with one I got completely and utterly wrong.

Earlier this week, I noted that two of the incoming Republican Congressmen are both black -- and therefore technically qualified to be members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Allen West (R-FL) and Tim Scott (R-SC) are black and, come January, members of Congress, so they meet the membership standards. Practically speaking, though, membership is limited to black Democrats (especially those scandal-ridden), so I didn't see either of them getting engraved invitations. I also said that West was too no-nonsense to waste his time with the whole worthless mess, but I didn't know enough (hell, anything) about Scott, so he might try it.

I couldn't have been more wrong. I didn't take into account West's willingness to fight, to get in his opponents' faces. This is the guy who, when dissed by Obama, offered to debate both his electoral rival AND Obama at the same time. He's a highly-decorated veteran of Iraq; he isn't scared of anything Washington might throw at him. So he's notified the CBC that he would like to be considered for membership -- and woe betide anyone who tries to tell him no.

Especially the rascals, scoundrels, and knaves of the Congressional Black Caucus.

On the flip side, Mr. Scott is taking the position I thought Lt. Col. (retired) West would take -- to see the whole thing as a waste of time and decline.

(Hat tip: Darleen Click of Protein Wisdom)

Oh, what a grand spectacle that will be, when Representative West shows up for his first Congressional Black Caucus meeting.

It would never be aired on C-SPAN, but damn if only it could...


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Comments (15)

That's one meeting I'd like... (Below threshold)

That's one meeting I'd like to see on C-SPAN. Any bets the first thing the Chairman will say is "TURN THOSE CAMERAS OFF!"

Surely the CBC isn't racist... (Below threshold)

Surely the CBC isn't racist and will say West isn't Black enough.

"Practically speaking, t... (Below threshold)

"Practically speaking, though, membership is limited to black Democrats"

No, it isn't. The caucus is bipartisan, any black congressman can join, Republican or conservative.

Where do you get your facts? Fox News?

Keep drinking that Kool Aid... (Below threshold)

Keep drinking that Kool Aid stan2

The Caucus is officially non-partisan, but in practice it has been closely identified with the Democratic Party, and tends to function as a lobbying group within the wider Democratic Party. Representative J. C. Watts of Oklahoma, who became the first black member of Congress who elected not to join the group because of its closely Democratic affiliation and goals. Watts said of his refusal to join the caucus, "...they said that I had sold out and was an Uncle Tom. And I said well, they deserve to have that view. But I have my thoughts. And I think they're race-hustling poverty pimps." White members of Congress have never been welcomed into the caucus, although CBC by-laws specifically prohibit any discrimination.

Imagine what would happen if there were a Congressional WHITE Caucus. But then, that's "different".

For the record, GarandFan's... (Below threshold)

For the record, GarandFan's first paragraph is a direct quote from the Wikipedia entry on the CBC. And as no one has ever contradicted J. C. Watts' account, I'd say it was pretty authoritative.


Where does Wikipedia get it... (Below threshold)

Where does Wikipedia get its facts, Fox News?


The fact is that throughout... (Below threshold)

The fact is that throughout our nation's history there have only been 4 Black congresspeople prior to this election.

Imagine that. For some unexplained reason Republicans don't vote for black people.

And the facts are that the Black Caucus is bipartisan.

And the facts may well be that JC Watts was indeed an "uncle tom." That's one explanation as to why Republicans would vote for him.

Conservatives don't elect black people. I'll leave the "why" that is to your own conclusions, but I think it's obvious.

Black congressmen, if and when such a rare creature surfaces, are free to join the black caucus if they want to.

I'll use the same logic you folks use. You say because the Black Caucus hasn't had a Republican member they therefore exclude Republicans from membership.

I say that because we rarely see black Republicans being elected to office Republican voters are therefore racist.

Post Hoc Egog Proctor Hoc. Guilty as charged.

The Black Caucus can't be accused of excluding Republicans from membership if none have ever applied. That's simply moronic.

Oh, Stan. The majority of R... (Below threshold)

Oh, Stan. The majority of Republicans look past skin, to the content of character. That's why they voted for Watts, West, and Scott.

The Democrats ignore content of character and judge solely on skin color. That's why they elect and keep re-electing utterly despicable, immoral scumbags like William Jefferson, Alcee Hastings, Roland Burris, Jesse Jackson Jr., Sheila Jackson Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Eddie Bernice Johnson... need I go on, Stan?

I know that in your racist view of the world, black politicians simply can't be held to the same ethical standards as white politicians. They simply can't conduct themselves as honestly as whites, so they deserve to be cut some slack and allowed a certain level of corruption to atone for all the years they couldn't get in on the good stuff.

But that ain't how we see it. And it ain't how it's supposed to be.


But that's how it is. Black... (Below threshold)

But that's how it is. Black Republican politicians are rare.

"I know that in your racist view of the world, black politicians simply can't be held to the same ethical standards as white politicians."

There you go again, pulling make-believe facts out of your ass, claiming to know "my view"and calling me a racists. Are you an idiot savant or just a ....? j/k, we know the answer to that. Thanks for the exchange of ideas. You almost has one there... I think. Well, you tried anyway. And when all else fails, and the facts don't match your narrative, just make up some facts! LOL.

Oh, Stan. You used "quantit... (Below threshold)

Oh, Stan. You used "quantity" as your measurement. I pointed out how your "quantity" led to a virtual plethora of unrepentant corrupt swine that is black Democrats in Congress.

If making you happy means that we have to elect black politicians who are corrupt and venial and arrogant and theiving just because they have the right skin color, keep on being disappointed.

I don't see politicians -- or people -- as "black" or "white" or whatever first. And most of the folks I know are the same way.

And then there's folks like you, who apparently can't see past skin color...


It's not a good idea to avo... (Below threshold)

It's not a good idea to avoid the CBC just because they're liberal. As they're officially non-partisan, they get funding as a non-partisan group. Same with the National Organization of Women.

We should ask elected black Republicans to join groups like this and fight from the inside. Same thing with NOW. Conservative women should join and fight from the inside.

stan: "Conservatives don't ... (Below threshold)

stan: "Conservatives don't elect black people."

stan: "I say that because we rarely see black Republicans being elected to office Republican voters are therefore racist."

Let's see if I have this right.

Conservatives don't elect black people, except when they do.

And even though they don't, when they do it's only because the black candidates are to be considered and called "Uncle Tom's".

Yep, li'l stan and his white pals sure don't like any blacks wandering off the liberal plantation, do they?

So, the question now is, since stan and his liberal pals always and only see skin color, not ideas or background or competence, how many elected blacks would there have to be before republicans would not be considered "racist" by the left?

Quick answer: It doesn't matter. When your ideology is as bankrupt as the lefts is, then all you have is the race card, and the misogynist card, etc.

On a related note, anyone k... (Below threshold)

On a related note, anyone know why Republicans opposed HillaryCare in '93?

And why Americans voted the Dems out of congressional control in '94?

Yep. You got it.


Stan: Keep digging dude, yo... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Stan: Keep digging dude, you'll find the bottom of that hole someday.

hey stan2! would a democrat... (Below threshold)

hey stan2! would a democrat who was a honkie be allowed in the CBC?






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