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He Points

A picture is often indeed worth a thousand words, so no need to say much else.


Hat tip: Hot Air.


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All Barry has done from Day... (Below threshold)

All Barry has done from Day One is whine and complain about the difficulties of his job.

Having skated all his life when it came to taking responsibility for anything, he's now faced with actually having to work and accomplish something. It's not fair!

Agree with GarandFan.... (Below threshold)

Agree with GarandFan.

I also wonder if Obama will ever stop talking about what he "inherited" and who's to blame.

The economy has taken a big... (Below threshold)

The economy has taken a bigger hit under Barry than the first months after 911.

Barrys knee-jerk blame finger pointing is sad but true. At least billybob's finger wagging was "only about consensual sex".

Ramirez is peerless.... (Below threshold)

Ramirez is peerless.

How dare Bush be competent ... (Below threshold)

How dare Bush be competent and make him look lazy, whiny and stupid!

Barry Hussein Soetoro Obamd... (Below threshold)

Barry Hussein Soetoro Obamdinajad makes even John F'ing Kerry look competent.






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