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Barak Can't Dance

There has to be some reasonable explanation of this. Dear God, in Heaven, please let there me some reasonable explanation for this. I have never seen a video so devoid of WIN as to make me feel sorrier for a human being as this.

I can't even make fun of this. This puts even that mom jeans thing to shame.

See the original here.

PILING ON: from an AP story about Obama's dancing:

He appeared to resist when students from Holy Name High School in Mumbai approached. Eventually, Obama gave in, got up and strutted his stuff, too. He jumped around a little and made awkward sawing movements with his arms.

Emphasis mine. Dance moves his. Just stay in your zone, Barry.

But we can't have a story making fun of the current president without a little Bush-bashing, now can we? Huh? Can we? Didn't think so.

The performance was reminiscent of George W. Bush playing drums during a trip to Africa.

Wait, you mean this performance?

And even this makes a better remix.


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Comments (17)

A new dance fad sweeps sout... (Below threshold)

A new dance fad sweeps south asia. Its called "the lame duck".

Surprised? He can't shoot ... (Below threshold)

Surprised? He can't shoot hoops either.

They he is...lookin' all pr... (Below threshold)

They he is...lookin' all presidential again.

I promise I will never say anything bad about Jimmy Carter again...ever.

That was his white half dan... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

That was his white half dancing.

Forgive him. For he knows n... (Below threshold)

Forgive him. For he knows not how stupid he looks.

John, I live-blogged the 20... (Below threshold)

John, I live-blogged the 2004 Republican National Convention. At several points, the crowd started dancing.

Republicans. White Republicans. White middle-aged Republicans. Sober, white, middle-aged Republicans. Sober, white, middle-aged Republicans dancing to country music. Sober, white, middle-aged Republicans dancing to country music for George W. Bush.

I still have nightmares.

Compared to that? Obama's Gene Kelly.


He looks like he is dancing... (Below threshold)

He looks like he is dancing with Ompalompas. But, Michelle has some moves.

Now you've done it JT. One... (Below threshold)

Now you've done it JT. One of Barry's minions will read that and we can next look forward to El Presidente on "Dancing with the Starts".

Well, at least he wasn't do... (Below threshold)

Well, at least he wasn't doing that horrible 'push up the sky' move. Probably saving that for Biden.

Why does he insit on embarr... (Below threshold)

Why does he insit on embarressing himself so much? from bowing to Foreign leaders to screw ups with the Queen of England.

I second Recovered Liberal ... (Below threshold)

I second Recovered Liberal Democrat. (For a moment, I thought I was agreeing with a Liberal Democrat.)

"Why does he insit on em... (Below threshold)

"Why does he insit on embarressing himself so much?"

Jive turkey street hustlers have no shame.

Well, I think he dances bet... (Below threshold)

Well, I think he dances better than he governs.

Q: Can anybody explain to m... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Q: Can anybody explain to me why the most "intelligent" President we've ever had didn't get someone to "show him the moves" BEFORE THE TRIP?

A: Cause "Intelligent" Obama is also the most UNPREPARED and INEXPERIENCED President in modern times.

His dance instructor is als... (Below threshold)

His dance instructor is also his bowling coach.

You'd dance funny too, with... (Below threshold)

You'd dance funny too, with a prompter stuck up your ass.

Barry Hussein Obama-Soetoro... (Below threshold)

Barry Hussein Obama-Soetoro, once again proving he is NOT Black. *heh* Vanilla Chocolatto Ice, maybe. Perhaps having TOTUS there to help him lip synch would've helped a tad?






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