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Hillary-vs-Barry: Round 2?

Speaking to reporters Thursday at a breakfast discussion, hybrid lizard/humanoid Democratic strategist James Carville dropped this one-liner:

"If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he'd have two."

(Interestingly, the LA Times didn't provide that quote in their article. Instead , they chose to convey the message cloaked in sweeter words, saying Obama "lacked the masculine fortitude of one of his Cabinet members: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton." Of course, in October, they gladly printed Sarah Palin's jab at Obama's immigration stance, claiming he lacked the "cajones" for it)

Aside from him possibly knowing something hermaphroditic about Mrs. Clinton (and something missing from Obama's normal "junk"), Carville's classy observation cannot be taken as that of just a democratic strategist.

He is and always has been a rabid Clinton strategist. A left-wing political operative not beholden to a party, but the Clinton war machine.

Just this past summer, when liberal pundits and politicians defended Obama's response to the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion, Carville slammed Obama's decisions as "lackadaisical," describing his thinking as "naive."

Not exactly shining endorsements for the leader of your party from a prominent "democratic strategist."

At the same event Thursday, democratic strategist and former Clinton pollster Stanley Greenburg agreed with Carville, using a bit more tact in his criticism.

"Mr. Greenberg noted, when various Democratic messages were tested with focus groups during the 2010 campaign, "any framework tested better than trying to make the case for success."

"As the White House retools politically for 2011 and beyond, "I don't think there is any reason why you can't reset and start over. I think he can say, got it wrong. Not necessarily in the speech. But voters actually are pretty forgiving on leaders who indicate that they have learned something."

Ah. I see. One of those "teachable moments" Obama loves to hoist on us rubes, just turned back on him.

And making the case for success?

Kinda tough when your economic plan is to pay credit with credit, spending like you got it, while unemployment flirts with 10% nationally. Sort of makes Obama's statements like the following ring hollow:

"Like any cash-strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need and sacrifice what we don't," President Obama said in his 2010 State of the Union Address. "And if I have to enforce this discipline by veto, I will." The deficit is now $1.5 trillion, and the national debt is $13.8 trillion."


"The government will collect $2.3 trillion in taxes this year. That's well short of the $3.6 trillion it will spend. Fifty-five percent of that spending will go to mandatory expenses like social security, Medicare and Medicaid; 43 percent is called discretionary spending. That's money Congress controls and allocates to more than two dozen government departments like defense or transportation, and the alphabet soup of agencies that the departments oversee. Two percent of the budget goes to Congressional pet-projects or earmarks."

Under the democratically controlled congress, and Barack in the White House for two years, the national debt has bloated to more than $3 trillion, $700 billion more than all taxes collected this year.

These barking public criticisms of Obama by democrats, so soon after his party was soundly defeated in November, have the unmistakable stink of a Clinton trial balloon.

I surmised a while back that Obama would dump Biden in 2012 and replace him with Hillary. Biden does nothing except provide gaffes with at least one foot in his mouth at all times. He was tabbed for VP to theoretically compensate for Obama's lack of experience in foreign affairs. He no longer offers any reason for continuing with the ticket.

Spending beyond means with America's tax dollars does not equal effective governing. Now, with two years to show he's been worthy of the office, Obama has proved he possesses no redeeming executive ability. His magical campaign rhetoric has become ancient history. For someone who preyed on the emotions of a weary electorate, he's outed himself as extraordinarily aloof, with an arrogance outshined only by his incompetence.

While the rattlesnakes in the Democratic party bite eachother, Hillary lurks just beneath it all, patiently waiting for 2012, while allowing members of her loyal political reconnaissance squad to probe the battlefield.

She's a shrewd shrew.


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Comments (17)

Hillary vs Barry' <p... (Below threshold)

Hillary vs Barry'

This cant be serious? Its like MAD magazine satire or the WWF. How pathetically low the office is being dragged.

Anyways the race card slingin and billybob wagging that finger ought to be entertaining.

Hillary goes to Sec. of Sta... (Below threshold)

Hillary goes to Sec. of State to avoid being associated with the Dem domestic agenda and she can claim foreign policy experience.

Biden resigns as VP for health reasons and to spend more time with the family.

Hillary is installed as the country's first woman VP.

Obama does an LBJ and declines to run in 2012.

Hillary runs as the sitting VP.

Remember that closed door meeting between Obama and Hillary to strike a deal for the 2008 Dem nomination?

The Party looks out for itself.

Scorpions in a bottle. By 2... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Scorpions in a bottle. By 2012, the country will be heartily sick of the Messiah, if they're not already. But the brothers won't vote for Hillary in place of Barry, and she can't win without the black vote and buttload of voter fraud.

So no matter who wins, the Dems lose.

I blame Big Popcorn.

Barry does not decline to r... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Barry does not decline to run in 2012. His ego is way too big to do that.

Hillary opposes him in the primary but probably loses as the black vote sides with Barry monolithically.

In the unlikely event she does win she loses the general election as the blacks stay home accusing the dems of racism.

GOP is lucky. Any normal dem would move to the center like Bill did. He saved his presidency and did a decent job over all. Barry isn't like that. He's an ideologue. He believes in the very core of his being that everything he thinks is absolutely, unalterably correct. There is no shadow of doubt in his thinking. His policies are perfect and failure is the fault of the people, who are too ignorant to understand and if anything is his fault it is that he has not dumbed down his explanations so the stupid public can figure it all out.

The GOP win in 2012 not because they field a good candidate (My God if Romney is their candidate they will have fielded a northern liberal who believes in socialized medicine!). No they win because obama is so offensive to the majority of Americans. They win despite what I expect will be two years of excuses and cop outs on fiscal responsibility. The GOP wins because they end up losing a hell of a lot of primaries to insurgent TEA Party candidates and The public is still angry about the tone deafness in DC.

Obama's hopes rely on only ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama's hopes rely on only two factors: the economy almost has to improve, even if growth is not robust and unemployment remains high, so the trend may be his friend, and that he can attract enough of the first-time voters from 2008 who sat out 2010.

Beyond that, his only possible paths to reelection involve Republican suicide or cheating. Neither is entirely improbable.

Actually, Lord Voldemort's ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Lord Voldemort's twin said it slightly differently during the 2008 campaign - he said, "If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, then they'd have two."

I like the 2008 version better.

The state of the economy wi... (Below threshold)

The state of the economy will determine Barry's fate in 2012. Nothing else, short of a major terrorist attack inside the US by non-citizens. That happens, he's dead meat.

If the Republicans in Congress move the ball over the next two years and improve the economy, they will save Barry's ass.

No doubt Hillary! still harbors delusions of being President. 2012 will be her last chance. In 2016 she will be 69. The median age at election is 54 years. Reagan was the oldest at 69. Hillary! is no Reagan. She's just as left as Barry is, but more devious about it.

If the economy is still moribund in 2011 with similar prospects for 2012, the DNC honchos might well accede to Hillary! giving it a go. Screw the black vote. Pelosi just threw Spitball Clyburn to the back of the bus - with no repercussions. The Dems will also push for "comprehensive immigration reform" and you can bet they'll fast track the path to VOTING citizenship.

The leftist honchos of the DNC want to make sure they have the White House, especially if there's a Republican ascendancy in both Houses of Congress in 2012. It's still hard to over-ride a Presidential veto.

Exxxxxcellent.All is... (Below threshold)
Orville Redenbacher:

All is going as planned.

More popcorn!<a hr... (Below threshold)
Hillary, you go girl, don't... (Below threshold)
Jiffy Pop, Inc:

Hillary, you go girl, don't forget how the old boys club treated you and all women last time!

Barack, you keep your pimp hand strong! Don't let this interloping woman take what is owed to you and your peeps!

Set political disruptors to... (Below threshold)
The Klingon Party:

Set political disruptors to "mock" ...

Nothing else, short of a... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Nothing else, short of a major terrorist attack inside the US by non-citizens. That happens, he's dead meat.

Ah, that's in the rational universe. In this one, Barry would blame an attack on Bush having provoked Muslims, and the MSM would take up the bleat, shout down Republican criticism, and gravely intone that it was everyone's patriotic duty (something they know so much about) to support the President.

You know this is true. Infuriating, but true.

"You know this is true. Inf... (Below threshold)

"You know this is true. Infuriating, but true."

The left would believe it. Fortunately, they are not the majority.

Sexism alive and well on th... (Below threshold)

Sexism alive and well on this blog, huh? Just couldn't help yourself in throwing out that old "shrew" typecast. Good ole boys club here, for sure.

jdonathan is OUTRAGED!... (Below threshold)

jdonathan is OUTRAGED!

Someone used the "Shrew" word! Hey jdonathan - where was your OUTRAGE! when one of Jerry Brown's clowns called Whitman a "bitch"?

Awful selective in that OUTRAGE! aren't we? Boy.

jdonathan,Using th... (Below threshold)


Using the word "shrew" makes me sexist?


"shrew: an ill tempered, scolding woman."

If the shoe fits...

One would figure since you are so disgusted at my use of the word "shrew," you'd also show disdain for Carville's statement.

Perhaps Hillary can loan you her other "ball."

Selective outrage indeed.


When it comes to being insu... (Below threshold)

When it comes to being insulting,derisive,vulger and dismisive, carville is hard to beat.Most democrats have such civil tongues and never take cheap shots at us or call us by derogatory names or impugn our motives and the moon is made of green cheese.






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