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That'll Teach Him!

Well, Charlie Rangel has learned his likely fate. For misusing his Congressional office, evading the tax laws he's spent decades writing, "forgetting" to report various incomes, grabbing FOUR rent-controlled apartments for himself (including some as not home, but office space), and a host of other corruptions petty and large, he has finally been given his comeuppance.

He's been told he's been naughty.

Oh, and he has to pay back the taxes he evaded.

That's it. One of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill (if only for a few more weeks), the man who couldn't be bothered to actually obey the tax laws he crafted, who abused the power he had been entrusted with, who denounced others repeatedly for doing what he did himself -- all he has to do is pay back the taxes he didn't pay for years and accept that his colleagues are very, very, very disappointed with him.

I've long had a simple philosophy when it comes to politicians accused of corruption: guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes they oughta be punished even if innocent -- because they are probably guilty of something anyway, and even if not it'll send a message to the others.

But in this case, when the corruption is so rank, and so exceptionally hypocritical (Rangel has been writing tax laws for decades, so he of all people has no business pleading ignorance), removal from office is the very least penalty that should be imposed. Rangel should be fined and imprisoned for his deeds.

But he won't. He's going to suffer far worse. He's going to have to pay the taxes he owes, and he's going to have to live with the ignominy of having his colleagues all stand up and shake their fingers at him.

I think he'd almost prefer the death penalty.


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Jay Tea"He's been ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

"He's been told he's been naughty. "

Not true. At least not yet.

IT HAS BEEN RECOMMENDED THAT he be told he was naughty.

They still havent done so yet and they may not.

Once again we see that if t... (Below threshold)

Once again we see that if the offending congress critter is a Democrat, nothing of substance will happen. Had Rangel been a Republican he would have already been gone. If not forced out by the party, the voters would have done it. Think about what that says for the parties and particularly for their constituents.

Perhaps he will now take th... (Below threshold)

Perhaps he will now take this experience and grow. He could write legislation saying that if anyone messes up on their taxes they have to pay their back taxes (no penalty) and then be told by an IRS agent that they were naughty.

Naaaah. Silly voters taxes are for the little people.

A pox on his house.... (Below threshold)

A pox on his house.

And his apartments, too.</p... (Below threshold)

And his apartments, too.

Lets not all beat around th... (Below threshold)

Lets not all beat around the bush and be guilty of grey coloring this. The bottom line is he is an old timer up there, a large bit of innoculation from the rules that govern the little people, but he is also a leading "black" voice in America, representing one of the most recognizable black communities in the country, Harlem.

This scumbag could be video-taped molesting a group of 10 yr old cub scouts and probably get the same exact punishment; using the code phrase, "if he were Republican," to sugar coat the fact if he was white he would be gone and perhaps in jail, does not help the situation.

ITS ALL BUSH'S FAULT!... (Below threshold)


memorial LW post. RIP.

Most ethical Congress evah!... (Below threshold)

Most ethical Congress evah!

Deke, it's not a racial thi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Deke, it's not a racial thing. I honestly believe that if he were a white democrat he would be treated just as he is now. However, if he were a republican he would have been gone by the primary last year.

One party still believes in some standard of behavior. The dems simply do not. At least they don't believe in holding themselves to a standard. They do believe in holding everyone else to a standard.

Bet there won't be a 'late ... (Below threshold)

Bet there won't be a 'late penalty' for those back taxes. Charlie will mumble something about a "Geithner Exception" to the tax code.

Given past practice, it's really not surprising. Taxes are for the 'little people'. Democrats don't pay taxes. Just ask the Kennedys and John Fucking Kerry.

Then again...Range... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Then again...

Rangel's predecessor, Dan Rostenkowski, was dumped from his Chairmanship of Ways and Means and lost his reelection bid in 1994.

The Clinton DOJ prosecuted him and got a conviction for mail fraud. Ironically, the prosecutor was none other than Eric Holder. SO the man who can't seem to find any charge he wants to prosecute against a black man had no problem bringing down the most powerful white man in Congress.

So yeah, it's a racist thing, but once again it's the dems who are the racists.

They'll probably decide aga... (Below threshold)

They'll probably decide against censure and sentence him to passing once thru a TSA "pat-down" checkpoint.

Interestingly enough, the c... (Below threshold)

Interestingly enough, the charge that is prosecutable through criminal law is the one that is likely the easiest and most often broken rule, franking priviledges. (I apologize in advance for the disgusting mental visuals that may or may not involve Barney Frank)

For Rangel to be punished s... (Below threshold)

For Rangel to be punished simply via censure is such a joke. Republican congressman Joe Wilson received the same punishment for yelling "You lie!" at Obama during his State of the Union speech! It is a little hard to swallow that both men received the same punishment - especially when Democrats seemed a hell of a lot more upset about Wilson's outburst than they were about Rangel's corruption. The funny thing is I think Wilson was actually pointing out an inconvenient truth and the number of lies Obama has told since then makes Wilson look like a pundit with an uncanny accuracy rate...

Personally, I think the Democrats are making a big mistake with Rangel. They in fact really need to tell him that he needs to go for the good of their party and the institution of Congress. The guy has served in Congress for 40 years - half of his life I believe. People are getting tired of seeing that the rules are different for the elite when if we the people had done the same thing we would be in prison.

What was really distasteful about the whole Rangel affair is the fact that he seemed upset that he was finally being called on his actions and that what was being done to him was in fact too severe! He actually brought up his service in the Korean War as if that buys him a pass for anything bad he may have done in the past or may do in the future. Real heroes don't trade on their military service in such a manner - in fact I find it disgraceful.

I want him to pay back the ... (Below threshold)

I want him to pay back the taxpayer for all the postage he's stolen.

I'm not surprised by the ce... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised by the censure.
I also have my doubts that he'll pay any back taxes and/or fines.

And this probably won't affect the dems at all
as I fully expect the so-called MSM to drop the subject completely as soon as possible.

"It is a little hard to ... (Below threshold)

"It is a little hard to swallow that both men received the same punishment"

Until you note that one is a black democrat. Then its rather easy.

And the dem's are going to ... (Below threshold)

And the dem's are going to vote Pelosi in as minority leader. The gifts just keep on coming. ww

Get out the popcorn. Maxin... (Below threshold)

Get out the popcorn. Maxine Waters is next.
I'm looking for her to threaten race riots in LA, "No justice, no peace".

Personally, should it happen - let it burn.

Ooops! Spoke too soon. Wa... (Below threshold)

Ooops! Spoke too soon. Waters trial "postponed indefinitely".


Guess they only get to try one. Gotta pay for that slap at Spitball Clyburn.

So Wesley Snipes got 3 year... (Below threshold)

So Wesley Snipes got 3 years for pretty much the same thing. Rangel ought to be keeping him company.

"Waters trial 'postpo... (Below threshold)
John S:

"Waters trial 'postponed indefinitely'"

I wonder what the recommendation of the Republican Congress that eventually tries her will be... As for Rangel, we got rid of Teddy and KKK Byrd in this Congress. It will be Rangel's turn soon enough.

Trotting out stumblin', mum... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Trotting out stumblin', mumblin'
John Lewis(ICON in perpetuity)at these trials,
is a stroke of genius. The CBC will enamour
themselves to the electorate much as the
Globetrotters did. Laughter is the best medicine.






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