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In (Hopefully) My Only DWtS Post Ever


Back in the day I grew Wizbang Pop! into a serviceable celebrity gossip site. It has grown monumentally since I was an anchor there, with Tracey and Liz and the others. But even though my love of celebutants has grown dim over the years, I still have to endure some liberal blather when center-right people show up in movies or television.

Though rare, sometimes the worlds of politics and show business sometimes converge. Like you'd expect, it's usually something likened to a train-wreck (e.g. Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars). And if EVER there was a time to complain about the voters, this would be it.

Well, not really the voters, but the whiners who don't want somebody who gets voted on--get this--in a free election to win (e.g. the executive producer of the show):

"There's a strong popular movement behind Sarah Palin at the moment and she's receiving a lot of support from the Tea Party," Conrad Green, executive producer of the program, said in a Nov. 4 interview. "It's entirely possible some of those people are behind Bristol for political reasons."

NO! Really? You mean people with an ideological axe to grind would vote for somebody on a reality show because they want the representative of their cause to win rather than the most deserving? OUTRAGEOUS!

I can tell you this, my dad was the biggest DWtS fan until Kurt Warner was eliminated. He likes small government and low taxes, and now he's biding his time with Dr. Quinn Medicine Docterin' Woman reruns on GMC. Does that mean he's not a Tea Partier?

How's about this, Mr. Executive person? Maybe you should just shut up your whining and enjoy bathing in the wads of advertising revenue from the right-wing TV-watchers.


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How dense can he be?<... (Below threshold)
Jane W.:

How dense can he be?

Conservatives4Palin gives its members reminders to vote AND instructions-- they wouldn't need that if they were viewers. BTW the founder of C4P WORKS for Sarah Palin as a writer for her FB posts.

Radio Talk show host Tammy Bruce also does this on her website and Twitter. THey have thousands of followers who vote JUST BECAUSE they want to 'practice'voting for a Palin (that is what they call it)

Of course Sarah's own FB site does it, but that is understandable

Now that the legitimate contestants can't possibly win due to the vote rigging, maybe Bristol should show some integrity and respect for the show, the other dancers and the viewers and withdraw.

Naww she's a Palin-- her EGO will allow her to believe fans like her!

Now that the legit... (Below threshold)
Now that the legitimate contestants can't possibly win due to the vote rigging, maybe Bristol should show some integrity and respect for the show, the other dancers and the viewers and withdraw.

I agree with your statement about vote rigging. Barak Obama should withdraw.

OH WAIT! You meant the talentless girl who gets a zillion votes-no, not Adam-should withdraw because she's winning? Seriously? Do you understand how these things work? There wouldn't be Beliebers or Claymates or Michael Jackson fans if this stuff was fair.

Wow, Jane...bitter much?</p... (Below threshold)

Wow, Jane...bitter much?

Hey Jane - were you this ou... (Below threshold)

Hey Jane - were you this outraged when Master P kept getting all those gangbanger votes and real dancers were voted off and he was kept on? Bet you didn't complain about that at all, did you?

Jane W-"Naww she's... (Below threshold)

Jane W-

"Naww she's a Palin-- her EGO will allow her to believe fans like her!"

You're jealousy is very unbecoming.

Be easy on Jane W guys. </... (Below threshold)

Be easy on Jane W guys.

As a palin-hater and clear lefty, the idea that individuals would vote according to the actual rules and come out on top is a foreign concept to her.

That's simply not in the dem playbook.

I'm sorry. Did I miss Jane'... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry. Did I miss Jane's rant about SEIU and the casinos in Vegas herding up voters, telling them how to vote and then taking them to the polls?

Seriously, this is brutal. It's a FREAKING fluff show.

I love it that as usual Sarah will get the last laugh over all those who thought her daughter would go out quickly since Sarah is such a pariah.

Let's forget about the poli... (Below threshold)

Let's forget about the political aspect of the contestants for a minute and look at the lousy setup of the show. Basically the producers have been taking ringers and mixing in a few non-professionals so they've got somebody to make fun of. There are a lot of people who are getting sick and tired of watching people who have never danced a day in their life or performed in front of an audience practice their butts off to go against pop stars and others who you just knew were supposed to be in the top 5 on the first day. Maybe if they had a handicap system or had the competition between similar skillsets. I know quite a few people that vote for Bristol, not because of her last name, but because she has had much further to go (just like Kelly Osborne last year).

Was so dissappointed to see... (Below threshold)

Was so dissappointed to see that Bristol Palin was chosen tonight for the finals. The girl cannot dance and this is nothing but politics going on behind the scenes. I'm surprised to see that a dance show and its producers would stoop so low. I guess money talks!!!! I will think twice about watching this show next season and up until now it's been a favorite. Shame on you. She should have been eliminated weeks ago because she's a bumbler on the dance floor.






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