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"This is not the first attack and won't be the last"

An adherent of the religion of peace tells his story:

What I had in mind didn't go as planned but Allah willing He will reward me for my intentions.

He planned for weeks, buying guns secondhand to avoid the FBI.

Then, to test whether the feds were watching, he bought a .22-caliber rifle over the counter at Walmart. He stockpiled ammo and practiced target shooting at empty construction sites.

By his own account, he was preparing for jihad.

From a black Ford Explorer Sport Trac, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a Memphis native, watched two soldiers in fatigues smoking outside a military recruiting center in Little Rock. He aimed an assault rifle out the window and fired.

Muhammad sped away, hoping to flee 150 miles to Memphis where he would switch cars. But a wrong turn in a construction zone led him to police.

He stepped out of the SUV wearing a green ammo belt around his waist.

"It's a war going on against Muslims, and that is why I did it," an officer heard him say. "You see how I gave up with no problem."

Much more at the link, including notes written to the press that detail his conversion experience and what followed.

A must read coming our way via Instapundit.


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Comments (9)

Stupid little boy.... (Below threshold)

Stupid little boy.

It's a war that Muslims have against EVERYBODY.

""It's a war going on again... (Below threshold)
jim m:

""It's a war going on against Muslims"

And they started the killing first. That's called a war of self defense.

And TexBob is right. They have had a problem with the rest of the world for 1400 years. It's time to out an end to it.

Interesting to observe that... (Below threshold)

Interesting to observe that he wasn't willing todie while committing Jihad. Allah, I am sure, will take note of his lack of committment.

He was willing to kill from ambush, but not fight. He was willing to run away after the fact, but was unwilling to fight the Police.

This young man is not a Jihadist, he is simply a Coward.

Thank God stupidity and cow... (Below threshold)

Thank God stupidity and cowardice are features with these bastards.

Yet another asshat found ou... (Below threshold)

Yet another asshat found out that Allah wasn't willing.

"You see how I gave up with... (Below threshold)

"You see how I gave up with no problem."

No you little shit. You shot at UNARMED people and from AMBUSH because you are a COWARD. When confronted with armed people with the ability to snuff your worthless ass, YOU GAVE UP.

A MIGHTY WARRIOR you aren't.

Interesting article. He wa... (Below threshold)

Interesting article. He was smoking an ounce of weed a week? This guy wasn't right in the head.

"This guy wasn't right in t... (Below threshold)

"This guy wasn't right in the head."

Just like the rest of the jihad group.

The true irony is this guy ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

The true irony is this guy actually is less crazy than a number of elected Democrat officials, e.g., McDermott, Moran, Kucinich and McKinney.






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