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Video: Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

They had me at...

How can Americans create private sector jobs?

The solution to America's jobs problem lies not with budget-busting federally mandated "stimulus" programs.

Ah, your small-government lower-regulation talk warms the place where my heart would be if I hadn't been a $100 bill-smoking Republican for so many years. If you click on the cities in the video it will take you to some of the governmental insanity on the Institute for Justice's City Studies subsite.

Maybe this isn't the answer, but at least it's better than what we have now.


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They left out the part wher... (Below threshold)
jim m:

They left out the part where he's got to pay the outrageous labor union rates to remodel his storefront and the bribes he's got to pay to get his building permit and final inspection. In Chicago it can take you 6 months to a year to get your building permit if you don't grease someone in city hall.

And if he's opening that coffee shop the health inspector will expect to be paid if he wants to keep those doors open for long. At least so it is in Chicago.

It's not just the red tape, it's the corruption that crushes business. We have allowed government to regulate businesses far too much. Yes, some regulation is necessary and reasonable, but the level of regulation today is way out of control.

How can Americans create... (Below threshold)

How can Americans create private sector jobs?

By doing what they're doing.


Nine straight months (including Sept.) of private sector job growth. Not bad.

120,000 to 150,000 new jobs... (Below threshold)

120,000 to 150,000 new jobs are needed each month to keep up with population. Using John's numbers, we are almost keeping up with population growth.

So, we get no recovery (which historically would have happened by now if the government got out of the way), this bad economy is the new normal and we should just "keep doing what we are doing".

The solution to America'... (Below threshold)

The solution to America's jobs problem lies not with budget-busting federally mandated "stimulus" programs.

That's right. After all, it didn't work for FDR, did it? Oh wait. It did.

Actually, most economists n... (Below threshold)

Actually, most economists now agree that FDRs efforts only prolonged the depression.

Please ignore the historica... (Below threshold)

Please ignore the historically ignorant offal in #4.

Using John's numbers, we... (Below threshold)

Using John's numbers, we are almost keeping up with population growth.

Which doesn't get us out of the woods, but growth is growth, and the trend now is a hell of a lot better than in 2008.






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