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The Name Game

Every now and then, someone here in New Hampshire does something so incredibly asshatted that it just floors me. Fortunately, most of the time I can find an out-of-state connection that makes me feel just a little better about my home state.

In this case, it's the Florida-based owners of the Mount Washington Hotel, one of the few grand hotels left in New England. They've gotten fed up with others trading off their very prestigious name, so they're threatening to sue other businesses in the area who use the name "Mount Washington."

They've "clarified" their initial position, saying that they weren't annoyed at all the businesses that use the name "Mount Washington," just some other hotels that put it in their name. But still, CNL Financial Group could use a little reminder that "Mount Washington" -- the actual mountain, New England's highest peak, until recently (curse you, Australia!) the world record holder for highest recorded wind, pride of New Hampshire -- actually belongs to we, the people.

So yeah, they might have a bit of a case against some place that calls itself "The Mount Washington Grand Hotel" or some such, but by and large they need to chill the hell out and get a sense of perspective. Otherwise, those of us who actually have a bit of ownership stake in Mount Washington (I've been on the summit, when I was much younger -- it's an amazing place; on clear days, you can see into every other New England state) might choose to revisit the classic PR stunt the Marx brothers pulled over their movie "A Night In Casablanca."

Consider yourself warned.


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Comments (3)

Who knew, Axelrod is channe... (Below threshold)

Who knew, Axelrod is channeling the Marx Brothers.

the actual mountai... (Below threshold)
the actual mountain, New England's highest peak, until recently (curse you, Australia!) the world record holder for highest recorded wind...

I thought the the world record holder for highest recorded wind was Chuck Schumer.

Oregon - that was "breaking... (Below threshold)

Oregon - that was "breaking" wind........but with that guy, I can see where there might be some confusion.






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