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Why Are We Still In the UN?

All I can figure is so we can either continuing to apologize for stuff everybody else does worse, or to get blamed...for something everybody else does worse.

Just a reminder, in security-focused news, the US is the source of all evil in the world and must be punished. And it's the usual UN serial-rights-abusers calling everybody else what they are.

Great quote in the piece from Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

She said that the 47-member Human Rights Council was "dominated by rogue regimes".

"Serial human rights abusers like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela all hijacked the platform to attack the US for imaginary violations," she said.

"The US should walk out of this rogues' gallery and seek to build alternative forums that will actually focus on abuses and deny membership to abusers."

How in the world are we still involved with these idiots?


It's a bad time to be a laser printer ink cartridge salesman as the TSA bans large printer ink and toner cartridges on inbound flights.

Of course, this is probably all good and proper from a security standpoint. But dadgum, people! Can you take anything on a plane anymore?


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The UN and its agencies run... (Below threshold)

The UN and its agencies run many aid programs in Iraq and Afghanistan in sync with US goals. Not to mention Somalia, East Timor, the Balkans, Haiti and other places.

These aid programs are often paid for by other governments who don't want to get directly involved, like the Japanese.

Read Paul Bremer's book, My Year in Iraq.

He fully acknowledges the help the UN gave in Iraq political development.

As far as shipping via air ... (Below threshold)

As far as shipping via air - its a joke. We're not serious about passenger traffic, why be serious about the shipping of products?

Instead of PROFILING passengers, we get subjected to "random searches" and "full body scans". Each move provokes a counter move. El AL was targeted early on. They developed counter measures - you won't find an "underwear bomber" of an El Al flight.

Instead of PROFILING shippers/locations - we're now going to start a list of what you can't ship on an air freighter.

Let's see how long that lasts when AQ starts shipping bombs in iPads and iPhones.

We can file this with "why ... (Below threshold)

We can file this with "why is the border still open?" The doubling dumbdown continues.

Codemn the damn building and kick the worthless trash out of our Country.

The question is why do we c... (Below threshold)

The question is why do we continue to kick in 22% of the UN budget every year. If it is so damn great let everyone else buck up and support them more. mpw

#4 mpw-Are ... (Below threshold)

#4 mpw-

Are you suggesting the arabs buck up and support their bitch platform? Just like they support the terrastinians in gaza with things like land, food and plenty of jobs for the skilled homi-belt blower uppers?

Yeah, sounds good.

Galoob:These ai... (Below threshold)


These aid programs are often paid for by other governments who don't want to get directly involved, like the Japanese.

All I can say to that is BULLSHIT!!!!! The United States funds every one of those programs through the Pentagon. The Unholy Nations does not pony one lousy dime to pay for any of those programs and what money that does finally get to the people is minuscule compared to what the UN rakes off the top in so-called administrative costs. Those so-called administrative costs are just a politically correct for saying graft. Oil for Food taught us that

Now the UN has decided that... (Below threshold)

Now the UN has decided that the ancient Jewish site known as Rachel's Tomb should no longer be considered Jewish, but instead should be given to the Arabs and recognized as an Islamic mosque.


Galoob,If you go b... (Below threshold)
jim m:


If you go back to the tidal wave the did so much damage a couple of years ago in Thailand, the UN was largely usless. The US did virtually all he heavy lifting. It was our military that supplied the people and the material aid. Other nations participated as well but they took direction and coordinated with US. I recall reading stories at the time on how the UN came in with their officials and their motorcades and were totally clueless on how to help but were very focused on press conferences and how to find the hotel bar. The UN did little other than take the credit and piss off everyone actually doing he work.

Oil for food was basically a get rich quick scheme for UN diplomats.

The UN is useless at anything other than stoking antisemitism, which on reflection is probably why lefties like you appreciate it so much.

The UN is one of the most c... (Below threshold)

The UN is one of the most corrupt organizations ever conceived. They went off the rails practically from day one, but they really jumped the shark when they kicked Taiwan out of the organization in order to seat the Red Chinese in the seventies. They've just kept going downhill from there.

Lately, their "accomplishments" amount to crooked deals with Saddam Hussein, raping young girls seeking shelter in refugee camps in Africa from oppression they've been helpless to stop, and founding boondoggles like agencies to communicate with extraterrestrials.

Please, somebody, kick their asses out of here and get them out of our misery.

If Bin Laden had ordered those skyjackers to fly those planes into the UN building and nowhere else his ugly mug would be hanging on my bedroom wall as we speak.

Why Are We Still I... (Below threshold)
Why Are We Still In the UN?
Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
The better Queastion: Why i... (Below threshold)

The better Queastion: Why is the UN still in the US?






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