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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In the past I've been critical of Google for failing to recognize certain American holidays. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the way in which they have noted Veterans Day.

Bing, as usual, has also marked the occasion.
Regardless of the underlying reasons it is a welcome change. Let this post serve as my sincere thank you to anyone and everyone who has so honorably served the United States of America.


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Comments (15)

Yes, it was nice of Google ... (Below threshold)

Yes, it was nice of Google to think of Remembrance Day to find a way to put the crescent up--but they seem to have over-stepped disguising the star.

I was rather stunned when I... (Below threshold)

I was rather stunned when I saw that myself. Usually you don't see that thing from the Google. Maybe Bing actually made them change? Maybe?

If anyone bears watching, i... (Below threshold)

If anyone bears watching, it's Google:


Just how do you 'collect' 6 university library floors of 'data' by 'accident'?

Google posted a nice messag... (Below threshold)

Google posted a nice message to Veteran on their official blog.


I personally have not used ... (Below threshold)

I personally have not used Google in several years because of their political leaning so they can put up whatever they want and I will not care one way or the other.

They pissed me off a long time ago and I doubt there is anything they can do to make me use their services short of driving everyone else out of business.

I still use Google Maps--du... (Below threshold)

I still use Google Maps--dunno for sure it is that they are better, or that I am too lazy to learn how to use another.

But there politics in search engines is seriously bad--I've been using Bing for a long time.

Don't use google any more. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Don't use google any more. I have migrated to Bing for all my searches.

Unfortunately, I still have my gmail account and cannot find a better application than their maps. Bing has an OK application, but it runs exclusively in MS explorer and I prefer Firefox.

Fact of the matter is that both Google and Microsoft would sell out our freedoms in an instant if they thought they could profit by doing so.

There's a reason you can spell "Bend to evil" with the same letters in Google's motto.

You're welcome.... (Below threshold)

You're welcome.

The first thing I saw...was... (Below threshold)

The first thing I saw...was a crescent from the letter e....was that intentional????

Since they have a well-know... (Below threshold)

Since they have a well-known corporate policy against ever doing anything remotely "American" or "patriotic" and certainly not anything complementary to our military or our history, there can't be any question about their intent. I'm convinced that the islamic star is there somewhere but my tired old eyes can't see it,

And correcting an error back upstream, besides "Google Maps" I use gmail for spam traps.

Yes. They sure did ... (Below threshold)
The Other Jay:

Yes. They sure did manage to arrange it to show the crescent, didn't they?

I'll give them partial credit, since they actually did manage to show an entire Old Glory that wasn't being trampled, burned, or upside-down at the time.

Google first celebrated Vet... (Below threshold)

Google first celebrated Veteran's Day in its logo in 2007. Then in 2008 (ironically, this post is from Dan's old blog). Then in 2009. And finally in 2010.

Dan, it's been 4 years. How much longer do you intend to beat this tired horse?

The stuff about the "crescent" is nuts. It's the lower part of the letter "e" in "Google", here is the official logo. The flag is covering up the upper part of the "e". This is conspiracy theory of the lowest grade. Google's heart is in the right place in commemorating this holiday and its important symbolism. Google doesn't have to do any of this, they are a private company, and many private companies (much bigger than Google) don't make public statements on this day.

Dan, I know you're a smart guy. Does it feel good to associate yourself, your name, and your writing with this kind of fringe, divisive commentary? And, of all days, on Veteran's Day?

Dan praises Google, and Aar... (Below threshold)

Dan praises Google, and Aardman criticizes him for not praising Google...

Google has sucked for a lon... (Below threshold)
NorthStar Patriot:

Google has sucked for a long time. I do not Google.

> Dan praises Google, and A... (Below threshold)

> Dan praises Google, and Aardman criticizes him for not praising Google...

I know, right? I kept trying to think of an appropriate response and ended up just shrugging and moving on.






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