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Doubling Down On Dumb

One of the few bright spots for the left in the recent elections was Massachusetts. There, bucking the national trend of sanity, Democrats managed to hold on to pretty much every seat up for contention. And Governor Deval Patrick (known as "Obama Lite") won a second term.

Which he promptly dedicated to improving the lot of illegal aliens in the Bay State.

Among his top priorities: allowing illegal aliens to get drivers' licenses and pay in-state tuition at state colleges.

I'm trying to think of dumber moves, and I'm drawing blanks.

A driver's license is pretty much the de facto form of identification in this country. It's enough to cash checks, get on airplanes, and is the gateway to a host of other benefits -- benefits that are reserved for citizens and respected guests. Opening that up for illegal aliens is blasting a huge hole in the wall that separates the criminals from the non-criminals -- and that wall's been pretty thoroughly battered already.

As far as the in-state tuition goes, there are two arguments against that. The first is, it sets up a situation where it is actually more advantageous to be an illegal alien than an American citizen.

Let me repeat one of my favorite hypotheticals, based on someone I actually know: Maria lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, with her parents. She wants to attend the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, just about 20 miles south of her home. Both her parents work in Massachusetts and pay Massachusetts income tax, meaning they support the UMass system. But Maria (well, her parents, most likely) will have to pay the out-of-state rate.

Meanhile, Suzy is the daughter of illegal aliens living in Lawrence, Massachusetts (about the same distance from Lowell). Her parents work under the table, getting paid in cash and paying no taxes. But Suzy can get the in-state rate should she get into UMass-Lowell.

Further, this raises the question of what the illegal alien will do with their college degree. They still can't legally work in the United States. They've just spent four years and paid a hefty hunk of money (subsidized by the taxpayers of Massachusetts) for a piece of paper that is literally worthless in this country.

Which will, no doubt, be brought up by liberals shortly after the in-state tuition break is passed. At that point, it becomes an argument for an amnesty program -- after all, why would we give them such a useless benefit? We gave them the hope by giving them the tuition break -- we owe them a chance to use it!

But these are merely part of a larger picture here, an underlying agenda that I find grossly offensive. What Patrick is doing is attempting to conflate legal immigrants with illegal immigrants. He -- and the left in general -- want to blur that line between those who have asked to come here, followed the rules, obeyed the law, and in general shown respect for our nation and our system and those who can't be bothered to do the same. In fact, they are showing greater deference to the line-jumpers and the trespassers, by putting them on not just equal footing with our legal guests, but ahead of them in many senses.

There are some folks who are genuinely anti-immigration. But they are a very small minority. The vast majority of those who get labeled with that are actually very pro-immigrant -- as long as they do so legally. 890

Immigrating to the United States is to pay this nation a great compliment. Those people who choose to do so -- and by the legally-established means and follow the entire process -- often end up "more American than Americans." They often have a greater appreciation for this nation than many of us who were born here -- unlike us, they have a basis for comparison about what being in this country is like.

To give equal status -- if not preference -- for those who have come here illegally is a gross insult, and I will not stand for that on their behalf.


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The illegals haven't just b... (Below threshold)
Mr Evilwrench:

The illegals haven't just broken our law, they've betrayed their own countrymen who are trying to play by the rules. I'd think legal immigrants would be the ones most offended by the illegals and the way they're being coddled by these leftards.

"They still can't legally w... (Below threshold)

"They still can't legally work in the United States."

Sure they can. False documents. And no one will give a damn or check up on them.

Patrick is just at the forefront of making sure the Democrats have 20 million more votes in the next election cycle.

Speaking of stupid people. ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of stupid people. Californians just did the same thing. Funny part, the lib papers say how easy it will be without Republicans standing in the way of writing a new budget each year.

Well Arnie is calling them back into session. Seems the budget they managed to get 'with Republican opposition' is already $6 BILLION in the hole for the new year. With $24 BILLION shortfall projected for next year.

The libs don't realize, THE DEMOCRATS NOW COMPLETELY OWN THE BUDGET PROCESS - no more will they be able to bleat "Republicans are to blame!"

WHEN will our government en... (Below threshold)

WHEN will our government enforce ALL immigration laws, prosecute and deport those who break them? This shouldn't even be an issue, as well as anchor babies, visa overstayers, drivers licenses, DREAM Act, CIR, etc. I am so sick of illegal lawbreakers and their advocates and pandering politicians defending these losers. Why do we even have laws if no one will enforce them? Can I go rob a bank because it will give me "a better life"? Get to work ICE !! You got about 20 million illegals to deport !!






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