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PostSecret 'Soldiers' Secrets'

If this video from PostSecret doesn't touch you, you might want to check to see if you're really a robot.


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As a mom to a soldier in Af... (Below threshold)

As a mom to a soldier in Afghanistan my days are conflicted with trying to remain upbeat and strong in his training, and down when I realize the things he is going through.

True things I scour the 10th mountain division facebook site looking for his face. I read his emails and reread them. I cry when he gets a chance to call, as he talks of home, food such as homemade salsa, and playing games with the family. As of late I have watched a young woman missing my young man as much as I and realize that every soldier leaves a ripple to the US...and they have no idea how very much they mean to us.

Jennifer- mom of Bill

Jennifer, God bless you and... (Below threshold)

Jennifer, God bless you and your young son...and may God keep your son safe, as your son fights to keep us safe.

Your son, and all the young men & women who serve in our military, are MY heroes! Please tell him that an old Marine sends huge respects! I'd gladly buy him a beer (or 12) when he gets back Stateside!

Semper Fi!! (even to Doggies)

Jennifer, words are so inad... (Below threshold)

Jennifer, words are so inadequate, but
thank you for your family's service to America's freedom. May GOD watch over and protect your son and all the others serving.

Jennifer, Thank y... (Below threshold)

Thank you and GOD bless you for your family's sacrifice for this great country of ours. Freedom isn't free. I pray that your son returns home safe.






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