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Just a couple of quick notes adding to a few things I've said in the past few days.

First up, I made a little error in my piece on the Kennedy legacy. I said that there has been a member of the Kennedy family in Congress since 1947. Not quite -- between 1961 and 1962, Jack was president and Bobby was Attorney General, but there wasn't a Kennedy in Congress. Jack's old Senate seat was held by a Kennedy family coatholder until Ted was old enough to run for Senate. So while the Kennedy hold on power was perhaps at its greatest, there wasn't a family member in Congress -- unless you count Ben Smith, Jack's college roommate.

Second, on my work situation, I had a little chat with my boss. I explained to him that I understood the company had to make all "reasonable accomodations" for my preggers colleague, and I would be willing to help out a bit, but that I did not consider "Jay takes it in the shorts at every opportunity" to be an acceptable interpretation of "reasonable accomodations." Further, if I was going to be getting boned on a regular basis over the next most-of-a-year, I would appreciate the occasional kiss or use of lube -- or, in other words, some considerations of my own. In return, I was informed that the first formal boning would be next Monday, when my shift would be swapped with hers to accommodate a doctor's appointment.

Finally, I want to comment on Rick's earlier piece, when he broke the news of an incident involving the US Navy and a Chinese sub that took place four years ago. Rick blamed it on lack of coffee, but that's a bit much to blame on caffeine deprivation.

I'm blaming Daylight Savings Time.


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Told you...BAN HER! DO you... (Below threshold)

Told you...BAN HER! DO you wield the Hammer of Olaf The Troll God or not?

On the other hand, sounds like they think they are doing you a solid; make sure you let them know they are giving you no favors.

Jay, I'm a VP in a VBC. (I ... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm a VP in a VBC. (I have the lobotomy scars to prove it!).

I can say you aren't powerless in your work situation. While your boss does have a legal obligation to make accommodations for the pregnant woman according to FMLA rules, he does not have the right to levy additional burdens onto you. Legally, he has two options. One is to hire short term contractor help to cover the shortfall.

In the case that isn't practical (and there are many reasons why) it is permissible to ask other employees to be asked to increase their workload to cover. However, you are fully in your rights to ask for, in writing, a detailed description of your increased duties. In lieu of that you can ask for additional short term compensation. Even if you are salaried that can be done.

Now, there is also the real world where doing something like asking for more money could be a career limiting move. However, showing you are a weak-spined doormat has the same effect. I would recommend asking for the additional duties to be written out.

It's a little work for the manager, but it doesn't cost him anything. It gives you written proof of your willingness to go above and beyond as a team player when needed, but indicates you aren't entirely a push-over. Now you have something to bring to the table during your next performance review. You can have your VBC's HR department put such a document in your file. Trust me, it will matter.

Lastly, if you are willing to burn a bridge or two you can storm in and request your own FMLA due to stress caused by the additional workload. Demand to see your job description and how it conflicts with any of the additional assigned tasks. I wouldn't pull this one unless your boss starts threatening to make your life hell if you don't bend to his whim. Since you are going to be in hell anyway you might as well defend yourself. While under such actions they can't fire you (lest it appear punitive by the EEOC), but they will be looking for ways to eliminate your position. I'd say you have 60-90 days before they would pull that trigger. Use that time to hunt for another job.

OT,so sue me.</p... (Below threshold)

OT,so sue me.

To any and all Marines here--Happy Birthday, guys, from the Army.

Well done, troops.

Yesterday, when you said th... (Below threshold)

Yesterday, when you said that Ms. Preggie is "technically my peer in title, but vastly inferior in seniority, skills, and every other metric," you told us a lot about your situation.

How did she get to be a peer? She's skilled in office infighting and manipulation. You might not be.

Despite our disagreements, I believe you are probably competent and diligent at your work.

My advice was not to bitch too much and get into a pissing contest with a pregnant chick, either suck it up and put your trust in your bosses, or aggressively look for another job and tell them to kiss off within the term of the pregnancy. If you can afford it, it might be worth taking a pay cut in another job to avoid taking this kind of shit.

galoob, I mean we hold the ... (Below threshold)

galoob, I mean we hold the same title. And in my workplace, there are only three titles: boss, full-timers, and part-timers. We're not real hung up on formality -- the only times the titles come up is when I tell her how do something (as in, "not wrong") and she brings it up, and then I have boss reassert that yeah, ignore the titles, Jay's second in charge.

And I'm not "probably competent." I'm damned good at it. I TRAIN the newbies.


JT, I hope you're getting p... (Below threshold)

JT, I hope you're getting paid more than her. I realize you probably can't find that out.

If they hire part-timers, they could add one, or add PT hours to take up the slack, but it seems they want to control costs by putting the burden on you.

If you are a good soldier, you should expect a payoff.

Again, a change in situation could be in order - one option would be a promotion into another branch of VBC - but then again you might be "too valuable" to let go in your current office and thus trapped.

My condolences on your job ... (Below threshold)

My condolences on your job situation. I was in a similar one a few years back, played by a female who not only lacked competence for the job, but often lied about her work. Management found it was easier to look the other way than to do the paperwork to document her poor work performance. This employee also used a pregnancy AND previous kids to get off work for doctor's appointments, child care, school stuff, etc. and everyone else had to pick up the slack. This situation went on for about 18 months before one manager decided the best thing to do was perform a FUMU. I asked what that was and he said "Fk Up, Move Up" and he was going to try and promote her...into another department. He accomplished it at the expense of pissing most of our department off. Four months later I took a voluntary layoff as I began to see the culture of the company was to promote Affirmative Action morons instead of competent employees. I sold all my stock in the company and to this day, over ten years later, it is valued less than what I sold it for. I have no sympathy for businesses that have that kind of culture and I hope you can find a decent solution for your situation.

Here's hoping you get the c... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Here's hoping you get the courtesy of a reach-around, Jay Tea.

Hi Jay Tea,I have ... (Below threshold)

Hi Jay Tea,

I have to say that having worked through three pregnancies (one high risk with weekly ultrasounds during the last two months), I scheduled my doctors' appointments around my work hours. I figured my condition and maternity leave were putting enough demands on my co-workers. If they're rescheduling people to accommodate her appointments rather than telling her to schedule her appointments outside of work hours, it doesn't bode well for how you're going to be treated as this progresses.






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