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Sarah Palin Should Not Run For President

Before the Sarah Palin fans out there get up in arms, hear me out. My main point is this. Sarah Palin would be much more effective supporting causes like fiscal sanity by not running for President. I've had this thesis floating around in my head for a while now but recent events have cemented it.

Last night, Sarah Palin's reality show premiered on TLC. I must admit I forgot about it and didn't watch--I tend not to watch celebrity-based reality shows in any event. But obviously people did watch it and review it and the tenor of those reviews is telling. Over at TVSquad, contributor Joel Keller wrote a piece on the premiere which he titled, "'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Is Unsatisfying for Both Reality and Nature Fans." That doesn't sound good, let me quote a few of the things he didn't like about the show.


Actually there's not much to quote. His complaints seem mild at best and don't seem to match up with the headline. About the only specific theme he didn't like about the show was that Sarah Palin was in it. If you read through the comments his review, you will find people claiming they have stopped watch the TLC channel altogether ever since Palin's show was announced. That's a pretty intense reaction.

What about other reactions? The same website notes that the first episode did quite well.

The debut of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' brought in huge numbers for TLC, making it the highest-rated series launch in the network's history.

The first episode in the eight-part series was seen by 5 million viewers. According to Variety, the series brought in 1.6 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic, but mostly skewed older. Viewers over 35 -- 3.9 million of them -- accounted for the majority of the audience.

That's where the facts end. The rest of the article goes on, with a tone of bewilderment, trying to figure out just who these viewers were. They conclude that most of them tuned in out of curiosity but will have the good sense not to do so again. Then they link to Keller's review reaffirming the show is boring and end with a subtle challenge masquerading as a question: "Will you watch the second episode?" That's a pretty intense reaction.

Over at the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley offers a review with such 'fair and balanced' observations such as:

Perhaps Ms. Palin's most impressive feat is climbing a glacier with a guide and her husband, a rock-climbing adventure that is obviously arduous and scary. She says out loud many times that she is afraid she can't make it to the top. Viewers may fear another risk; her high-pitched voice is so piercing it could trigger an avalanche.
To her credit Stanley didn't actually call Palin a harpy, she only used creative imagery to convey that point. Stanley also butchers the "I can see Russia from my house" meme but that shouldn't be surprising to you. All in all, it is a pretty intense reaction and not at all objective.

And that leads me to my main point. Years after running for Vice President, Palin continues to invoke reactions in the left that don't match her actions. Even during the campaign people continually compared Obama's experience to Palin's, not noticing that they weren't running for the same office. Web sites continue to sell offensively crude anti-Palin material--do a Google search on "Sarah Palin is a c*nt" and there will be featured, paid-for ads that return direct matches.

Palin has the ability to energize certain portions of the right, tea partiers, and fiscal conservatives. She should take a prominent role as a fund raiser and endorser of candidates, from national to local. I can guarantee you that some candidates on the left won't be able to ignore it. They will run campaign adds against her despite the fact that she is not their opponent. Members of the media and entertainment (but I repeat myself) industries will say something like vile like she should have aborted herself or maybe they will just wish gang rape upon her again.

The political gains from these sorts of reactions plus the increased donations make it a win-win situation. And the rational negatives of Palin candidacy--those do exists but her opponents can't help but ignore those and go for the absurd--can be avoided altogether.


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Comments (40)

Dan:As a huge Sara... (Below threshold)


As a huge Sarah Palin fan I could not have said it better. We Conservatives (I count myself a conservative libertarian) can utilize her much better outside of the confines of the Office of the President.

The reaction that she produces in Liberals and even some (ridiculous)Republicans would obscure anything she would try to accomplish as the President.

Good article. :-)

I agree in the main; I hope... (Below threshold)
C J:

I agree in the main; I hope she does not run.

I like her, but she couldn't soundly beat Joe Biden in a debate. (Which means an average 4 your old would demolish her).

My biggest qualm; her stated reason for quitting as governor. It begs the question, if a vice presidential run generated more heat than she could take, what would a presidential run do?

Would I vote for her in the primary? Nope. (In the general against Obama? Yeah, but I'd vote for a dead dog over Obama).

I do, however, think she'd make a superb chairman of the Republican Party, and I'd love to see her unseat Steele.

Palin absolutely should run... (Below threshold)

Palin absolutely should run for president, unless people want another four years of President Obama.

Palin is the reason so many of us former Democrats are now independents and conservatives. Palin is the reason why for the first time in decades, the 2010 mid terms cost the Dems their edge with women voters. Palin is the reason why the Tea parties have popped up, why people are suddenly excited and enthusiastic about politics and their government.

"Palin continues to invoke reactions in the left that don't match her actions."

Absolutely! So does president Obama. So does Newt, Romney, Huckabee, etc, etc. Since when does the left not have an irrational reaction to something or somebody?? If you're trying to select a president that pleases the left, you might as well pick a Kucinich and I doubt even he would please them. Let's not forget that they even rejected Hillary because she was "too far right", too corporate, not enough hopey-changey.

Obama didn't win because he appealed to so many voters, he won because McCain didn't appeal to enough voters and conservatives just stayed home.

I agree ...Sarah c... (Below threshold)

I agree ...

Sarah can be much more effective rallying the troops than leading the charge herself ... ther are plenty of folks that will vote for a Sarah supported candidate who would resist voting for Sarah herself ...

So, in other words, she sho... (Below threshold)

So, in other words, she should let the loony left, the media (I know, redundancy) and the elitist RINO's decide if she runs or not.

How about we let her decide what the lay of the land is at the time that she thinks she needs to decide, before we decide what she should do?

Palin continues to out-manuever her political enemies, both left and right, so I think we need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

IMO, suggesting on 11/15/2010 what Palin should or shouldn't do in the spring of 2011 is just a wee bit silly. If she continues to make policy statements like she did last week, the lay of the land will most certainly change.

She'll never win over the libs and progressives, and she'll never win over the Cocktail party, but that leaves about 60%-65% that can be convinced that she's up to the job.

If her unfavorables are at 49% now, I see no reason why she can't reduce that if she continues to address the issues like she did last week. Her positions are not extreme. On every major issue, polls show that the majority agree with her. Right now, most voters buy into the extreme meme, but that can change, even if the media keeps preaching it.

In 2008, she was required to support McCain's positions, and she struggled with that. She could disagree with him on ANWR because everyone already knew her position on drilling, but on much of the rest, all she could do is shake her head in agreement. She wasn't very good at that.

I won't fault her if she decides not to run, but if she decides to go for it, I'll be right on the front lines with her.

I think most of the men who... (Below threshold)
Just the Fax:

I think most of the men who criticize Sarah, especially those who choose to criticize her show sight unseen, are men whose .....shrink whenever a strong woman appears..a woman with more cojones than any man and more strength of character than the lukewarm dish-water segment of the population can tolerate.

Get out of the way. This is just veiled sexism.

Dan, I am in total agreemen... (Below threshold)

Dan, I am in total agreement with you.

Why doesn't she just pose f... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't she just pose for Playboy already? You know she's going to anyhow. Someday.

CJ, you seem to be clueless... (Below threshold)

CJ, you seem to be clueless regarding why she resigned.

What would you have done if your political enemies were driving you into bankruptcy and if you stayed in office, you couldn't stop it?

Is it really outrageous that someone could put the well being of her state ahead of her own political future? She knew the ethics complaints were costing the state megabucks, and hundreds of manhours spent to answer both the charges and the hundreds of FOIA requests, with no end in sight.

Do you know that, per Alaskan law, ethics charges against her can continue for two years from the date she left office?

When someone says she couldn't handle the heat, I see that person as being ignorant or stupid, and sometimes both.

Take the time and buy yourself a clue.

Palin will run (and win the... (Below threshold)

Palin will run (and win the GOP nomination) because she is the only contender that can bring out the primary voters, and because she is a natural fit with the primary voters in the GOP stronghold states. All others are, as they say, "meh".

The only candidate who would defeat her in the primaries is Jeb Bush, if he runs.

I disagree, I think she sho... (Below threshold)

I disagree, I think she should run. Mainly, I think the left will act so blatantly, idiotically insane their very words and actions will turn the vast majority of moderate independents off and encourage them to vote for her.

Or at the very least, it might turn them off enough to vote Republican in the general election, regardless of whether that ends up being for Palin or whoever else might end up getting the nomination.

Uhh, we have this thing ca... (Below threshold)
GaryS Author Profile Page:

Uhh, we have this thing called "primaries". If people don't like her, she won't win.

And her not running, if that's her wish, will allow the left wing insane media to continue to have undeserved influence in presidential politics. ANYONE with a chance of being elected will be savagely attacked by the MSM, using lies, distortions, misdirection and any other tool at their disposal. Why let them win without a fight?

Gov. Perry in Texas consciously avoided MSM exposure, especially the newspapers, as his campaign staff knew that an endorsement would hurt him with voters. That also true in my case, if the LA Times endorses someone, I would never vote for them. So, let her bait the likes of Keller until their heads explode.

Maybe we Republicans can just continue to run complete dolts like Dole, McCain and Mitch McConnell. That's a trio of promising newcomers, for sure. A sure fire recipe for electorial success and getting America back on track.

Finally, Dan, let me just guess that you are from/in someplace in the Northeast. If so, perhaps language and cultural issues make you "instinctively" dislike Palin. I understand, I have to suppress my own tendency to dislike Easterners, especially those in the Ivy League areas.

Looks as though Sa... (Below threshold)

Looks as though Sarah is living rent free in EVERYONE'S mind. I love it.

So many people have her pigeonholed in various scenarios it's laughable. I'd humbly suggest y'all just sit back and watch--the lady will do as she thinks best for OUR country--what ever that entails.

But we could do much worse than elect a person who exhibits a true love of the nation, coupled with uncanny political skills.

So flail away, trolls--she's bested you at every turn thus far, and the next 2 years won't be any different.

let me just guess that y... (Below threshold)

let me just guess that you are from/in someplace in the Northeast.

That's profiling, and that's wrong.

Well, 13 comments (and the ... (Below threshold)

Well, 13 comments (and the original entry) and still no concrete reason has been offered as to why Sarah Palin should NOT run for President in 2012. The comments seem to be saying that she should act instead as a sort of "deflection shield" against Klingon... er, leftist... missiles. How does that work exactly? Presumably most commenters here would like Obama to be replaced. So, in order for that to happen, the Repubs must, perforce, nominate someone to run against him. Guess what? If Palin decides not to run, at that point she either shuts up, becomes a distraction, or (a military no-no) divides the Republican forces leading up to the vote. My point here is that either she is a qualified candidate and should actively campaign for the nomination or she is not and, once she has decided not to run for office, should sit down and be quiet.

James Pethokoukis at Reuters authored a short opinion piece recently which he titled "Why Wall Street Should Fear Sarah Palin." He quoted from a recent Palin Facebook entry "Of course, the big players who can afford lobbyists work the regulations in their favor, while their smaller competitors are left out in the cold. The result here are regulations that institutionalize the "too big to fail" mentality. ... The president is trying to convince us that he's taking on the Wall Street "fat cats," but firms like Goldman Sachs are happy with federal regulation because, as one of their lobbyists recently stated, "We partner with regulators.""

Palin gets it. The U.S. is now a Special Interest State where the government is subservient to the narrow, self-serving interests of politically powerful lobbies, be they unions, environmentalists, trial lawyers, large corporations, etc. And Wall Street finance is No. 1. They own and control the Federal Reserve Bank system which allows them to print money for themselves whenever the need arises. As Ron Paul has pointed out for years the FRB must be neutered... NOW. I cannot see any other prospective Republican nominee who has come forward to say that he/she will fight Wall Street greed and corruption. I still would like to see a candidate with more executive [dismantling] experience, but she's looking more viable all the time.

P.S. For those not aware of this, the Austrian School of Economics saw the 2008 collapse coming. It provides the only comprehensive explanation of why the 1920-21 recession was short, why the 1929-1941 Great Depression was long, and why the post-WWII government Keynesian responses to recessions has led to where we are now. Study it and get informed!

The premise here is facile ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

The premise here is facile (do we really need to care what a bunch of liberal idiots are saying about a cable TV show?), but the conclusion of this post actually is correct: Palin should not run. For the simple reasons that Palin has a very good chance of getting the nomination, which in turn would guarantee four more years of Obama in office. If you're not exactly cognizant of how or why that's the case, just ask Miller, Buck, Maes, Angle, O'Donnell, DioGuardi and Paladino.

The perfect job(itll never ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The perfect job(itll never happen)-Governor of California.

Crickmore and galoob showin... (Below threshold)

Crickmore and galoob showing up on this thread to recite the usual laundry list of anti-Palin cliches in 3... 2... 1...

How come no one asks the qu... (Below threshold)

How come no one asks the question:


She is making more money AND influencing national politics than the president... Does she really want that demotion?

Ronald Reagan generated int... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Ronald Reagan generated intense discomfort among the left before he ran for president. And there were those on the right who suggested that he couldn't win because he was too divisive a figure.

Nonsense. We should go with the candidate that best matches our political beliefs. For me, that is Palin more so than just about anyone else currently on the scene. That may change, as 2012 is still a ways away. But, if Palin wants to give it a go, my vote is hers to lose.

"Palin continues to invoke ... (Below threshold)

"Palin continues to invoke reactions in the left that don't match her actions."

What drives the left's reactions to Palin, and the right's support, is the likelihood that she will run for President and win.

Take that likelihood away and she fades into the background.

Why do you think the left h... (Below threshold)

Why do you think the left has attacked her so viciously since her nomination?

They are afraid of her...........

If SP backs down from the pressure of their attacks no one would blame her. But that would not be the reason.

If SP does not run the left would be rewarded for their attacks on her.

This poll would be concerning from Gallup if it is correct:

While 80 percent of Republicans hold a favorable view of Palin, the poll found 53 percent of independent voters and 81 percent of Democrats see her in an unfavorable light.

I agree, she shouldn't. She... (Below threshold)

I agree, she shouldn't. She's great in the role she is in.

The only caveat I'd say is that if the GOP runs some stiff, then she'll have to jump in. And it will be the GOPs fault.

PS- The real reason she shouldn't run is that she can't win. Sad but thems the breaks

Why shouldn't she run if sh... (Below threshold)

Why shouldn't she run if she wants to?

She has shown to be a vigourous campaigner ans fund raiser. As was previously mentioned, she has to go through the primary process and any other GOP candidates have to show why they deserve the nomination.

We got into the mess with Obama because the powers that be decided that it was McCain's 'turn'. McCain was runner up to Bush, and that was what the GOP leadership gravitated to. It's what Dole had going for him when he ran against Clinton; it was his 'turn'. Enough already! Palin, Romney, Gingrich or whoever runs will have to earn the nomination this time around. The GOP can't let good candidates be pushed back to the end of the line simply because it's 'not their turn'.

Most all of them would be m... (Below threshold)

Most all of them would be more effective doing something else. That doesn't mean they shouldn't run for president. Obama would be a more effective guest lecturer on Islamic and Marxist theory at a junior college in Illinois, but that didn't stop him from running for president now did it?

Good bye, so long, don't le... (Below threshold)

Good bye, so long, don't let the door hit you on the way out, and have a nice life under future Republican leadership.

Wait, where'd galoob's post... (Below threshold)

Wait, where'd galoob's post go? I wasn't trying to say that to anyone else.

Honestly. There are times t... (Below threshold)

Honestly. There are times that I think Sarah Palin should run for president. I see her standing over a bloody caribou that didn't do anything to her -- but she shot it anyway -- and I think, "Yeah. Sarah's got it going on, in a slutty stewardess kinda way." And in my heart I can see her as President of the Unites States...until she opens her mouth and says "You betcha!" And as unstable as her marriage is, I just don't think we're prepared for our first divorce in the first family.

I don't think Sarah will ru... (Below threshold)

I don't think Sarah will run.

Chris Christie will, though, and that would be just fine. Marco Rubio will too.

A Rubio/Christie or Christie/Rubio ticket would be pretty damned hard to beat.

You can tell a candidate by... (Below threshold)
Ellie Light:

You can tell a candidate by his friends and by his enbemies.

Go Sarah!

I have some sympathy for yo... (Below threshold)

I have some sympathy for your point of view Dan.

But look at it this way. The left is going to trash whomever we pick. With the exception of the war on terror, Bush was pretty much what we used to call a democrat, and look what the press did to him.

Personally I think Palin is a very smart woman. What she isn't, is an intellectual. And in case you don't already know, those are not the same things.

Anyone would be better then... (Below threshold)

Anyone would be better then the current jackanapes in cheif.

So you're recycling the mem... (Below threshold)

So you're recycling the meme that Palin should be happy to be the scullery maid of the GOP. Palin should use her ability to draw huge crowds and raise money to support republican losers that nobody cares about. She's good enough to do the heavy lifting but not good enough be president. FTS! She'd have to be stupid to take that deal and Palin is nobody's fool.

Since it is obvious that Palin would win the primary if she ran, out comes the GOP double standard and veiled threats. While generic losers like Pawlenty are only required to win the primary (he wishes), Palin must win the primary AND guarantee that she would win the general. 2010 has demonstrated the back-stabbing duplicity of the RINOs. A moderate wins the primary, the conservatives supported them in the general. A conservative wins the primary and the RINOs trash talk the conservative, undermine the election and endorse the democrat. Rove, Castle, and Murkowski- I'm talking about you! If the GOP thinks it can win 2012 without a huge chunk of its base, how'd that work out for you in '06 and '08.

A lot of Palin's power to command attention comes from the will she/won't she run for president debate. If she answers that in the negative, she will immediately lose the attention of the press and her influence will wane. She will continue to sell books but she loses her ability to drive the debate. Eventually, she will become just another Newt-- give great speeches and affect nothing. So stop with the lame theories that she would wield more power as a king maker if she never runs for president. The assumption that she is running IS the only thing that makes her a king maker. If she runs (and she's running), she can win the primary. So let the games begin...

I like Sarah Palin. I like... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I like Sarah Palin. I like her straightforward honesty and common sense. But I like her most of all because of her enemies.

The people who really despise Palin are amongst the lowest scum to ever slither on their bellies across the earth. The leftist filth seems to go berserk at the mention of her name. So obviously she is right about much, because these fiends are only excited about dictating to others and stealing money they did not earn, and of course the very idea of America, and anyone who can distract their hatred from those fixations has some strong mojo indeed.

I won't support her in the primary because I doubt her electability and have reservations about her executive experience. The first is due to her high negatives among independents, which do not seem to have moved all that much despite her high-profile role in the midterm which drew many of them to the GOP.

The second is because the Presidency is the most difficult administrative job in the world, the US government is the world's biggest enterprise, and we need someone with solid management experience like a Governor, CEO, or flag officer who has successfully managed a large operation. Her short time as Alaska's Governor and a small town Mayor is pretty thin - they have relatively small government and no revenue problems due to the oil royalties.

No Senators or Representatives either, please (absent the experience from previous jobs). Obama has shown how much of a disaster an unqualified and inexperienced manager can be in this job.

If she is the nominee, I will gladly vote for her. If the idiots who stayed home out of pique at John McCain had turned out, we might have been spared Obama in the first place.

Palin/O'Donnell 2012!... (Below threshold)

Palin/O'Donnell 2012!

No better guarantee of a second Obama term.

Sarah is doing well in what... (Below threshold)

Sarah is doing well in what she is doing now.

I am hoping for a former experienced business person that can balance the budget, conservative, that will reduce or get rid of the deficit entirely in the next election.
I havent decided who that may be yet but hopefully for our country's sake it will be a better choice than we had in the last Presidential election.

Why she should not run: Sh... (Below threshold)

Why she should not run: She cannot win.

She should not run. I won'... (Below threshold)

She should not run. I won't vote for her if she does. BTW - her voice will get on everyone's nerves after a while. I watched 15 minutes of that Alaska show and had to turn it off because of her voice!

I just love Sara Palin,but ... (Below threshold)

I just love Sara Palin,but I, like others,don`t think that she would make a good president.She just does not have the qualifications. I believe that a lot of women would reject her and so would a lot of men.She needs to be doing what she does now.

And Dan should not express ... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

And Dan should not express his opinion-or delete others?

You want to exclude those who disagree with you, pure and simple-just convince them it's their choice.






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