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Good Enough For You, But Not For Us

Hey, remember when Obama said that if you like your health coverage, you could keep it? It turns out what he meant was that if you don't like ObamaCare, you can opt out of it.

As long as you've previously greased the right palms and paid the piper, of course.

Which is why among the list of the groups already being excepted from the mandatory aspects of ObamaCare are a whole bunch of unions, especially Obama's big backers (and private army of thugs) at the SEIU.

Also remember that these groups were among the biggest backers of ObamaCare in the first place. Their message: it's great for America, but not for us. Opposing it is racist and hateful and unpatriotic, but we don't want to be actually affected by it like the rest of you proles.

And, remember when Nancy Pelosi said that they had to pass the bill in order for us to see what is in it? Well, these unions helped write the thing -- and they want nothing to do with it. There's a message there.

And that message: ObamaCare is going to be very bad news for those who don't have the clout to get out from under it. That's why those who pushed so hard for it are now fighting just as hard to make sure that it doesn't apply to them.

Years ago, I read a book on the development of Windows NT. One concept that stuck with me was a phase that the Microsoft folks called "eating your own dog food" -- it referred to a point in the development when the creators had to start actually using Windows NT, so they'd properly appreciate what it was like for the users and (hopefully) discover and fix problems and difficulties and challenges before it was certified ready for release.

Those who have told us, over and over again, about how wonderful ObamaCare will be and how fortunate we will be to live with it are showing us -- by their actions -- that they have no faith in it. We should make very careful note of not just their words, but their deeds.

In this case, their deeds put the lie to their words quite eloquently.


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Comments (26)

Picture this headlin... (Below threshold)

Picture this headline and watch for exploding heads

BushCheneycare enacted - Haliburton exempt.

Hey, lets face it, we're pr... (Below threshold)

Hey, lets face it, we're proles, we're to do as we're told by our 'betters'. It's for our own good. As in the former Soviet Union, I'll bet it helps to 'be a member of the party'.

Wonder if the government doctors at Tuskegee told those men they experimented on "it's for your own good!"

Well, sure. Why do you thi... (Below threshold)

Well, sure. Why do you think departing Congresscritters and their staff require grief counseling?

I think that early next yea... (Below threshold)

I think that early next year, the House needs to pass a law stating that any entity (company, union, health plan, person, bunny rabbit, etc.) that can claim the same "need" for an exemption as any previously exempted entity, it will automatically be included in that same exemption. No application necessary -- just a statement that their "need" is the same as the previously exempted entity.

Here's another message:... (Below threshold)

Here's another message:

"Want better healthcare? Join a union"

"Want better health care but your shop isn't unionized? ORGANIZE"

I don't know how you can ev... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I don't know how you can even be concerned about this knowing that Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher. We may have to put off health care a while to meet his mother's very reasonable demands (at the link).

Drat, that didn't work. He... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Drat, that didn't work. Here's the scoop: http://tinyurl.com/24espfl will take you to only place which still has a copy of Curtis' mother's 40 page letter of her demands.

Take that scrotum out of yo... (Below threshold)

Take that scrotum out of your mouth son, and quit lying. It's only a temporary waiver. Nobody is "exempted" from anything - and anybody who asks for a waiver can get one if they meet the guidelines.

Guess all that pubic hair is clogging your thinking pipes!

"It's only a temporary waiv... (Below threshold)

"It's only a temporary waiver."


Keep that Kool Aid coming!

Shrill, if ObamaCare is so ... (Below threshold)

Shrill, if ObamaCare is so wonderful, then why should there be ANY waivers? And why should the first ones go to those who argued so forcefully in favor of the program?

"Temporary" has a special meaning when it comes to government programs. It was just a few years ago we finally got rid of the "temporary" phone tax to finance the Spanish-American War.

And your introduction of scrotum-gargling in a discussion where the Tea Party movement had not yet been broached is... most telling.


Well son, if you'd read the... (Below threshold)

Well son, if you'd read the news stories about it you'd learn why the waivers are needed. Even Fox News has stories on this - and they don't call it an exemption - it's a one year waiver.

Instead of getting informed you stuff the nearest ball sack in your mouth and run off in all directions telling lies.

Get informed before you write instead of being corrected after you bullshit, would be my advice.

It's just amazing how much you tea party nutjobs don't know about current events. Sarah Palin has honed stupidity to an art form and made ignorance fashionable.

It's your choice to be uninformed or not. Not my job to make you smart, but it sure is funny watching you fall all over yourself telling lies.

"Get informed before you wr... (Below threshold)

"Get informed before you write instead of being corrected after you bullshit, would be my advice."

Hey Skrill. Too bad you can't follow your own advice.

Pretty quick on the draw with that 'lie' thing. Suppose all of Barry's haven't bothered you at all?

Cool new name, "Kshrill/Skr... (Below threshold)

Cool new name, "Kshrill/Skrill." Much flashier than Dane, or TRex, or Russ, or Dumbest, or jmc...

Again, why the waivers at all?


"Instead of getting informe... (Below threshold)
Jay Wills:

"Instead of getting informed you stuff the nearest ball sack in your mouth and run off in all directions telling lies."

Please don't tar the rest of us with your personal fantasies.

"Instead of getting informe... (Below threshold)

"Instead of getting informed you stuff the nearest ball sack in your mouth and run off in all directions telling lies."

Hey Skrill, didn't Alinsky tell you that you've got to keep the material 'fresh'? Even your lib pals at MSNBC don't use it anymore.

And as far as that 'nothing' Tea Party thing; there are 60+ soon-to-be FORMER Democratic House Members who now have different thoughts on the subject.

"Again, why the waivers at ... (Below threshold)

"Again, why the waivers at all?"

The typical Obama response:


And don't even mention the snowball financial effect this will have on the miracle of "cost reduction".

Palin's Tea Party senate ca... (Below threshold)

Palin's Tea Party senate candidate lost to a write-in today. First time a write in candidate won a Senate race in 50 years, and it was Sarah Palin's Tea Party candidate --- who lost in her home state of Alaska. Now that's "power".... lol.

Pretty quick on the draw with that 'lie' thing.

Calling this an exemption is a lie. If you read the article linked to nothing is said about "exemption" and if you read the real news coverage instead of the Scrotum Licker Weekly you'll learn these are temporary waivers, not exemptions.

skrill,When your d... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


When your done with your Palin Derangement Syndrome attack, you can answer Jay Tea's question - WHY THE WAIVERS AT ALL?

Either that, or STFU.

"these are temporary waiver... (Below threshold)

"these are temporary waivers, not exemptions."

Which, I guess means that those obtaining said "waviers" will not be "exempt" from anything.

Right skrill?

And as for Palin's endorsement. You conveniently overlook the fact, Palin lost ONE, you lost 60+.

This skrill is an especiall... (Below threshold)

This skrill is an especially virulent and foul mouthed individual, isn't he?

Jay, time to clean the carpets again I'm thinking. Someone just crapped on it again.

"This skrill is an especial... (Below threshold)

"This skrill is an especially virulent and foul mouthed individual, isn't he?"

Typical progressive. He's just working through things. Obviously past the election results denial stage, now venting his anger.

In this case, their deed... (Below threshold)

In this case, their deeds put the lie to their words quite eloquently."

Only if you buy into the lie that it's an exemption.

Nobody is exempted. Temporary one year waivers are being granted under the guidelines.

"Nobody is exempted. Tempor... (Below threshold)

"Nobody is exempted. Temporary one year waivers are being granted under the guidelines."

So if you're granted a "wavier", you're not "exempted" from anything.

Which then begs the question: 'Why ask for a wavier?'

skrill it's become quite obvious that you haven't a fucking clue as to what you're talking about. Or that you like talking in circles, just like your Obamassiah.

Ever notice when the left t... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ever notice when the left takes a loss, the quality of their trolls takes a dive? It's like the real trolls get some time off to lick their . . . wounds, and the third stringers are sent in for some "game" experience in the hope they can learn something before the next election.

Fine, asshole. Then answer ... (Below threshold)

Fine, asshole. Then answer this: if it's so wonderful, why are so many of those who pushed for it now first in line for "waivers?"


Notice no real defense of t... (Below threshold)

Notice no real defense of the idiotic healthcare package, that we have to read to know what's in it. I suppose they are getting WAIVERS is because no body in the government has any idea what the hell this bill is. I think however, the question on the table is IF IT'S SO FINGER LICKIN' GOOD WHY ARE THERE ANY WAIVERS NEEDED? Why on earth would anyone want a 1 day let alone a 1 year WAIVER from this fantastic POS law?






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