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Sarah Palin's America

I can't believe the things Sarah Palin makes me do. I've spent literally years making a point of not watching reality TV (I defiantly refuse to call "Mythbusters" a "reality show;" it's a documentary/educational show, dammit!). Now, she's got me watching two of 'em.

And as I watch both "Dancing With The Stars" and "Sarah Palin's Alaska," I'm learning a hell of a lot of new things.

First up, she and her family are exceptionally photogenic. Not just "attractive" or "hot" or "eye candy," but they're fun to watch. The cameras like them, and they're pretty comfortable with being on camera. That's rare.

Second, odd names run in her family. They're rejecting traditional, "normal" names for their kids. Her children are Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig; her grandson is Tripp; her niece is McKinley; her nephew is Happy.

Next, Bristol Palin is an exceptional young woman. Yeah, she's probably being carried through the "Dancing With The Stars" competition by fans of her mother, and she's consistently the low scorer from the judges, but she's up against some remarkable tough competition at this point: Jennifer Grey, actress and dancer. Brandy, singer and dancer. Kyle Massey, actor, rapper, and Disney child star -- and you know Disney kids have performing drilled into them.

Bristol? 19, single mom, and worked in an orthodontist's office. She's the only one from the entire show who's not a trained and experienced performer. Further, she's the only one who never once sought fame. And she's -- to my admittedly biased eye -- doing OK. Not great, but OK.

Then there's Sarah's speaking style. Her cornpone, down-home accent and speech mannerisms still grate on me. I don't know if I could handle listening her on a daily basis.

On the other hand, anyone who says that Sarah's a prima donna or diva or wimp has no clue what they are talking about. Those terms simply don't apply to someone who routinely handles live fish, shoots shotguns, and does the other stuff she does on a regular basis.

I also took a hint of offense when she was visiting Denali National Park and she cited its size -- specifically noting that this one park was bigger than my own New Hampshire. Yeah, it might be true, but still...

Finally... I am getting more and more convinced that Sarah Palin gets this country. She has a hell of a grasp on how we're changing and going societally (and not just politically), and she's riding the hell out of it.

She has seen the way that American society is changing, and she's on that wave. Old-style media, old-style politics, old-style everything -- she's got a foot in that world.

On the other hand, she's seeing the way things are developing, and she's embracing that, too -- in her own way. Social media is becoming the new thing, and she's the biggest political figure on Twitter and Facebook. Now she's taking over reality TV, but in her own way -- family-friendly and wholesome.

This is a woman who intends to make her mark on this nation. She might run for president, or she might not -- it depends on whether or not she decides if the presidency is part of the "old" ways, or if she can achieve more by other means.

And those who continue to misunderestimate her, denigrate her, dismiss her... they will do so to their regret, and their peril.


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Comments (33)

Fantastic first episode of ... (Below threshold)
Randall Thorpe:

Fantastic first episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska! Beautiful scenery, beautiful Sarah. Super-hit show!

I watched it, too, and DVR'... (Below threshold)

I watched it, too, and DVR'd it for my husband - I'm going to make him watch it even though he doesn't want to. He's concerned as I am that by doing this show she is harming her political credibility. But then I think that it's not really going to turn anybody for or against her - anyone who doesn't like her isn't going to change their opinion of her because of the show and those who like her won't begin to dislike her because of the show. It will give more fodder to the SNL crowd, but I don't care about them, either.

Beautifully shot - but I hope they don't mention the snoopy neighbor anymore. He doesn't need the attention.

I agree that Palin's accent... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I agree that Palin's accent and mannerism's are annoying, (as were President Bush's) but I like her anyway. I'll take common sense, honesty and decency over rhetorical polish any day.

It's all pretty simple. Sh... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

It's all pretty simple. She gets it and the president and the vast majority of the democratic congress has no clue!

Rock Climbing: She... (Below threshold)

Rock Climbing:

She wasn't afraid on camera to whine and voice her self doubts, but was accepted help from the guide and encouragement from her hubby to make it to the top of the big rock. If she'd been my companion there would have been more than one moment where I would have at least considered dropping her off the precipice.

They didn't show her pelling down. Hell, that's the fun part.

Her voice isn't half as gra... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Her voice isn't half as grating as "The One's", and when she gives a speech she doesn't have that cadence, or the annoying back and forth, like he is watching a tennis match. Or when he goes into his folksie voice, like he is one of the people. Furthermore, when she gives a speech, there is substance unlike Obama. I watched the show and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the show a... (Below threshold)

I really enjoyed the show and I'm looking forward to next week. It's one of the best things I've seen on TV for a long time.

"I agree that Palin's accen... (Below threshold)

"I agree that Palin's accent and mannerism's are annoying...'

I've noticed that a lot of leftie Palin-haters mention these very things. Why should that be the case - shouldn't such geniuses as they proclaim themselves to be be able to look past the surface?

(It's a rhetorical question - sort of answers itself.)

I find her voice to be a bi... (Below threshold)

I find her voice to be a bit annoying too, alanstorm - a bit folksy and a trifle shrill - but I recognize that behind it is one damn sharp mind, a sensible and uncorrupt political philosophy and a love of the good things about this country that's lacking in the current resident of the Oval Office.

She sees the good, and wants us to be better. He sees the bad, and wants to control us to eliminate it.

re: "I like her anyway. I'l... (Below threshold)

re: "I like her anyway. I'll take common sense, honesty and decency over rhetorical polish any day."

That's exactly how I look at it.
Well said.

Do the moonbats that compla... (Below threshold)

Do the moonbats that complain about Palin's voice ever mention Barney Frank's bruised and battered vocal chords?

Didnt think so!

"I agree that Palin's accen... (Below threshold)

"I agree that Palin's accent and mannerism's are annoying"

Try listening to Barry and his pedantic tone.

To me, television is still 'a vast wasteland'. Very seldom watch anything more that an hour a day. Usually in the evenings.

I agree, I think she has fo... (Below threshold)

I agree, I think she has found her niche as a reality TV star. She made the right choice when she quit the governorship to set this up.

Sarah and Todd are right up there with Jon and Kate, and Snooki and The Situation.

The "non-traditional" names like Track, Trig and Tripp show how tuned in she is to evolving values, by discarding the boring names of the past based on Biblical or historical characters or ancestors.

Her Twitter tweets and Facebook postings are the best way to convey a message to the post-literate Americans she appeals to.

To me, television is sti... (Below threshold)

To me, television is still 'a vast wasteland'. Very seldom watch anything more that an hour a day. Usually in the evenings.

I imagined you watching hours of The World at War on the Military channel, GF. Because of your handle.

They are running a marathon of The First World War today.

Please, don't compare her t... (Below threshold)

Please, don't compare her to Bawney Fwank! Let's hold her to a higher standard. Compare Sarah to the President, when neither one of them has a teleprompter. I'll take her lilting ways to his umm's, uhhh's, and's any day of the week!

It sure beats bowling with ... (Below threshold)

It sure beats bowling with Barry and his chasm of debt.

Hey galoob, Her Face... (Below threshold)

Hey galoob,
Her Facebook postings, complete with footnotes and giving credit to others, is more writing than we have ever seen from the President, ever! Are those "post-literate" Americans you speak of the ones that fell for "hope and change"?

Oh, galoob. I was waiting j... (Below threshold)

Oh, galoob. I was waiting just for you.

Her show -- if you'd bothered to watch it -- was about 80% travelogue and commercial for Alaskan tourism. No real family dramas, no conflicts (staged or not), just happy stuff. Even the digs at the "nosy neighbor" were good-natured. We're seeing what "reality TV" can be when it's NOT focused on the equivalent of watching emotional train wrecks.

It's a fun show, and NOT a guilty pleasure. There's no "thank God I'm not as bad as these assholes" element that so many of these shows cater to.

You see it as the key to the whole puzzle, the solution that finally gets her out of her full-time status living in the heads of the professional left. I've spelled out precisely what she's doing here, and you still have no clue what you're seeing. Because you refuse to see it. Because it screws with your stereotypes and typecasting and prejudices.

And that's why you're not just wrong, not just epically wrong, but epically and entertainingly wrong.

The best court jester is the fool who simply can't recognize that he's a fool. His sincere earnestness just seals the deal.


It must just burn galoot up... (Below threshold)

It must just burn galoot up that Sarah's show and ratings are going to dwarf Barry's depressing reality.

Sarah Palin...Venturing places a teleprompter could only dream of..

With Iowa caucus and NH fir... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

With Iowa caucus and NH first up, the GOP loyalists can reasonably expect death-warmed-over candidates TPaw and Romney to show a pulse going into primary season.

But unless a conservative governor catches fire expect the Isolationist/Libertarian wing to pull significant numbers away from any pragmatist ticket, e.g., Romney/Pence or the like.

I just don't see an East-coast-elite offering engendering goodwill with 40% of the electorate. Government is not likely to burnish its image in the meantime and economic conditions bode ill for business-as-usual coronations.

No real family dramas, n... (Below threshold)

No real family dramas, no conflicts (staged or not), just happy stuff.

Right, an Alaskan family Potemkin village. Just because there's no trash-TV dramas on the show does not mean there aren't any in real life.

Nothing about Levi Johnson, his mother, Sarah Palin's sister, or the Palin family jihad against Trooper Wooten.

You mention "the nosy neighbor." Yeah, I am waiting for Joe McGuinness's book.

Don't worry, galoob. I have... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, galoob. I have it on good authority that the DVD special features will include a piece on the drunk-driving, wife-beating, poaching, child-tasering, in-law-threatening ex-cop that you feel the need to champion.


Gee isn't it terrible Palin... (Below threshold)

Gee isn't it terrible Palin has some of the same issues many of her fellow citizens face everyday, sure wouldn't want that in a politician. Let's see Galoobs favorite politican is a leftist, former dope user, with a racists minister, terrorist buddies, maxist friends, he's much better.

The Dims will coalesce behi... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

The Dims will coalesce behind Bayh or Hillary. The LawnJockey-in-Chief cannot be believed to muster above 41 or 42%.

The Nutroots and Blacks cannot carry his imperial litter to nomination absent rank-and-file desertions.

If things go as badly for Dims as the last 22 months, we could see a four-ticket contest.

Aside from her grating acce... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Aside from her grating accent, repeatedly mispronouncing "Denali" and using "golly" and "gosh" so often even Ned Flanders would blush, I enjoyed the show.

Plus, I like the side show of seeing liberals' heads spin off their collective necks at the mere mention of her name.

#13 Her Twitter tweets a... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

#13 Her Twitter tweets and Facebook postings are the best way to convey a message to the post-literate Americans she appeals to.

Of course, you're far, far above all that. That's why you're here posting on the comment section of Wizbang as opposed to reading War and Peace.

By the way, you ended your ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

By the way, you ended your sentence with a preposition. Tsk. Tsk.

One thing about her speakin... (Below threshold)
Pierce Wetter:

One thing about her speaking patterns: I think she used to swear like a trouper, but then had kids and had to learn how to censor herself.

I agree with others that its one of the best "reality" shows out there. Mostly because while she has the fake part where she's pushing Alaska tourism, the rest of it seems more real. Other reality shows seem 100% fake.

Jay:Right on as us... (Below threshold)


Right on as usual. I also don't watch reality TV but tuned into the first installment of Sarah Palin's Alaska last night. Good show. Can't say I've been hooked into Dancing with the Stars yet.

On the subject of Sarah Palin getting our country, I'm finding this more and more true. Her Facebook posts are substantive and intelligent. Her high negatives among the general population scare me, but she could be a contender. Certainly better than Obozo.

Do you think she writes her... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Do you think she writes her own stuff? She is paying consultants huge sums, including internet consultants' on her eight figure income a year. On her Twitter tweets, she admitted after a year of 'supposed using it' she didn't know it had a like index.
The only authentic thing about Palin is her voice -actually, unlike Jay, I like it. Yes she does have an exuberant personality but be forwarned when you find out personal vindictiveness and a bad temper is the other side of it.

Steve, you're still outsour... (Below threshold)

Steve, you're still outsourcing your thinking on Palin. The "vindictive" story comes, largely from her family's not appreciating being the target of the aforementioned bad, rogue cop; the bad temper article has been thoroughly discredited.

She is NOT Cruella Of the North. Get over it, and start looking with your own eyes for a change.


I am Jay. I have seen and e... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I am Jay. I have seen and experienced many people with her cast of personality, rough speech if true would fall into it. She doesn't hold back. Palin says she is a pitball, an avid hunter. She is no wall flower, plus there are anecdotes including her some questionable ones from former son-in law Levi, but not all of them anonymous. Hey, but this will not be anything new or prohibitive for politicians, but as her main strength his her unreserved personality (and looks), it could have a bearing.

Huckabee will never choose ... (Below threshold)

Huckabee will never choose Palin as his running mate, and he's the nominee in 2012.






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