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OH! Because Chris Christie is Fat, Therefore One Would Need A Larger Entrance!

It took me a moment when i saw this at Weasel Zippers, but I finally figured out why Chris Matthews said that! He was making oh the most droll pun about the governor of New Jersey. Here, watch:

Let's see, Chris Matthews is on...lemme see...ah, MSNBC. Got it. Now I understand the new, softer, gentler tone.



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Comments (11)

Who is chris matthews?... (Below threshold)

Who is chris matthews?

Chrissie thought it was fun... (Below threshold)

Chrissie thought it was funny. That makes 1.

Just posting that clip here... (Below threshold)

Just posting that clip here raises his ratings an order of magnitude.

Hate is all they got left. ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Hate is all they got left.

What lesson can be learned ... (Below threshold)

What lesson can be learned from Moynihan?

Never grow old and die?

I was fortunate to take tw... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I was fortunate to take two classes under the elegant and funny Moynihan. One of the lessons he taught was that a conservative politician such as Nixon can to a lot of liberal things, that a liberal politician can't do.

Guess there are no mirrors ... (Below threshold)

Guess there are no mirrors in the Matthews household. But then Chrissy probably just refers to himself as "stocky". Better warn him not to show up at Keefums pad. Mirrors all over.

Not a polite thing to say. ... (Below threshold)
Ken D.:

Not a polite thing to say.

The left is now using fat j... (Below threshold)

The left is now using fat jokes.

We're winning, friends. We're winning.

Lets see, Matthews, a forme... (Below threshold)

Lets see, Matthews, a former staffer for Tip O'Neill and big time supporter of Teddy (Just keep treading water and I will be right back) Kennedy is making snide remarks about Governor Christie's weight. Amazing

What an ASS.... (Below threshold)

What an ASS.






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