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Things to not do for that special woman in your life

I may've posted this before... I can't honestly remember... but I ran across it again today over at Mark Shea's place and thought... you know... a guy simply can't overdo watching this one... especially this time of year... he just can't:

Guys... do your buddies a favor... pass this one on...

It's the least you can do.


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Comments (11)

I sent that to my husband .... (Below threshold)

I sent that to my husband ....

ANYONE sends this to my wif... (Below threshold)

ANYONE sends this to my wife DIES!

True Story: My wife gave m... (Below threshold)

True Story: My wife gave me that whole "Anything you get me will be wonderful" line of jackwagonry. So I decided to get her a nice diamond necklace, had it sealed in a can and wrapped the can up with an electric can opener.

We both learned somethings that Christmas morn. I learned: My wife, she can throw pretty good. Frozen peas do bring down swelling associated with bruises. Practical jokes are appropriate at Christmas. She learned: Open up all the gifts. Humor is highly subjective. No one will ever sit across from her when she opens a gift without wearing my old catcher's mask. And laughing like hyenas while wearing it.

Rick,I gave my wif... (Below threshold)


I gave my wife my old Winchester Model 12 trench weapon, and taught her how to use it...so she would be safe while I was deployed.

First time I came home from the field... at 3 am... I was trying to get the right key to work in the front door... when all of a sudden, I herd that distinctive sound it makes when pumped... Yeah, that sound!

Made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up, and I jumped right over the railing and and into the ground floor holly-bushes...without even thinking about it. My loud cursing woke up the whole neighborhood... and then I heard my wife say, "Honey, is that you?"

We still laugh about it to this day, and I have the gray hairs to prove it.

Semper Fidelis-

I only got to see this beca... (Below threshold)

I only got to see this because my dog house has internet access.

The comedy gold for me was ... (Below threshold)

The comedy gold for me was "Wow, I'm MARRIED to you!"


I never could figure out wh... (Below threshold)

I never could figure out why power tools for a man so he could fix the car or things around the house was a great gift, but buying a woman a vacuum cleaner or new stove was insulting.

Problem solved! No women t... (Below threshold)

Problem solved! No women to buy gifts for. Last girl got "the boot" when she asked for a pair of $1,200 Gucci boots.

Ain't worth it, boys. No gifts. Lower expectations is great.

Duh, cause you are a man, S... (Below threshold)

Duh, cause you are a man, Socratease? How's that dog house fitting ya these days? Musta missed the memo - hint: go back and watch the video again.

Trust me on this, I do understand what your sayings - its just a guy thing, OK?

I too love my wife, and most of the time we are two peas in a pod. So don't take me wrong here, but I just gotta say - one week a month, my name was mud...I couldn't do anything right. Somehow, I just turned utterly, irredeemably stupid. My wife would say things like, "If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they put them all there?" and "I might just have to kill you when I reach it." She talking about menopause. Actually, I think these last words came about cause I slipped-up and called the condition mental-pause. So yeah, dude...I can empathize.

Best regards, and I hope you find a path of escape soon -

The difference in male and ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The difference in male and female psychology: men appreciate tools and such because good tools ease our burden.

Women view gifts as a token of esteem, and don't value utilitarian ones because work is not the central feature of their lives.

My $0.02.

"Women view gifts as a toke... (Below threshold)
Swamp Yankee:

"Women view gifts as a token of esteem, and don't value utilitarian ones because work is not the central feature of their lives."

No. It's exactly because "work" IS too often the central feature of their lives, in the form of domestic drudgery; ie, "women's work," better known as "housework," which feels menial, especially in a day and age when both men and women work outside the home.






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