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I'm thinking this coach needs to be promoted

Your trick play of the week... month... year... hell... decade...


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LMAO!... (Below threshold)


Calling Jerry Jones.... (Below threshold)

Calling Jerry Jones.

Great Play!The def... (Below threshold)

Great Play!

The defense is similar to what the libtard dems looked like last Tuesday as they were sent packing with pink slips to enjoy some of Obama's Hope, Change, and Funemployment.

Love it! The QB sold that w... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Love it! The QB sold that with the semi-PO'ed "I'm talking my ball and going home" walk in the first 4-6 yards! (Nice job by the o-line for not incurring a illegal procedure penalty, too.)

What a performance!... (Below threshold)

What a performance!

As a defensive minded guy..... (Below threshold)
Tom Blogical:

As a defensive minded guy...I'm pissed this went for a touchdown. TACKLE HIS ASS!!! The offensive coaches have a lot of cajones to run that play.

Not to be a killjoy, but it... (Below threshold)
Andy T:

Not to be a killjoy, but it is actually against the rules in high school for a play like this to be run. It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct to run a play that comes off of a situation where the team pretends that a snap is not about to happen. This rule may not be in effect in middle school, but it should be.

What we have here is a fail... (Below threshold)

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Since they are a Texas Midd... (Below threshold)

Since they are a Texas Middle School team, maybe we can get them to play in place of the Dallas Cowboys. They could hardly do worse.

I believe this play is ille... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I believe this play is illegal in most state high school leagues, and NCAA college games. I don't know why, though. How is it "unsportsmanlike" to follow the rules and deceive the opponent? The line was set, the formation was legal, the exchange from center legal.

Is it unsportsmanlike to take advantage of your opponent's stupidity and lack of proper preparation?

Many football plays are based on fooling the opponent. The play-action pass, the reverse, the hitch-and-go pass route, the Statue of Liberty play, the counter play off tackle with a pulling guard, etc.

If the coach of the team on... (Below threshold)

If the coach of the team on defense had taught his boys to aggressively wallop anybody crossing the line with the ball and they had mauled this kid...would the defense and the defensive coach be a hero?

And, now, same thing but instead of a trick play, the quarterback really was confused and walked across the line with the ball and gets mauled...same exact play, just different neurons firing in the head of the quarterback...defenders and defensive coach still heroes?

The whole point being, this kind of stuff is crap and should not be allowed either by the rules or the class of the coach.

ALL offensive football play... (Below threshold)

ALL offensive football plays are based on "make the opponent guess who is getting the ball and where he is going with it". Then, it is up to the defense to react quickly enough to stop the play.
Simple game! And this play fits within the rules as well as the concept.

Right under the nose of the... (Below threshold)

Right under the nose of the opposition, in the open, and completely transparent. Same way the Democrats have been stealing elections for years.






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