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Short Film: Reveille

I defy you not to feel something watching this. I DEFY YOU. Still as moving as when I first saw it in 2006.

For more information about this short, or to buy a high-quality version of this film go to the Film For Vets Home Page.


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Damn dusty in here today...... (Below threshold)

Damn dusty in here today... must be allergies...

It seems I'm having the sam... (Below threshold)

It seems I'm having the same problem as well.

Thamks fir sharong. Sirry f... (Below threshold)

Thamks fir sharong. Sirry fir the typos, I cannit ser the kwybiard vwy well.

The credits list an Air For... (Below threshold)
Bob McD:

The credits list an Air Force man in the cast. Is this part of a longer film? Did I miss something?

From something I read years... (Below threshold)

From something I read years ago, the longer version of this film has another person moving in the same room the Army guy came from. For some reason it got cut.






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