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Happy Birthday Marines. Also, Baby Otters.

Congratulations, Marines, on your 235th birthday!

Almost forgot, but Slublog at AoSHQ reminded me. There's also a great picture he posted of Lt. General Lewis B "Chesty" Puller that nobody but a Marine could pull off.

Also, as you'll recall, I mentioned baby otters. Can't have a post about Marines without baby otters, now can we? Of course not.

Because, let's face it, all you really care about are cute infant water-borne mammals.

Got this from Ace, as well.


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Comments (4)

Semper Fi!MacArthu... (Below threshold)

Semper Fi!

MacArthur always maintained that they landed with a platoon of rifleman and a battalion of PR people.

Yeah, and with MacArthur be... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and with MacArthur being the expert on self-promotion, he would know.

MacArthur said a lot of thi... (Below threshold)

MacArthur said a lot of things. But I note that there are an awful lot of pictures of him triumphantly wading ashore in the Philippines.

Yeah, it took two takes to ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it took two takes to get 'the landing' right.






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